Tuesday, 28 January 2014

PART-54 Sirf Meri Ho


Nuts smiled , im happy but this lil rascal is playing superfast today .his kicks are too heavy ,she got up after finishing .. she is feeling some liquid movement seeing the mark on chair , she called bhabhi ,priya rooted in her place seeing the spot and she held leaning Nuts in her hands .Nuts clutching her stomach tightly ,Bhaabhiii please do something .. I think cramps are more .. Im scared bhabhi ba..baby , baby will be fine na , Tears started trickling down from Nuts eyes , Priya who was deadly staring at the blood stains on the chair , her legs went numb , in that moment priya remembered all of their family members especially hugging Nuts and Ram frame , Karthik Nuts marriage images blurred her eyes with tears flowing down .
Baby & you are perfectly fine , as priya heard from someone ,she said to nuts I think your water might have broken , we will go to the hospital first,she quickly called Bansikaka to get the car ready , asked one of the maid to help Nuts until the car ,made her sit in that, I will just come ,, Priya ran to Nuts room taking her reports ,mobile , she ran to her room opened her cupboard taking out the purse and mobile she superfastly got in to the car ,seating beside nuts she asked the driver to move quickly but slowly at the speedbreakers,The rain was enough to floud on the mumbai roads . Same thing happened here too ..
With each passing sec Nuts cramping and cruching herself in Priya,Priya was in tears now she was unable to see Nuts suffer .she held her in phase,called to their doctor ,Priya hurriedly explained to doctor they are on the way to hospital , you please prepare for everything .Nuts yelled with so much pain , her inner muscles cramping ,bhabhhiii please she broke down in to tears , Priya wiping her tears please baby hold on ,see we are on the way ,just 5 mins, there was huge traffic because of rain ,driver stopped the car ,Priya with a fear asked him,what happened ,why you stopped the car Gopal kaka, its very urgent understand the situation ,he peacefully replied "mam there is huge traffic, I will try to manage, please wait for 2 mins .Priya managed Nuts in her hold ,she took her mobile dialed to Ram's number which he received after 2 rings
Hi baby " don't scold i am going to have my lunch,,,,He heard only
"Rammm ,she was now sobbing ,she hardly controlled till now but after listening his voice,she broke down ..
Ram ,worriedly asked her "Hey sweety what happened , is everything ok , than she heard Nuts skewing with so much pain ,  Priya ,what ,what happened to Nuts, why you crying, is everything is okay ,Vikram rushed his side listening Rams worried lines..
Priya took the courage ,while sobbing she said him ,
Ram ,Nuts...
Ram:Kya hua Nuts ko ..
Priya:Wo ..wo Nuts ka water leaking it seems, don't know what to do,we are on the way to hospital , I have already called the doctor , driver started the car by now ,Ram, Karthik ...call...call Karthik and inform him, You please come, please ,we need you, she cried ..
Ok ok ,I will be there right away he kept the call he called to Karthik , Karthik was outside of Mumbai. He just reached there ,when he got Ram's call.
Karthik: what .,why ?when,Listening Ram's convo , jiju I will start just now , but I will reach after 3 hours .. I came outside of t Mumbai. Karthik immediately started from there.
Ram quickly grabbed his coat , started to hospital with Vikram.By then Priya reached the hospital.There they wheeled nuts to the emergency room.Nuts calling "bhaabhiii ,maaa "she was so exhausted , her yells faded when they closed the door . doctor was checking Nuts , Priya was waiting outside praying to the God .She saw Ultrasound wheeled in to the room, she peeped inside only to hear Nuts painful growl as they closed the door.
Her tension increased when Karthik called her ,
Di how is she , is anything serious,
Priya :No karthik ,wait Ram is calling I will keep you in conference ,She attened his call
Ram "worriedly asked her " did you reach hospital ,
Priya:Yes,Ram ,she is in emergency room ,Doctors were checking on her .Karthik asked is every thing ok di..Ram asked is Karthik on line..
Priya:Yes Ram ,wo i am talking with him . then you called so I kept in conference .
Ok no problem,Did doctors told anything about her?
Priya:Nothing Ram, I am waiting for the doctor .
By then doctor came out ,
Priya rushed to her ,doctor how is she ,Ram & Karthik's ears pierced out to hear what she was telling .
Priya I am sorry to say ,
P:What happened doctor , Is she okay gazing at the emergency room door .Tears started trickling down.
Doctor: but we have to do an emergency caesarean section for Natasha , as her contractions were increasing each passing second but her cervix has not dilated and she is not in full term but 361/2 weeks so it is going to be 37 but anyway its very complicated ,and her vaginal discharge changed to blood discharge so we are running out of time , we need to operate and...
Ram & Karthik both shouted at unison...:and what doctor ???as she held her phone in her hand Priya haven't heard what they are talking about .
