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PART-55 Sirf Meri Ho

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Priya drying up her hands with a towel rushed his side , holding him in her hands , she was talking with him " oleee oleee kya hua mere bachhe ko " [areee what happened to my baby "]Why are you crying , he fisted her finger , drinking the milk ,he calmed down and slept .
Ram just mesmerized by the site infront of him . I so wanted my baby ,gazing at sky , when you will give me the chance God .He slipped beside her ,she smiled at him again setting up the boy between them.
RAYA slept beside the baby boy . they have slept after 2days . the clock was striking 2 o clock .a shrill of baby cry woke up Ram .. He startled ..
When Ram got up to see ,Priya embracing the tiny boy in her warm hug in a super sleepy mode , He seemed to calm down after a second he raised his crying pitch again.
Ram asked her "Ye kyun ro raha hai yaar "[why is he crying now ?]
Priya gazed at him worriedly at the same time with confusion all over her face ,swinging the tiny boy in her arms ,Ram bachha hai ,rotha hai [ he is a small kid , he will cry ],It is a way of their communication with us telling something is bothering them , What else he will do,snapping him out .I will go and mix the lactogen and  you please take care of baby until I come , She handed over the baby to him , Ram scooped the tiny figure in his hands ,
"Oh..oh .. common champ why you crying ,dekho dekho aap kithne chote hai [see how small you are ]
Exactly my palm size , he himself giggling and trying to pacify the boy , but the boy was more adamnant his crying pitch rose in the kapoor mansion ,the walls were thrilling with his nonstop mewl,.
Priya mixed the lactogen hurriedly , briskly ascending upstairs ,She held back herself hearing Krishna ji's call.
"Priya beta , is he crying? "
Priya :Ma , woo.. yah he just got up and crying ,see how he is crying , lightly smile crossed her lips.
Krishna ji : Shall I come to help you.
Priya:  Wooo ," no ma , I will handle him ,if not I will call you up or I will bring him,You don't take the risk to climb the stairs ,I know how much your joint pains will be" .At the time ,Ram walked out of the room to call priya , so they heard the boy cry more.Both Krishna and priya looked up .Telling Krishna ji to take rest , she almost vanished from the site .
She slowly took the boy from him , She tried to made him drink , but the tiny figure refused to drink making his pitch more louder than before ,
Priya looked confusedly to Ram, and the same way he was also confused ,why the boy is crying even if they were  trying to feed him ,
 Krishna ji called to Ram's mobile ,He received it, kept it on loud speaker to hear her out .
Priya , new born babies will cry more when they have soiled the diaper ,check it once and clear it ,then he will stop the cry .
Priya realized what the sister told while they were bringing the baby to their home ,
Ohhh okkk she disconnected the call , making the boy lie down on the cover of the bed , she checked as she guessed it was soiled .
:"Oh my bachha ,Iam so sorry baby , I haven't looked , I will just change to a new one ,she asked Ram to look after the baby , she brought wipes and the new diaper , she changed it very quickly telling him sorry in cute way. After changing the nappy his cry faded and gu..wu type woogle sounds taken the place .
Ram " are yaar , aap bolsakthe hai na , bua mera diaper change karo"
[You could have tell na ,aunt change my diaper,why you cried unnecessarily ]Priya giggled seeing his talk.
Ram aap bhi na , How he will tell ,taking the tiny boy in her lap ,she fed him ,this time like an obedient baby , he sipped the milk moving his all 4 limbs animatedly .Ram gazed the site infront of him ,
With her tasseled hair , sleepy eyes ,tired face , feeding the boy in her lap, he was seeing her new angle today . He so loved the site , loved her angel love towards the tiny figure.
His heart jumped with joy feeling "how he wished to have his baby in his hands right now "
He stretched his hand to hold her hand ,At that moment she gazed at Ram ,she has seen a different moist change in his looks.Before she speaks up he kissed her hand saying "I Love you "
I Too Love you " what happened suddenly priya quipped.
Ram : Just like that , He kissed her forehead , I so want to make love to you at this moment .
Priya:Rammm priya gasped hearing him..
Ram : What ?What I said now , It's been almost a week we are not together making place in her one side of lap.He propped his head near the baby legs on her lap ,gazing at her ever so lovingly.
Priya :seeing the baby whether he slept or not ,she answered him , "No love making until Nuts comes home".
Ram: Whyyy wayyy ...He yelled at her
Priya : Don't be.. Ram ... You are na ..she chided him
Ram : See for this Tiny figure you are avoiding me na , I will see once he lives with nuts , you will yourself come to me , like the day you came to me very boldly ..
Priya blushed hearing that , slapping his shoulder ,He fisted her hand in his ,kissed numerously along the length of her arm ,she had butterflies in stomach, The boy mewled again making woogle sounds.She startled held him in peace ,Ram can you sleep on the bed .
