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RaYa-FF*Sirf Meri Ho PART-86*


Ram: Sheepishly smiled Priya ..wo ..ek jaroori meeting tha..
While they were talking ,,Nuts entered with Prem  fuming, seeing Ram & Priya
"bhai, bhabhi I'm going to stay here for few days, do you have any objection "
P: no baby , how is Prem? before she could walk to Nuts , she ran to her room .
Ram & Priya both looked at each other, both wanted to go to her room meanwhile Karthik came hurriedly seeing Priya he asked "di , Nuts kaha hai "
Both showed her room, he too went there .
Ram wanted to go . Priya stopping him aap jayiye and fresh hokar aajayiye , I will look into the matter until then. Ram unwillingly left from there .
Priya hesitated first but when she was near Nuts room she could hear  their yelling. When she was about to knock the door .
Karthik: I'm sorry Nuts please.
Nuts : Now what ??Get lost ...
Karthik: Nuts I'm sorry .. wo ..I  mean ..he was searching for words
Nuts: what do you mean .. haa do you think  you are important than Prem at this condition .. How sick you behaved
Karthik : common Nuts, Its been months  I came to you ,yesterday  I understood, but today also you were giving same explanation ..
Nuts: Then what else I should do ,I can't give prem to mummyji as their sleep gets disturbed .You very well know papaji's health is not good  and how can you say leave Prem with him and the way you behaved .ufff
At the same time Priya knocked the door ,both went quiet .  Karthik opened the door .
Priya :Kya chal raha hai ..
Karthik :Nothing di ..
Priya: Nothing .. achha then why she is furious ..when she asked Prem squealed ,her attention turned towards him .
Priya : ole ole my baby boy .. Love you bachha ..Missed you ,she kissed him on his cheeks ..she asked Nuts can I take him .
Nuts: bhabhi .. wo bhi koi puchne ki baath hai kya , absolutely you can.
Priya: Had your dinner or not
Both went silent .
Priya: Okay I will send the dinner to your room . Whatever it is better you two solve it quickly
Priya came with Prem and was playing with him . She told Bansikaka to arrange dinner for Karthik and Nuts in a trolley and leave it in their room . Soon he left with it .
When Ram came down , he smiled broadly seeing Priya playing with Prem . He came beside her and trickled his cheeks with his finger .
Prem: Scrunched his face and smiled at him
Ram: Can I go and ask what happened?
Priya: Hmm you no need to do that, they will solve ,if they cannot we can do the honours now let them be alone for some time . She lead him to the dining area
Ram : Don't you wanna eat
Priya : aap kariye na ..
Ram : Kyun
Priya: I'm holding Prem na , first you eat than you hold him I will eat .
Ram: Why , will do one thing ,I will feed you
Priya : No way ,please you eat ..
Ram: Ok do one thing ,I will hold the baby ,you eat and feed me also what say he winked at her
Priya: Blushed hearing it ..
Priya :No no ..first one  is far better .. You only do the honours Mr.Kapoor .
He tore a pulka peace and kept it in her mouth ,
Prem cooed [making some sounds]  seeing this .
Ram and Priya both had a good time with Prem along with it they had their dinner also .
When they were going to finish Nuts came there .
Ram looked at her , is everything okay choti .
Nuts: Smiled a lil ha bhai thoda sa fight ..nothing else .
Ram : are you sure?
Nuts:ha bhaii .. Bhabhi can I take him , its late you have to sleep na .
Priya: rehne do na nuts , its been long time he is with me , Please she makes a puppy face towards Ram
Ram: nuts we will take care of him tonight , don't worry if its emergency we will call you ,what sauy
Nuts: just stared at them she was in confusion to say yes or no
Priya: looked at Ram very pleadingly .
Ram: kuch prob hai kya Nuts .
Nuts :Nahi Bhai .. wo ..Its okay ..
Taking baby things both entered their room .
Ram: arey arey Champ come we will play for sometime , give your aunt some rest ,she might be feeling heavy.
Priya: howled at him ..He is not heavy
Ram: You can't  bear  his weight  for so long common give me
Priya : achha .. I think I'm the one who is bearing your weight in the night .
