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PART-56 Sirf Meri Ho

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PART - 56

Ram: Gave her a million dollar smile ,Don't play with The Ram Kapoor .
She pouted ,struggled under his embrace, she tried to move out,her leg tripped she has fallen on the bed ,Ram too fell on her.
Kissing her cheek , I love you so much .
Priya : Kuch kehna hai tho kahiye na Mr.Kapoor[If you want to tell me something then tell na]
Ram: How do you know that I wanted to tell you something .
Priya: It's just like how you read my mind .So Do I.
Ram: Why You love my family so much dear .
Priya: She baffled ,controlling her turmoil !
What type of question is it?
Ram: Answer my question .Then I will tell you what type of question it is ,giving a cute smile to her
Priya: Hmm Because I feel they are my family too means Our family ,when I got married to you isn't it OUR family? she asked pressing OUR more cautiously .
Ram: Laughed aloud ...Ohh That is different ,If any woman enters the husband's house her thoughts or love will be more on her mother's side but in your case you will handle both in the equal equation of adoration ,I wonder ,How is it possible ?
Priya: Smiled a little. Hmm ok Answer me this, When Ayesha was trying for modeling offers ,why did you recommend her to a reputed modeling firm.
Ram: Common , She is my family yaar ...His lips curved in realization ...
Priya: Yah ,same applies to me ...'Hope you got it now mera cute Golu" pulling his cheeks .
Ram: Ha but seeing your care & affection towards our family ,I am feeling proud and thanked god for sending you into my life.
Priya: Really .!!
Ram: "Haa baba haa ",kissing her forehead.By the way how did you manage to pay the bill? I will tell my PA to deposit some of the amount in your account .
Priya: Kya Mr.Kapoor for everything you will use only business mind ,I do have the gold card ,you said I can draw limitless amount from that.
Ram: Nodded his head in affirmation.
Priya: Then no need of depositing or any thing ,and I paid from my account 50,000 rest of the amount paid by your card only .
Ram: Achha so when does this card system became you and me.
Priya:Biting her lip , I mean ...woh... Sorry its just that I am telling you , I Thought I would never use that ,but I do came to know money will make many matters easy .God only knows how all went on, I was so desperate and worried about nuts and her baby and the hospital staff kept on bugging me fill the forms ,do this formalities,pay that so I remembered you and thought how you would have dealt at that time so I just did the way you do .Smilingly she turned to his side
Ram:Kissing her lips lightly ,I love you so much ..
Priya : Kissed him back , lying on his lap ,Taking his palm in hers,Kissing it ,I too love you sweet heart ,Its just that I am feeling sometimes something is missing and some unknown fear haunting me all the way ,Two tears slipped from her corner of eyes on his dress.
Ram:Combing her hair ,Priya ,He mimed for few seconds reeling what she is going through .Pulling in his embrace .
Priya I know we are married for 11 months ,we two are eagerly waiting for our love to blossom .But some times even though you are doing your best [she gazed at him ] about your health ,sometimes we cannot change the fate that was written to us.We have to wait till the time comes to us And I love you ,I am also looking forward for that beautiful phase ,just don't think that you are unable to give heir to the Kapoor's family or etc etc .You are important to me first & for my family too .I promise you that I will bring all the hapiiness that you are craving for but until then this smile[twitching her lips ] should not miss from it's place.
Priya: smiled even more .Said Ok to her ever loving husband ..
Ram: By the way where is your money .
Priya:Raising her eyebrow ,hmmm what money you are talking about .
Ram: That you are earningby teaching in Tofel classes.
Priya: It's In my account
Ram:Then why did you pay to the hospital from Gold card .
Priya: That's not enough na so I had to use it
Ram: Oh Really ,Now tell me the truth ,where are you spending your monthly earnings .As we promised each other ,we should not hide any secrets from eachother .
Priya: Hmmm ok I have given to Rishab and Apeksha.
Ram; Oh why did Rishab has taken ,he is getting his pocket money and even Apeksha too getting her pocket money .Then why they need from you?
Priya :Because Iam their bhabhi ,I wont make deadlines to each pocket money ,smilingly she said again, as they are studying they will have some luxuries .After all They are from Kapoor's family ,so I shouldn't let them down when they ask me .
Ram: Why you have not used the card at that time.
Priya:Because Iam earning well enough ,after marriage I haven't spend single penny from my earnings ,Kissing his palm ,so I used to give them. Hope your confusions cleared now ,see your tummy is making grumble sounds .If you are satisfied with my answers shall we have dinner trickling his tummy ,they trickled each other for some more time .Afterwards they had their dinner .