Doctor heaving a sigh because she was treating Priya from past few months she knew her very well ,she held Priya's hand squeezing it ,
Dr.Aruna: Priyaaa, Natasha had so much vaginal discharge , and her contractions were severe as she is not full term ,The baby's lungs & brain may not mature and we can't save both , meanwhile one sister brought the Consent papers .
Karthik : Nuts ...Nuts ... jiju ..he started crying .Ram was dumbfounded to listen that, He told to Karthik to control himself and convinced him that everything will be ok . But he himself was out of control listening his Choti's condition.
Doctor jerked Priya , :Priyaaa ..Priyaaa ..I know it's very hard to digest .If the baby born alive also we will shift the baby to NICU,  baby has to be in incubator. We will try our level best to do everything possible but which we should go for .
Priya unbelievably gazed at her ,whispering Both ..Both Doctor .You should try for both .she raised her pitch
Karthik shouted :Nuts ...
Ram perplexed what he has just heard .
Dr.Aruna:Priya I know ,We will try our level best to save both ,when we can't ,Doctor forehead was clearly showing worrylines .
Priya:she looked at her phone , her fingers were trembling She held her phone near to her ear ,tears flowed in her eyes ,kissing her cheeks ,She spelled Karthik ..
She heard his cry, only cry ..
She called Ram .. but no response from that side ..
Jr.Doctor :Madam,Her vitals are showing low , she is going to critical phase
Dr.Aruna:Shift her immediately ,Prepare the theater Iam right away ,Ordering them doctor looked at dissolved priya...
Priya ,I need a sign on them right now ,I can't wait for any more .Please, doctor said hurriedly .
Priya: I can't sign , Her fingers were trembling ,
Dr,ArunA:It has written we will try our level best to save both lives but can save only one life Tell me Priya.
Priya :Her voice was unable to hear ,in her sobs she hardly said ,Nuts Save Natasha but please try for both lives I beg you doctor .holding doctor's hands she cried .
Dr.Aruna:Please Priya we will try our level best ,do sign it .
Priya:Signed while her tears captured the image of Nuts crying with pain.
Dr.Aruna left the place to prepare for caeserian section . one sister came taking the consent papers in her hands asked priya to pay the bill and complete the admission formalities too ..
Soon then they were shifting nuts, she was yelping with pain ,Priya walked to her and held Nuts hand .
Bhabhi iam scared bhabhi ,Nuts cried ,seeing her Priya too had tears but controlling herself ,she said to Nuts " Don't cry Nuts , they are taking you to operation theater ,everything will be ok ,kissing her forehead ,she patted her , Nuts wasnot leaving Priya's hand. Nuts asked her "Bhabhi if something happens to me ,look after my baby ,Tell karthik I love him so much ,take care of bhai" Priya swallowed a lump in her throat , Karthik is on line, talk with him once ,Priya held the phone near to Nuts ear .
Karthik;I love you Nuts , you will be good ,don't cry ,
Ram also said ,choti don't worry everything will be fine ..you be strong .
Nuts cried with pain ,she was not having words to say and she was in so much pain .
Priya took the phone , They wheeled her to the OT room,Natasha wasn't leaving Priya's hand.Sister broke them and they took her to the OT room.
Priya holding the phone , Please come, Iam worried ,she sobbed ,pl..plea..please Ram ,Come soon ,Where is karthik , tell him to come soon ..She sobbed ..
One PRE [Patient relative executive]of the hospital called her , ":Madam , are you Natasha's relative
Priya: Yes,what happened?
PRE: Mam,here is the bill and you have to file the admission,actually Dr.Aruna mam knows you ,so we haven't forced you ,If you please do the formalities.
Priya :Sure I will come...
Ram I will call you later ,Please can you come quickly and inform all the family members too .She kept the call .Went to do check on the formalities.
Priya :How much I should pay now ?
Cash counter :Madam , it's 50,000
Priya gave her credit card and was waiting ..
Cashier :Mam can you give another card , its not working .
Priya : She doesn't want to waste her time arguing here ,she told him can you check again ,she searched for her golden card ,which has given by Ram ,A small smile crept on her face while picking up the card .
Cashier :Madam , no need ,its working .
Priya : Keeping the golden card in her purse ,she waited for the billing .She rushed over to the OT room.
So many were waiting over there ,some husbands, some Moms ,some relatives, she was roaming infront of the OT room as it's VIP wing,very few persons were there ..
50 mins passed ,one green dress girl came with a baby boy ,telling ,Madam it's baby boy ,
Priya held the baby unbelivebly ,n..a.N...Nuts...
The girl replied madam her condition is critical , doctor is trying , we have to shift the baby to keep in an incubator ,can you give the baby to me.
