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RaYa-FF*Sirf Meri Ho PART-87

PART- 87 

Note:Don't come to any judgement reading this update , why it happend you will come to know in future and do read the NOTE after the update .Hope you like It .G!r!j@

Next day morning as usaul Ram went to his office. Priya finished her daily chores, when she was talking with
Krishnaji one post came on Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor's name .
Bansikaka came and told, Priya beta you have got some letter , as its very confidential that person needs your sign .
Priya walked towards the main door, signing in the book she collected the envelope, which was engraved
neatly with her name "Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor "
She smiled at that, walked to her room and opened it slowly.
While she was reading each line, tears started from her eyes , the flow continued until last page. She felt her head was spinning , keeping her hands on her head she collapsed on the floor.
Electronic waves ran through her brain, it was all jammed up gushing in her brain. Her eyes were closed unable to take the truth and she thought "what I'm doing all the days.."
She could hear some one is calling her. His voice was feeble but croaky with sadness.
Rishab who came to ask something seeing Priya lying down on the floor immediately called Krishnaji, waking her up "bhabhii .. bhabhi please get up, bhabhi what happened .."
He made her lie down on the bed , mean while Krishanji came. Rishab dialled the doctor number who was near to their home.
Rishab was palming her hands and legs while Krishna ji sat with her trying to call her, nevertheless she was not opening her eyes .
Priya could hear the feeble sounds and feel her slapping cheek, palming her soles and palms , but she wasn't getting out from the shock just she has received .
Ram cheated on her .. only thing hovering on her mind was Ram cheated on her ..
Why ...why ..??Her head was throbbing like hell .. she moaned with pain .. meanwhile doctor came , he checked her and gave one injection. He told them that she might have got stress attack; give her some time and with this injection she will be alright soon.
Rishab called Ram but asusaul he was busy in one imp meeting so he didn't attend the call .
Secs shifted to mins
Mins turned to hour
Hour was changing to another hour.. Priya got up with a jolt ..
Rishab and Krishnaji immediately asked her what happened... Pushing her hair back while the lone tear tried to escape from her doe eyes, she just nodded her head as negative as nothing has happened .
But the bitter truth came in to her mind, wiping her flowing tears .
Rishab take the car out ..
Krishnnaji : but Priya .. is halat main??
Priya : please ma , don't stop me today .. please.. Rishab do what I say ...
Rishab went downstairs as he was terrified to see Priya's rage .
Ram and Vikram were discussing about the depth of that company
taking over the project or not. Ram ignored Rishab's call .
Priya tried to get up, eventhough she felt spinning of her head she stood up went to the point where she fainted grabbed some papers from there .. she walked like a tigress.
Krishanji stood like a statue seeing all the happenings but she had no clue what was going on .
Rishab was waiting in the car, Priya came and sat, asked him to drive to Kapoor industries .
Rishab: But bhabhi bhai might be busy, yesterday he told na he has one important meeting and he hasn't attended the call too ..
Priya: Do what I say Rishab, If he is Mr,Kapoor, I'm Mrs.Kapoor just do what I say .
Rishab petrified seeing Priya with her red eyes. He was seeing from the rare view mirror. Priya wass constantly wiping her tears and she was looking at something.
Her heart was burning , her stomach was being squeezed up with some unknown burden .
How can you do this to me Ram..? How can you??? she wiped her tears but God why these are running like this. When the car entered the compound she gor down and stormed towards the building. Before the security could open the door she herself opened the door. Where is the lift ..
The security was alerted by her rage tone, he immeditely arranged one of the lifts which was luckily available at that time. Before Rishab could hop in she pressed the 20 th floor and pressed nonstop button ..
When she entered the floor she saw few of the employees working sincerely as its their life, she felt the
atmosphere heat .
Few of the employees recongnised her and wished her, she ignored all of them and scooted towards the conference chamber .
Mam .. with that call she stopped in her tracks .
Jenny: Good afternoon mam , sir is in a meeting.
Priya : soo??
Jenny : Mam , Its very important ,sir said not to disturb this meeting whatever happened .
Priya : Crossing her arms on her chest , so If I say that what I came for is MOST important than this stupid money making meeting?
Jenny: Bewildered to see Priya in this rage and the question made Jenny tremble .
Priya : I will assure your job, don't worry, without wasting any sec she rushed into the conference hall . ...
Ram was explaining something showing in the graph, when suddenly everyone felt someone entered the room , Ram looked at with frown then he understood that Priya was
standing there with her rage eyes folding her hands on her chest.That indirectly she gave hint that something was up .
His hearbeat raised, he tried to shoo away her talk . Priya I will talk with you later .
She stood adamantly staring at the other persons around the table when she laid her eyes on Vikram.