Ram :No way ,Why I should sleep on the bed ,I will sleep here itself,positioned his head more in her lap.
Priya smiled ,she made the baby lie down on her shoulder burping him with her hand.
Ram who was witnessing the scene unknowingly spelled "Kaash hamara bhi ek bachha hotha , kithna beautiful hai na Priya "[If we also have a kid ,how beautiful it is ]
Priya gulped hardly , tears circled in her cornea ,slowly made their way down to her cheeks .
Ram : He got to know seeing her tears , what the blunder he made ,He immediately cocked up to her side ,hugging her , I am so sorry sweety ,I didn't mean in that way , I promise ,It's just , I want to see you when you are pampering our child like this , nothing else ,her tears trickled down more. she stammered "Sorry"
Please Priya Don't be sorry, I love you ... I am sorry, slightly dropped his lips on hers, he mimed sorry.
Priya relaxed as she knew he didn't mean to hurt her ,It's just that he is also wishing for a baby .
The boy slept on her shoulder ,Ram slept in her lap , she placed the baby on her side wrapping in a soft baby towel,Kissing his forehead ,she gazed at her man, He slept so peacefully ,she kissed his cheeks , his lips curved into a small smile ,she kissed on his forehead,nose , ruffling his hair .
"Sone do na Priya " please mumbling this he crooked his head more in her lap,turning the otherside clutching her half leg tightly dropped in his deep slumber .[She was in sitting position]
She smiled seeing him , her gaze fixed on him ,the smile transferred to a grin than a huge grin .she again dropped a sloppy kiss on his forehead,she don't want to disturb his sugary sleep ,leaning on the head board ,keeping one of her hand on the baby the other one rested on Ram's shoulder ,the clock striking 5' o clock in the mrning , she went into a deep slumber .
Krishnaji walked into the green room ,knocking the door , when she didn't hear any sounds , she stepped inside ,seeing the site her lips automatically smiled .The threesome were swimming in the sleepy land .
She turned to leave the room ,hearing the tiny boy sleepy moans ,she stepped inside to take him but in no secs he started his cry in a range, Ram got up immediately hearing it .
By that time krishnaji reached the site , asked Ram ,don't worry Iam here , where are the wipes?he showed her , Seeing their position he bit his tongue.
Krishna ji said to Ram
"Iam taking him to my room ,Priya might be tired looking after him the whole night ,so don't wake her up .Hearing Krishna ji he withdrew his hand which was going to wake up Priya.
Krishna ji closed the door and took her grand son with her .
Ram looked at priya , she was sleeping in sitting position ,her legs were transfixed with each other.He slowly released her legs made them straighter ,She moaned with pain in her sleep.He pressed her legs ,soon she slept again
Gopal kaka knocked the door asking for Milk bottle, Ram handed over ,that bolted the door .He slid beside her cuddling her more in his embrace .
After an hour with a jerk she got up ,she found herself in Ram's arms .Ram who was nestling to sleep again he asked her "what happened?"
She looked here and there ,then the cradle"Where is the boy"
Pulling her into his embrace "Common ,Ma has taken him away , when did you sleep by the way "
Relaxed priya , answered at 5 0 clock .
Ram :Then why you are getting up now come and sleep ,pulling in his embrace ,kissing her cheeks ,biting her earlobe .he patted her to sleep.
Priya :No , ma has arthritis , how she will look after the baby , I will sleep later ,will go and help her ,she was about to move , between that he pinned her to him and mattress.
Rammm let me go ,she frowned seeing him .
Ram:drawing an imaginary line from her forehead to chin , Apeksha ,Rishab and Dadi are there to help ma by looking after him ,so you please sleep otherwise...he paused
Priya :Otherwise what .. haaa asked him fisting his kurtha collar
Ram :Scratching his temple , Nothing I will be..
Priya:Haa you will be ...
Ram :Just I will be inside of your cave ,he told her in heavy breath
Hearing her man's husky sexy voice ,she loosened her grip on his kurtha .When his nose gently touched her's she kissed his lips tightly ,"When did I stop you? "She mimed under her breath.
When they changed to birthday suits they never knew ,On the earth some people call it Love making ,some call Its "Sex ",Some call its "Attraction " some call  with other names.
The love of Raya is tantalizing in the clouds touching the sky their bodies solving a puzzle created by their ecstasy ,Their agony ,their tears ,their happiness mingled when they became one soul.Priya wasn't detached from him ,She slept in his warm embrace peacefully .