Ram: gave a lopsided grin .leaning one her ,ha your correct ,You can only bear me ,can I have that pleasure now
Priya :cheeks turned red ,keeping her hand on his chest , she nodded in negative .
Ram: abhi abhi toh kaha tum ..
Priya :how you are teasing ,you very well know that ..
Ram: what I know , nibbling her earlobe
Priya : please... ye lo aap hi hold him she given Prem to him .
Ram: taking him in his arms, kithna chota hai ye , see his fingers ,saying this he kissed his small hand, toh baath kya hai Priya ..
Priya: Who is looking adorably at Ram ,she startled with his question . Kya ..kya baat hai ??
Ram: Ohh Nuts and Karthik , whats the issue
Priya : wo ... it's a simple fight , they will solve it you don't worry
Ram: Still playing with him ..may I know that
Priya : Wo...hmm aise hi .. [Ram was observing her ] Karthik might have pressured her to stay with him ,I mean in other sense , Nuts is not willing to go for his wish as she is dealing Prem .
Ram: Other sense matlab
Priya: Goluuu ..
Ram: Eyyy
Priya: Giggling .. physical intimacy
Ram: Ohhh so that's the prob kya .. whats there in that after champ sleeps they can have their time na
Priya :howled at him .. aisa nahi hai Ram ,its lil bit complicate to explain ,may be Nuts will be tired of office work then after coming to home looking after Prem and all its hectic . You know she might not
Ram : sssh he placed  his index finger on her mouth ,I know how we can deal
Priya:Matlab ..
Ram: Taking prem in his arms who was now asleep by playing with Ram , he made him sleep in his cradle . Coming near to priya .. matlab ye hai ki ,taking her face in his arms , he sealed her lips with him  his hot breath making her go weak , his hands tantalizing her back in various waves .
She gripped his hair in her arms she leaned on the bed with him .His lips slowly tracing the path downwards, bit her exposed skin  earned a sweet moan from her, he snaked her waist pulled her more closer , he assaulted on her chest ,
Priya: Pleaseee
Ram: what please .. Learn from now on wards how to deal 
Priya: looked  deep in his eyes  
Ram : Successfully  he untangled them from their barriers . Ram was playing on her she was molding the way he lead her .Their music was echoing in the room ,after math both were sweating .
Hope you understand how to deal .. He kissed her on her forehead , he was leaning for one more war . Prem cried in high pitch .. Priya pushed Ram  ,quickly wearing his kurtha ,she rushed to Prem taking him in her arms she quickly grabbed his bottle of milk ,when he latched it he became calm .. Priya was so tired and she sat down on the bed .
Ram laughed seeing her state.
Priya: ab samajh aaya kya aap ko .. aap bhi na Ram .. Caressing Prem's cheeks . Ram held Priya when rem slept ,she arranged him on their bed and she went to change and came . They both slept  peacefully but with in one hour they got up for Prem's continuous movements and small whimpers they were making him sleep and trying to get some sleep when he slept.
Ram got up in the morning and his hand automatically reached to the side to touch the bundle.but it was empty he called "Priyaaa" but there was no response, he slowly opened his eyes , looking at the photo frame which was beside him his lips automatically curled into a smile seeing Priya's smiling face .
Ram rubbing his eyes , mumbling "Ye dono kaha gaye" at the same time  Priya entered the room freshly , and  Prem was also looking so fresh . But he was hissing in her hands ,she was walking and pacifying him ..
Priya: Good morning Ram . He wished her back .she laid p\Prem on the bed .. ye lo ham aahi gaye na , she gave the milk bottle .Then he was smiling, his hands were playing in the air .Priya was adjusting him in the bundle properly .
Ram so wanted to take him in his arms but don't wanna disturb him , he went to freshen up.
When he came back Priya and Prem were sleeping cuddling so close .
Ram : whispered in her ear, Hmm thak gayi kya .. sleeping ,she startled and looked at Prem , he was sleeping .
Priya : woo ankh lag gayi .. sorry
Giving peck on her forehead he went to get ready mean while Priya ordered breakfast to the room. Ram & Priya both were having breakfast , Nuts came hurriedly to the room .
Priya : ssshhh he is sleeping ..
Nuts : sorry murmuring , she asked did he sleep well, kissing on his forehead , looked at him with her motherly love .