At 1 o clock ...Priya's phone buzzed
As Priya was still aware of that call ,she immediately disconnected ,checking her teddy hubby she vanished from there.
After 15 mins Ram turned to her side keeping his hand on her but he felt the matrix softness .He waited for few secs thinking she must be in washroom but there was no sign of her .He brimming his sleepy eyes called her ...
He didn't get any answer.He slowly walked searched in washroom,balcony , slowly his heartbeat thumping behind his ribs. There was no sign of her .
While descending the stairs he heard her laugh ,his beaten heart slowed down hearing her laugh , he fastened his phase peeped in to the hall , on the dining table Rishab was having his dinner ,explaining some thing to Priya. She was Rofling hearing his outs.She was serving him some more Rishab was telling her I am full bhabhi ,But asusaul she served a bit more with her love .His chattering was about some funnythings ,she was laughing like waves ,Ram magnetically attracted towards her smile,she was looking so angelic with the bun on her head keeping some sort of spoon to hold it on its place .Her one leg folded on chair ,one leg dangling from the chair ,her hands holding a Dairymilk chocolate ,she has some of it the rest she was having in the break of her laughters.He smiled seeing her attire as well as her actions .
When the reality struck him ,He marched towards them .
Both chatter boxes sensing something they just stood up ,to their horror Ram was staring at them shooting flames with his eyes .

Rishab: bhai ..He was searching for words .
Ram: Why you are so late ?
Rishab :scratching the table cloth , bhai .. wo ..
Ram: What , his voice was loud enough to wake up the other family members .coming towards him .
Priya:Interim between both , Wo .. Ram , Why you got up at this late night ?
Ram:That's what Iam asking what's this cockroach doing at this odd hour :
Priya : cockroach ? following his gaze she understood he was referring Rishab as cockroach .
Ram: Ha tumhari ye jo favourite devar [Ya he is there na your favourite brother-in-law]
Priya laughed , Rishab pouted .
Ram : What is he doing at this late night and how dare is he to disturb your sleep .
Priya : Please Ram , don't say anything to him, he is just a kid .
Ram: Kid , He is a kid for you!!! ,marching another step to his side.
Priya: Please..she pleaded blocking his way .
Ram gazed at her ,as her chocolate melted and got marked on his kurtha .She bit her tongue ,said sorry meekily ...
Ram smiled at her ,You are having chocolate at midnight .
Priya:Relieved a bit ,turning him her side ,placing her hand on his shoulder she signaled Rishab to escape from there .Rishab with cat paws he escaped finaly.
She relieved seeing it ,You also want it , placing the chocolate near his mouth ,He bit it ,Hmm shall we go and sleep now ,You managed very cleverly to send your devar .
Priya retorted "have you seen"?
Ram:Don't I know about you two little bugs.
Priya:smiled sheepishly .
Ram:And you are pampering  him very much , where he went ,club or pub?
Priya: I told you na he is just a kid ,let him enjoy his life .when his parents are earning well enough why does he need stay to out of fun .raising her eyebrow.
Ram: Hello I am earning and credit is going to his ma and papa ha..
Priya: Biting her lip,Iam referring to us only,when we two are earning well enough what is the need of kids to get hard work ..smilingly and he will deffo pass his finals with colours ,showing her hand as aircraft in air.
Ram:Hugged her affectionately ,The one how he wanted as his wife she was same ,to tell exactly more than him ,she was looking after his siblings like a mother .
Priya:Coming out of his grip "chale".When they turned towards their room they heard the tiny boy cry .Both had a grin on their faces ,walked to Nuts room to look what they were doing .
Karthik and Nuts were trying their level best to pamper him but the tiny one was unable to suck properly that made him cry even more .As Nuts was still in recovering phase all this motherhood was new to her and she was facing it with very much difficulty ,Ram & Priya both entered the room ,Priya helped Nuts to feed him ,but his sucking was unsuccessful so they  quit breast feed ,by the time Ram mixed the lactogen .
Priya was about to turn Ram handed her the bottile ...She gazed at him how much he observed in few days ,she thanked his quick action in her heart , made Nuts learn how to feed with  it .The tiny boy slept peacefully in Priya's arms.she handed over to them ,came to their room .
They retired for the bed ,Ram's lips were still plastering the very grin .Priya thought "Kaash I could have been mother by now" ,caressing her stomach with her smooth fingers ,Ram cuddled her hiding his face in crook of her neck ,he smelled her fragrance .
Priya fisted her fingers in his hair ,they swimmed their romantic ocean.