Priya kissed baby's forehead ,he was so tiny and total body was in  bright pinkinsh colour , he was trying to open his tiny miny eyes.Priya blessed the kid .
The girl took the baby and went straight away to other side ,it has written NICU.
Priya crunched on the sofa infront of OT praying to God ,she saw someone carrying some medicines box in to Nuts OT room.
Once again PRE came and asked her "Priya madam , sorry to disturb you but these are hospital formality rules, can you pay this bill . as the baby shifted to NICU and some other" ...As she knew  they are VVVIP so she is just doing her work ..
Priya went to cash counter ,giving the golden card , can you scratch 10 lakh amount from this .
Cashier :Surprised ,but he knows that she is from Kapoor family , he did what she said .
Priya thanking him waiting for Nuts ,she called Ram to tell the news .He wasn't not attending the call.She called to Vikram ..
By then Ram stood infront of her all wet .
Priya:worriedly went to him , what happened ?
Ram:The car stopped a mile away from the hospital because of rain ,so I came by walk ..
Priya :Hugged him tightly , Collapsed on his chest weeping badly , Ram...
Baby born ,it's a baby boy ,they took him to NICU ,pointing her finger the other side,Iam scared Ram.
Nothinkg will happen to Natasha na ..Ram ... Ramm...
Ram was hell shocked to hear this ..He spelled ch...choti ..
Priya holding Ram tightly ,she is still in OT room.They waited for 2 hours there sitting on the sofa ,holding eachother ,Vikram reached there seeing them he sat on the chair .
Dr.Aruna came from the OT room,removing her mask , Priya seeing her breaking her link with Ram,she rushed to herside , Ram & Vikram followed her ..
Priya ;Doctor, Nuts..how is she?
Dr.Aruna: Smiling at her ,Priya everything is okay ,You have brought her on time otherwise we don't know what could have happened ! Don't worry ,but we have to keep her in ICU ward as she has lost so much blood and her vitals are still low ,have to monitor her 24 hours and one more thing ,she was In shock as she  hasn't expected this delivery so soon and please wait for her full recovery .It will take few days ,I called the neonatologist here ..Oh see he is here ..
Dr .Aruna: Hi doctor ,Ram he is Dr.SriRam , Neonatologist ,he is only treating Natasha's boy .
Dr.SriRam: Baby Boy is doing well after keeping him in an intubator , we have sent the blood reports of him ,his lungs are still to  be watched out as some breathing problem is there .soon he will recover .You can go and visit him.After the reports I will talk with you again .
Dr .Aruna:Ram ,  Priya is really great ,she ran here and there alone .i should appreciate her ,I know how she much she might have faced in this phase .Take care of her as well as yours. I asked her to go to Natasha's room but she refused .You please wait there ,and after shifting Natasha to ICU .I will personally show her to you .Now you move on .
Ram & Priya were relieved hearing that .Both went to their room, Meanwhile  Vikram asked Neha to bring some clothes for them ,she reached with her everybody came ,Karthik almost cried and collapsed at the same time. Priya told the good news to him and he was very happy .They got ready and visited Natasha.she was still unconscious.Everybody was praying that she should be fine .
They went to see the boy ,But the doctor strictly ordered only one person should go .
Priya told to Karthik you go and see .
Karthik stepped back.No di ,Natasha told you na, take care of our baby ,please you go and see .
Ram squeezed her shoulder ,she went and bottle fed the baby and she came out .
Ram:How is he ?
Priya:He is so tiny ,I think he is this much ,showing her palm length.Both giggled .
Two days passed out ,Natasha was doing mildly good . They discharged the baby .Till then Priya was staying in the hospital only . That day Nuts saw their baby .
Taking the boy in her hands..".aww kithna cute hai ye, I love you baby so much" .Kissing his forehead ,She was not having breast milk so they were giving bottle feed to the boy .But for Nuts insistence Priya came to the Kapoor mansion with the baby .Krishna ji did the aarathi .Karthik & Shipra were there with Nuts in hospital .

Sonal parents came to visit Nuts & baby boy ,While in talks Ram asked them to postpone the marriage until Nuts was settled down .They happily agreed .
Ram came back to the room , the boy started crying loudly very loudly , Haaa baby I will just come .
Priya drying up her hands with a towel rushed his side , holding him in her hands , she was talking with him " oleee oleee kya hua mere bachhe ko " [areee what happened to my baby "]Why are you crying , he fisted her finger , drinking the milk ,he calmed down and slept .
Ram just mesmerized by the site infront of him . I so wanted my baby ,gazing at sky , when you will give me the chance God .He slipped beside her ,she smiled at him again setting up the boy between them.
RAYA slept beside the baby boy . they have slept after 2days . the clock was striking 2 o clock .a shrill of baby cry woke up Ram .. He startled ..