Priya : ha he slept very well by the way before she could ask anything else
Nuts : said bye to them as she was having one imp meeting .
Ram : ye ladki bhi na .. both smiled at her retreating figure . Ram left to his office pecking on her forehead , Priya as usual got busy with Prem and her kitchen work .
Around 2 in the after nono Rishab came to Priya . who was  watching TV,  Prem was playing in her lap .
Rishab: Wo bhabhi ..
Priya: come Rishab , how is your work going .
Rishab :It's fine bhabhi .
Priya: seeing his hesitation , she asked him ,what happened Rishab , do you want anything , you are looking depressed
Rishab : wo bhabhi .. I need some money ..
Priya : My card is with you only na .
Rishab : giving back her card , bhabhi its over in this , I need some more as  I have to give to friends .
Priya : what ?? why you have taken from them .
Rishab : I have taken long back bhabhi ,I forgot now he is asking .
Priya : how much ???
Rishab : 5 lakhs ???
Priya : was gasped hearing the huge amount ,what you did with it .
Rishab : please bhabhi I wil tell the all matters later but I need money . At the time he got a call and he was stammering while answering him .
Only one side convo Priya could hear

"No ..No...
I will give it soon ..
Please listen to me once "

Rishab : pleaded her to arrange the money asap .. he walked out . she was dazed
Around 5pm Neha's kids squealed and entered the room . Hugging Priya ...
Rahul & Riddi :good evening Madam .
Priya : had a huge smile hearing it ,They told they wanted to take 2 days leave as they were going to visit some exhibition . when she nodded in agreement ,they jumped.
Neha barged in ... what Priya you could have said NO na ..
Priya : smilingly its okay Neha , They are improving in studies so no problem, with that they left .
Ram came home ,after  fresh up , he was playing with Prem , Priya came with tea
And she discussed about Rishab with Ram .
Ram immediately called to his accountant asked him to transfer the 5 lakhs amount to Rishab's account .
Priya : what you did ???
Ram: I have given him money . then his prob solved na
Priya : common Ram , Its not like that
Ram : Then what is it like ?
Priya : Ram why you wont ask him directly
Ram: Kya Priya , tum bhi ,  Is he a small kid .
Priya : Of course he is not a small kid but still he is kid only .You get that
Ram: at what point of my conversation you not understand ,why you are staggering the topic
Priya :Because I felt it ..
Ram: Okay I will confront him in front of you .
Priya :Ufff Mr. Kapoor .. You are not understanding what I'm talking about
Ram: Now also You have problem kya .. He dialed his phone
Priya : sat on their bed keeping her hands on her head .
Rishab entered in RaYa room , keeping his head down . He was petrified already
Ram : Whats your problem Rishab ?? why  don't you tell me directly ? he walked towards him.
Priya who sensed Rishab was too vulnerable she immediately entered between them holding Prem
Ram : Priya move away , I'm asking him
Priya : this is not the way to ask
Ram : ohhh so you are teaching me how to ask .
Priya : please Ram , we will sit and talk
Ram : I have transferred the amount to your account already , if further you have any problems just give a msg to me or call and tell me you get that , he stormed at Rishab . Rishab nodding his head  left the room .
Priya : what I asked what you did , Ram if you think money is the only matter with him , he could have been very happy when he heard  you transferred the amount to his account .
Why you are not getting the point , he is hiding something .
Ram was about to say something  Krishna ji called them  for dinner .
Priya without saying anything to Ram she went downstairs with Prem ,ram too followed  ,while Krishnaji was holding Prem Ram & Priya  both had their dinner .
After dinner Priya came to their room , playing with Prem she was lost in Rishab's thoughts  and why Ram is not understanding anything . Ram seeing Priya lost in her thoughts he was about to talk with her
Nuts  came to the room to take Prem .
Nuts :Hope I'm not disturbing you
Priya: Hmm hope everything got sorted out now
Nuts : Bhabhiii ????
Priya: side hugging her , I can understand Nuts, don't worry . Kabhi kabhi you can leave Prem here she winked at nuts .. Blushing Nuts left from there taking Prem with her ...
Priya smiled seeing Nuts retreating figure . Ram tried to talk with her but she ignored him and went to change .