He tried to absorb the situation but he know it was too late now. She showed some papers in her hand , Ram rooted to the spot he felt something struck in his throat and his lungs
were squeezed as he was unable to breath in.
He referred to Vikram that meeting was cancelled. Vikram hurried the team members to leave the hall with in one min the conference hall occupied only by Ram and Priya at the two ends of the conference table .
"Priya I can explain "
Priya: Explain what ?? She was walking towards him like a lioness
who lost all her life .
Ram: Just staring at her with blank face as he completely missed out this and even in his nightmares he didn't expect this turn .
Priya: Why you know Ram how I felt when I read this? Do you even know what im going through Ram? Do you even have any Idea what have you done to me?
So this is the thing .. This is it hai na ..
Ra : Still staring at her with moistened eyes as he doesn't know what to tell and what not to .
She walked closer to him that her rage can heat up his skin.
Will you read out for this me?
Seeing his blank face .. Ohhh you have now became stone hearted..hai na.. okay I will read for you .
"This is submission of Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor's health reports for insurance purpose" showing a paper infront of
him, will you read ... wiping her tears away, her heart was beating so fast against her breast bone that it could burst out of its cavity anytime. Ram's lowerlimbs felt numb ..
Diagnosis.. Hell with it I didn't understand what exactly it is because it is showing something neither I want to see nor read .. Ok but the course in the hospital made me understand what exactly happened. Do you want to read??
Scoffing her nose she again read , "The 33 year old female was admitted in the hospital with alleged thorn injuries on her back and numerous cuts on her wrists as well as ankles. Multiple injuries on her face and lacerations over temporal area. Heavy bleeding per vagina reported." She was sobbing now
Spontaneous abortion with twin foetus.
Perineum draped , (sobs sobs)
16 weeks gestation of twin fetus not survived with massive bleeding. 
She looked at him.
D&C done. No masses or clots left . antiseptically cleaned and shifted to post operative ward. Patient is improving..etc etc .. why the hell you made me live again ..
Mr. Ram kapoor Now tell me one answer "Was I pregnant "
He looked scared ..
She held his lapels of his coat shaking him up "I'm asking
something , damn it answer Mr.Business man "
Still he looked down ..
Now her cry was heart wrenching why Ram why ?? what I did to you ..
Wait wait wait .. Why did you sign on the papers ,as per my knowledge they wont abort with out your sign .. Why the hell did you sign ..
Ram was still trying to absorb the situation as he was not at all ready for it .
Why you are standing like a statue Ram answer me ..
Was I pregnant with your babies ..damn it answer me before I go mad.
Ok ok ok tell me all this is lie .. Tell me all this is lie .. Please my head is paining like hell please Ram tell me "Priya this is all lie .."
Priya looked at him with a hope that he would utter a word or so .
But he just nodded his head negative as its not a lie. She felt mortified caressing her tummy ..
You mean to say I was pregnant and that too with twins and.. and that basturd assaulted me and I got aborted. Still unable to belive this she questioned him again.
Her shoulders were raking with sobs. I'm asking you damn it was I pregnant?"
He looked at her with so much concern at the same time she could read how much guilt he was in .
Her legs went numb, I .. wa..wa..want an.. an answer Ram .
Please tell me before my head bursts out "was I pregnant?"
Shoving her both hands on her tummy, now its shallow and I even don't know ...Please Ram
Seeing his silence she broke other vase to get his attention,
unfortunately one piece of vase turned in opposite direction and hit her forehead leaving a mark on it.
Ram moved towards her to get hold of it to stop the bleeding.
But he got silenced seeing her rage and listening her words
"DONT dare to touch me Mr.Kapoor "
She wriggled her steps back, a soft wall kissed her back, she leaned her head against to it .
Closing her eyes as the prick was burning like anything but her heart was bleeding more than that. Her bleeding from forehead was slowly dripping sliding down her cheek. Closing her eyes, you know what Ram, I love you from my bottom of the heart but it seems you didnt love me .
Ram lifted his hand as indicating NO. But as she was closing her eyes she didnt watch him.
It hurted him seeing her accusion when there was no fault of him.
Her cry hitched in her throat, yes you don't love me, why did you betray me Mr. Kapoor , I'm your Priya ..I'm your Priya isnt it? Then why you did this to us, why? Why? Why Ram? She banged her head to the wall in desperation .
Ram shouted her name "PRIYAA"
What?? she raged again , she continued and its been four
months all this happened matlab, I could have been 7 months pregnant clutching her stomach she leaned to
the wall and crying her heart out.
Why Ram why did it happened , why you didn't tell me , why why .. why .. I want to die, I don't want to live I don't want to live .. please kill me .. why you didn't save them . why did you sign for it?
She looked at him "I want my babies, I want my babies do you get that Mr.Kapoor. Do you remember Ram once you told, I have to order and
you will buy that in minutes "
Ram: Ask Priya ask please I can do anything for u .
Now I'm asking "bring back my motherly womb" which is craving for the twins, bring back please she collapsed on the floor .