The night passed blissfully to them . The sun rose on the east ,peeping from the green room curtains disturbed Raya's sugary sleep ,she stirred in her sleep turned towards him.He woke up when her nudity touched his chest .He hugged her more tightly dropping a kiss in her hair. He wished a colourful morning .She snuggled more closer to him ,sleepily she asked what is the time .
Hmm Its 9 Ram answered ...
Priya :she startled ,Got up from her bed holding the duvet on her chest,He smiled naughtily  pulled her in his embrace ,she collapsed on his chest .
She pleaded him "let me get ready first :"
Hmmm Really , but why I made lie down nude beside me the total night , he kissed her lips feverishly his hands were massaging her milky body ,She was enjoying it ,when his lips latched her ni**le,she arched her head to access him more , his lips are ravishing her curves one after another ,she is going wild ,he is making her to writhe under him.She kissed him on his lips , kissing his neck ,shoulder she gave a gentle bite on his shoulder ,which made him turn her back on the bed .Ram asked her ready sweety .
She hugged him accepting  his request .He deposited his account in her ,he raised his ministrations in her deep womanly folds.she closed her eyes taking him more deeper .sweat formed on his forehead his sweet lashes waved her body ,she contracted ,he released ,both swept off with the sweat ,he landed on her bossom ,ravishing her mound one last time .she hugged him kissing his forehead , both lied down while vivid thoughts were storming in their minds .
After sometime both freshened up and came downstairs .At the breakfast table everyone was already seated and all were discussing about how we should plan for Ram & Priya's first anniversary .
Apeksha and Nuts Hi-Fied each other ,we girls have already prepared the best gift for them .
Rishab :What is that ,tell to me please , he plunged Apeksha's side and pleading her like a kid .
Karthik too pleaded Nuts asking what was that .
But both Ape and Nuts were not revealing their surprice gift ,Nuts told to  them leave about their gift ,how we should plan, whether we should celebrate in home or any hall.At what time ,will bhai have any important meetings or bhabhi tho she wont miss her class already she has taken many leaves for me.Nuts went sad for a minute but soon she chirped back with her thought processing by evening I want all the plannings so we can chop the plan.Everybody clapped,nuts told them  it should be secret .
Ram walking towards them seating in his chair ,what is the secret ,
Nuts replied secret means secret only.
 Priya seated beside him , he served her 2 aloo paranthas , for Priya it is too heavy but she wont say anything because her health matters to her husband more ,seeing this serving Nuts giggled with her priya can hear some more giggles , she bowed her head silently having her breakfast ,she very well knows in Ram's absence they will pull her leg .Ram finished his breakfast still Priya's plate was full with some parantha,he asked her to eat quickly ,she gulped hardly taking the juice .
Apeksha smiled seeing Priya struggling , Priya finished at last got up from the chair to leave to her college .At the time she got a call from Neel,
Neel:Hiii priyuuu ...
Priya :Hi Neel,don't call me like that .
Neel: Priyuuu .
Priya : you won't listen to me hai na , kya baath hai [What's the matter]
Neel: College is closed because of some political party claiming bandh ,so better you don't come have a romantic day with your most Romantic RamKapoor .
Priya:Eyyy ,you..
Neel: Hey traffic cleared yaar ,will talk later by bye ,she hung up the call .
Priya:smilingly turned towards Ram, today there is no college ,she said the reason to him.
Ram :Superb .Take some rest ,dropping a kiss on her cheek ,he bid bye to her .Usally this would happen in car but today they had to depart in home both haven't realized everyone had an eye on them.
She blushed waving bye to him.When she turned she found everyone staring at her with naughty smiles .All started pulling her leg,
Nuts:Oye hoyyy what a love ..
Apeksha said :its so cute ,bhabhi daily you will depart the same way .
Priya cheeks coloured up ,she said Sonal will tell you soon how to depart .
Bhabhii please please tell na ,
Priya : hadd hai yaar  , she reached her room ,all the way these two girls followed, landed on their bed. Apeksha pulling Priyas pallu started humming the song "Raath akeli hai "Hugging her making her swirl
Despite Priya's warnings ,fake angers ,the two naughty girls made her life hell for an hour .When Neha enterED their room they pulled her leg even more .Neha signalLed them to stop and asked Priya "So are you free on your anniversary or any night date or day dates' ? winking at her.
Priya replied coyly I haven't decided yet ,have to plan .
Both girls deeply filled the room with their chatters , so they got to know in these talks from Priya'S side therewas no plan and luckily no college on that day so they were relieved. Messaged to Vikram to enquire about Ram's side .
What the kapoor family planning for their anniversary , and what about priya and Ram,what they are planning for each other .