Ram got a call , he was talking, meanwhile Priya came and lied down on her side . She was having throbbing headache thinking all these . She ate her medicines and slept . As both didn't have proper sleep the previous night she immediately drifted to sleep .
When Ram came to the room she was already sleeping  with worried lines on her face .
Kissing on her forehead ,he snuggled closer to her pulling her more closer ,whispering on her ears "I'm sorry baby " Will try to talk with him tomorrow .
It was sunny day
Priya woke up with a stir ,when she walked to the balcony she saw Rishab was running with fear
Priya was running behind Rishab to stop him but he was being hunted by something it was clouded to Priya ,she was panting when  she doesn't see any thing, she was calling him by his name . She pooled seeing him crying with pain ."
She was sweating badly .. she can hear Ram's soothing voice
"Priya.. Priyaa .. utho " what happened Priya ..
Priya opened her eyes .. she was crying like hell  clutching to Ram ..
Priya: wo...woo Ram...
Ram : kya hua Priya , what  happened ..
Priya : Wo .. wiping her tears she ran to Rishab's room . Ram too followed her frantically calling her by name . Krishnaji and Dadi were worried to see Priya like that, when Priya knocked Rishab's door  he was not opening it .
By the time Ram reached there ..
Priya kya hua , he pulled her to him ,
Priya: why he is not opening the door? she banged the door again . Ram tried to stop her but in vain when Rishab opened  wearing a bath robe .
Priya touching him , "You okay " she asked Rishab
Rishab : bhabhi kya hua .. I'm Fine .. what happened to me ,I was in washroom that's why I didn't open the door .
He made her sit at the nearest chair , Ram , Krishnaji and dadi looked shocked at her behaviour
and Rishab also was totally clue less .
Priya: Don't go anywhere today .. Okay .. You be In KM please she cried telling this to Rishab
Rishab : ha bhabhi ..I won't go okay ..I won't you relax . drink some water . she sipped the water .
Ram:will you tell what happened ??
Priya : Nothing .I tell you, If something happens to him ,You will see my worst.
Ram: Raised his voice "PRIYAAA"
Priya : She jerked with fear ,he took her to their room asked what had happened . Crying copiously hugging him she said about her horrible dream ,I can't see his hurt Ram , My instincts were telling something, she cried cried and passed out in his arms .
Ram was totally clueless "what is happening exactly ? He made her lie down . he called Srinikha and Dr.Aruna keeping them in conference he said what has happened with Priya .
Srinikha:  Ram whats your doubt now??
Dr.Aruna: It may be her nightmare
Ram: But its about Rishab she is asking not about her or that night mare ufff he sat restlessly wiping his face .
Srinikha: Ram call Rishab once and ask did he share anything with Priya about any of his problems .
Ram : called Rishab . he asked Rishab , what you told to Priya .Do you really have any problems Rishab tell me ,did you tell anything to Priya .
Rishab [self though ] what he don't wanna see that is only happening by assuming . No No I cannot tell . Bhai I just told about money I haven't told anything else and I'm perfectly fine was lil busy in my studies as my last semester exams are nearer .
Ram : he said him to go . bhabhi you listened na .. Nothing ..
Srinikha: I think I have to come there to talk with Priya .
Dr.Aruna: That's a good idea sri ..
Ram :I don't know ,I'm so pissed off seeing her like that ..
Srinikha: Its okay Ram anyway with in a week I have one seminar over there .I will come and meet Priya until then you just take care of her .
Ram disconnecting the call looked at sleeping Priya . He went to freshen up, he came back asked Krishnaji to take care of Priya . He went to attend a meeting in office .
As soon as it was over he came back to KM . when he entered the room , he found his beautiful wife sitting in the sofa  folding her knees keeping her chin on them thinking something .
Ram came closer to her , he nudged her ,she jerked with the sudden nudge .
Priya :Ohh aap ithna jaldi ..
Ram: Just an imp meeting nothing else so I came back .
Priya: okay ,I will arrange lunch .
Ram: observed her when they finished lunch , he made her  sleep on his lap , caressing his hairs he said sorry for yesterday's behaviour .
Priya: tears spilled out , Rishab will be fine na .
Ram: Priya he will be fine ..i talked with him in the morning also . I don't know why you are exaggerating on that .