Ram first time spoke "that cannot be done, Priya its... its our fate."
Priya shot up her eyes "I Hate You "
I Hate you Ram, you get that . I ..Hate ...You .. she pressed each word in her frustration not knowing what it could lead to ..
Ram who heard it, his heart gave a sudden jolt, eventhough her eyes were showing how much she loves him but the thickness of her words gathered in his core, his eyelashes
blinked he slumped down on the floor 2 feet away from her .
She looked at him when she heard a thud sound .
She shreiked calling him .
Priya took Ram in his arms, Ram ..Ram ..Raaam ..please wake up Ram seeing his hand on his chest she squealed Vikram for help .
Vikram who was waiting outside with tension, ran inside along with Rishab only to find a messy room equally
miserable Priya bleeding from her forehead and the dreadful site, Ram was lyingdown in her lap unconsiously.
Before Vikram could say something
Priya said "hospital , emergency please ... "
Vikram pressed a button immediately the panel doctor rushed there with 5 mins, in the mean time the strecher too came, doctor checked him and told he needs to be shifted immediately to higher center as its looking like heartattack. Priya was hell shocked hearing it. Doctor was about to dress her wound she shoved his hand hugging Ram's head cried bitterly. Dont do this to me Ram please ...
They shifted him to hospital, being a VVIP the nessesary treatment was done and doctors told that its a mild attack and right then he needs rest as his heart rate is too high .
Priya piled up herself in the waiting chair while nonstop tears were brimming in her eyes .
When a familiar hand squeezed her shoulder she looked up, hugging her she broke down into more tears .
Wo.. (sobs)Woh I didnt mean to hurt him. I love him, I cant live without him. I want him please I will die if something happened to him. I love him, I so love him, why did I yell at him, cupping her face please god save him.
Srinikha patted her back to soothen her up but her sobs 
continued. From the time she came to hospital she neither talked nor replied to anyone .
Neha was sitting with Priya along with Nuts, they have not informed elders as it will be hectic to control their flow .
When Srinikha landed in airport switching her mobile on, she found so many missed calls from Vikram, she sensed something wrong by hearing the matter itself she panicked and immediately drove to hospital.
She very well know Ram had planned to tell Priya in her presence thats why she came but before that everything
landed up in entirely different situation.
When Srinikha found Priya in chair piling up herself her shoulders racking with uncontrollable sobs, Srinkha's heart went for her .
But determined she thought of putting her plan in action. She sat with Priya making her sitdown on sofa she sidehugged her, caressing her hairs with a sisterly love .
She asked what happened Priya .
Priya remembering what all happened she cried even more,
unable to put them in her words, she said im a bad wife ..I ... I..I... hurted him. I ..
Srinikha gave her water "its okay, its okay here take some water and tell me what exactly happened, if you wont tell I can't help you na ..please tell."
Priya gulped the water, wiping her tears. Srinikha asked sister to give dressing to her wound .
After that she asked what happened Priya ..
Priya explained what happened in office room with her sobs . Srinikha was stunned to hear it but she understood Priya's anger , frustration, feeling her husband didn't tell
her till this time, moreover Priya was in a belief that this abortion
happened because of Ashwin's assault, again she was coming
to square one. As a woman as a wife as mother Srinikha very well grasped what Priya was going through and at the same time Ram was in hospital with a mild attack, now she was blaming herself for this .
She felt Priya was going mad by thinking. Already Priya was having a bad headache, at the same time Dr.aruna walked in. Srinikha signalled her something, Dr.Aruna slowly gave
a sedative to Priya to make her rest atleast for sometime. Making her sleep both doctors discussed what was happening with the couple so they decided something to play on them. Atleast they can change their attitude towards the life. With that both smiled at eachother smiling at
sleeping form of Priya both left the cabin asking Neha to look after her .

NOTE:Hiii guys , I know I know im damn late this time , but really struck with my personal as well as professional life .
Thank you who all prayed for my friend's mother , Her surgery was successful and she was back to home with a happy wala smile. Still there are so many things she has to face but this was so soothening as a big task completed . Love you all . I started writing after aunt's surgery , hope everyone can understand what exactly happened with Ram & Priya's life .
I know few members are not happy that the way Priya learnt the truth from insurance papers but who all don't jell with that fact will love when Ram opens up his heart for Priya so
until then you have to wait. So common I'm waiting for your

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Why I have explained clearly about discharge summary means people may not understand the diagnosis but
educated ones can understand by reading the discharge summary what exactly happened to them.It's a way of showing how bitter truths can be held in that small paper .Hope I have not bored you people. It's my small attempt to make you understand better as everyone gets doubt how
Priya could understand. Hopefully you are okay with it .
Thank you and god bless you .stay blessed . Keep smiling .