A cute girl baby is playing with Ram , she is exactly replica of Ram,the baby stretching her arms smiling away to glory ,Ram scopping her in his arms ,making her swirls ,The baby's smile ,Ram's laughter echoed in her ears ,she got up suddenly ,seeing her surroundings she slapped her forehead .Covering the bedsheet upto her chest ,she leaned on him ,kissing his forhead she wished him "Good morning "
Good morning priya,he opened his eyes to see the most beautiful lady in the world, his lips involuntarily smiled kissing her back ,he ruffled her hair .
What you are thinking Priya ?About kids ??Ram questioned her .
She startled "How this man knows her"
Her voice became feeble "Haaa I got dream that you are playing with a baby girl and she is soo soo like you " telling this tears rolled down  from her beautiful eyes.
He tightly hugged her wiping her tears away "Please sweety , we will have so much time ,You are not a buddi and Iam not a budda ,winking at her .She smiled through her tears.
6 days passed by this way looking after the baby at nights ,visiting Nuts at morning times,While Ram & Priya handling their professional work too .So both were getting tired easily and sometimes they haven't talked too .
The next day Doctor told she is going to discharge Nuts,So everyone was busy in preparations , Ram was personally seeing the arrangements what to do in her room , Priya wAs keeping the baby's accessories all in Nuts room.
The day has come ,Ram went to hospital .When he reached the room door he heard a voice calling "Priya" his ears pricked up to hear ,so he entered quickly .
Nuts squealed happily seeing her Bhai ,Bhai .. Where is bhabhi ,she is asking about her showing one girl .
Hi sir ,Actually at the admission time Priya madam paid the money in advance,We have seen cleared all the bills, So our hospital has to pay back you the rest from your account ,so we needed her sign on these papers If she is not here then who is taking this money they have to sign here showing one receipt.
Ram blankly gazed at the girl and quickly signed it,He asked when did she pay the amount .
The girl is none other than PRE ,she only has taken Priya to pay the bill.
She replied "Sir at the admission time I was only there with her sir , she paid first 50,000 Rs , and then they have asked more for NICU and other etc ,so she payed a huge amount at the time asked us to do how much ever you people want I will give but both should be fine, She pleaded the doctors and she managed very well sir , first I thought patient is her sister ,but knowing her sister in law , I liked her nature she is so lovable and so simple,
Soon Dr.Aruna entered agreeing with her words Yes Ram ,she is a gem , I know how much she was disturbed and feared ,I appreciate her .Everybody had a teary line hearing about Priya ,Nuts Karthik,shipra, Ram felt proud. Soon Nuts was back to home .
She was eagerly waiting to see her son ,wanted to be with him , Priya did aarathi ,everyone welcomed them but her eyes were searching for some one .
Priya  moved away ,Natasha's son was in Rishab's hands,Priya dressed him in blue colour and wrapped a yellow towel ,they kept one pink flower in the baby's hand,
Rishab animated like kis "Welcome home mamma" giving the pink rose .She took the baby in her arms ,started crying .she signaled priya to come near her .Priya sidehugged her "I love you bhabhi ," If you were not there with me on that day ,me & my baby could have ..Priya closed her mouth with her silky fingers .
Don't talk like that Natasha , while seeing you like that Iam almost dead ,NOT NOW ,See how your son is looking at us ,Natasha along with her son bent down to take priya's blessings , Priys is too stunned to react ,Ram nudged her ,she held Natasha ,You should be here hugging her .
Everyone understood why Nuts behaved like that ,when Shipra told what happened in the hospital .
Priya was making their room normal again , When she was folding one of the bedsheet near the bed Ram closed the door without making a noice.He hugged her from back,this starled Priya,
Uff Ram , you scared me slapping on his arm ,
Ram: "Other than me who will hug you ?"
Priya:So many are there biting her lip she answered .
Ram :aa  I know that is ma, papa, Nuts etc hai na, Tell me one name which I can fraustte.
Priya:Nudging her head a side ,raising her right eyebrow seeing hm diagonally ,"Rishab "can hug me.Wink
Ram :Crushed her in more in his arms , Please If you again take his name out ..
Priya:What you will do ,turning to his side she asked him.
Ram:I will cut his pocket money .Angry
Priya:I can give him the pocket money to him.Tongue
Ram:Ok ,I will cancel his marriage creating to soumya That he is a bad guy .Angry
Priya:Hawww Mr.Kapoor ..How meanShocked
Ram:Gave her a million dollar smile ,Don't play with The Ram Kapoor .
She pouted ,struggled under his embrace, she  tried to move out,her leg tripped she fallen on the bed ,Ram too fallen on the bed.
Kissing her cheek , I love you so much .
Priya :Kuch kehna hai tho kahiye na Mr.Kapoor[If you want to tell me something then tell na]
Ram:How you know I wanted to tell you something .
Priya:It's just that how you read my mind .So Do I .Tongue