Priya: Ram, before my kidnap also I used to get such dreams and one uncomfortable feeling but I neglected it .Then I had to go through HELL .. I don't want that to happen to Rishab .My dreams were just like .She sobbed, he is my elder kid ..
Ram:Hugged her ... Its okay ..Its completely okay .I will take care of that matter .
Both were  sad in different ways . A week passed by . Priya was normal by now but being very cautious about Rishab . Ram had been busy in his work .They both hadn't get time to come close.
One fine day Morning when Ram opened his cupboard for some imp file he found Priya's gifts for his birthday .He neatly placed them in that .He had a naughty thought while remembering that night, soon he came in search for Priya .
Priya is getting ready infront of Mirror . Ram comes there and was searching something ,and Priya ignored  it first then he constantly moving infront of the mirror .
Priya : A bit irritated "Mr.Kapoor what you want ???
Ram: wo ..I'm searching for my Gift ..
Priya : what Gift ..
Ram: Tum hi ne diya na ..
Priya :gaped at him , haw you said you kept all of them in your cupboard she went and opened it .
Ram followed her with a wicked grin . Hugging her from her back .
Ram: Hmm mil  gaya ..
Priya: what ??don't you know you already kept them here ..
Ram: I'm talking ab out my 24th Gift ,nibbling her earlobe ,she blushed hearing it . Nuzzling her neck along the collar bone

Priya :Haaa so You remember your 24th Gift now .. after all these months mean .she gave a angry stare trying to free from his grip .
Ram :holding tightly to his chest .That Gift is with me only every time but I want to ravish it once again.
Priya :she blushed hearing ravishing word ,biting her lower lip ,aap  bhi na
Ram: don't punish your lips , That will be my honour saying this , he turned her his side completely zipped his lips with her .she stood on her tip toes , mmm he moaned and their tongues danced in rhythm . gasping for a breath , hmm strawberry flavour haa, he winked at her . Priya cheeks turned to crimson red
Ram:Oh God ...How beautiful you are looking Priya .. don't make me mad with your blush .
Priya: gazed at him with all her love .
Ram : Love you my princess .
Priya: love you too she hugged him .
Ram : his hands worked fast on her blouse .He unclasped it , she clutched on her shoulders looking deeply into his eyes . I want to Ravish you please don't say No
Priya: You said you have an imp meeting .. trying to close her hook
Ram: stopping her hands in middle .That can wait but my gift hmm its been so many days I missed you ,I missed being inside you .I want you . I want to make love to you , she felt his hardness on her stomach .
Priya downcast her eyes . aap office jayiye tonight I will be yours. With in a sec he swept off from the floor walked back to the bed . making her lie down . he latched  the door
Priya: are you sure Ram , you don't want to attend the meeting?
Ram's hands danced on her bare back , when he tugged her she felt his nude chest on her back , feeling his skin contact she had goose bumps all over the body .
She closed her eyes  when his fingers were crawling over her each inch , she dipped her head into pillow when he was drinking her like hungry lion , she arched when his fingers were circling her utmost intimate parts . Finally when he slipped himself into her wetness she gasped ,his lips torturing her milky curves while their joining filling their lives together . They forgot the world around them. His meeting might have got cancelled , her work would have been left over .But these two were adjoined in the love ocean .
After some time Ram woke up covering her with a duvet , he quickly left to office keeping a note .
"My dear wify
Did I ever tell you you are the sexiest and most beautiful women in the world
I love you so much , when you get up just eat something and be ready for night round .
You know I love this 24th gift of yours very much 
Thanks for the Hottest Gift

Your prince
Ram Kapoor "
She woke up  , she was blushing reading the note .she quickly freshened up . The day passed in the love war of  RaYa .
The next day morning as usaul Ram went to his office . Priya finished her daily chores when she was talking with Krishnaji  one post came on Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor's name .
Bansikaka came and told , Priya beta you have got some letter , as its very confidential that person needs your sign .
Priya walked towards the main door ,signing on the book ,she collected the envelope ,which was engraved neatly "Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor "
She smiled at that ,she walked to her room she opened it slowly .
While each line she is reading , her tears started from her eyes , the flow continued  until  last page ,she felt her head was spinning , she keeping her hands on her head  she collapsed on the floor .

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