Tuesday, 18 February 2014

PART-57 Sirf Meri HO

From writer :Awww Iam glad to see your good responce girls.Thank you so much .stay happy and blessed .Keep showering your feedback on this FF.After seeing your comments for jwalamukhi i had to clear your doubts.That  words [chandramukhi ,jwalamukhi ]taken from vikram words from serial,when priya is pregnant vikram tells to Ram about these changes .Hope you got it what iam telling.


Despite Priya's warnings ,fake angers ,the two naughty girls made her life hell for an hour .When Neha entered their room they pulled her leg even more .Neha signaled them to stop and asked Priya "So are you free on your anniversary or any night date or day dates' ? winking at her.
Priya replied coyly I haven't decided yet ,have to plan .
Both girls deeply filled the room with their chatters , so they got to know in these talks from Priya'S side therewas no plan and luckily no college on that day so they were relieved. Messaged to Vikram to enquire about Ram's side.
In Office:
Vikram:Good morning Ram ..
Ram: Good morning , What's the news you looking so happy .I think Neha is in chandramukhi stage in the morning .Laughing aloud.
Vikram: Pouting his face .When Priya gets into Jwalamukhi phase then you will come to know.
Ram: Remencing Priya's anger expression ,He smiled , "I can deal my jwalamukhi"  winked at vikram.
Vikram:Woh chodo ..Batha Kya plans hai aapki Anniversary me.
Ram : Thought for a while ,scratched  his temple , I haven't decided yet but want to give her something unique like  Priya as a gift .
Vikram : Ok you  keep on thinking about the gift ,I will get back to you again .
Vikram messaged Neha "Till now no plans from Ram's side "
Neha's phone beeped with the message , she checked it and signaled to Apeksha and Nuts , placing the baby in Priya's lap ,The threesome bid bye to Priya and came to Nuts room to chop out the plan ..After so many discussions atlast they prepared the plan and hified each other.
Ram forgot some USB drive at home ,he called to Priya  so she can come and handover it to him ,but asusaul madam's phone was not reachable.
It has some very important information which should not  leak by any chance so he drove back thinking he can have also lunch with her .Remebering her a smile flashed on his lips . She is all his life , she is his breath .
When he entered the Kapoor mansion , he heard some gossiping  and giggling from Nuts room ,He peeped through the sleek of the door ,surprisingly Priya was not there with them.
He reached their room , the door was ajar ,He entered as if he had cat paws ,A bright smile appeared on his face , Priya was sleeping  ,her curly hairs were covering her  angelic face ,the tiny boy sleeping her side turning his side to her ,He was feeling so happy ,How can this boy can sleep on one side ,He slowly took out his mobile clicked some pictures, The boy was holding Priya's finger in his small fist thinking that he is in safe hands ,he was sleeping away to glory .He can't tell what exactly he was feeling .It was all just magical .While he was savouring the moment .The boy stirred in his sleep feeling some sort of fear ,started his mono cry .Priya startled opened her eyes taking him in her arms ... Hayyy ..I am here ,see look at me, sleep baby sleep ..she  made him sleep again .with in few seconds he slept .She caressed his face ,taking his tiny fingers in her palm, kissed him .
She turned when she felt someone at herside , She was surprised to see her man .She mimed what are you doing here ?How come you are here at this hour, she cleared her eyes and once again stared at him to confirm whether it was real or dream .
Ram bent down to her level dropped a kiss on her forehead .

I called you many times but madam is busy with her new lover .She hit him on his chest calling him Rammm...I don't know when I slept ,its just .
Common I haven't asked for reasons by the way what is your plan for our anniversary , she gazed at him surprisingly "I haven't planned yet "
Ram : I guess this naughty batch is planning some thing on our anniversary so If any plan is there we will tell them .That's why I am asking .
Priya:They might plan for some date for us or something  but I want to be with  family  whatever they plan also We should be surrounded with our family members .That's my wish .
Ram:Ok Done ,But what about my gift ,he asked  leaning on her .
Priya:Pushing him slowly aside , I already planned for it ,she winked at him .
Ram :Ahh so how about Goa trip on that day or Switzerland  etc etc
Priya:Hmmm It's our anniversary , that too first one so we will celebrate here , because If we choose far places from Mumbai ,Nuts and baby can't travel , so think my dear business man pulling him near her ,their noses were touching with each other .So think and select a beautiful suitable place , don't forget we need a separate bedroom in that place.
Achha ,he smiled..
Haa priya too joined .. They both had their lunch ,Ram announced to the family members  as they are going to celebrate their anniversary at Machan resorts.
Nuts squealed with joy ...OMG  bhai .. which one Heritage machan ,Canopy Machan .
Ram : We will visit  Canopy for now, winking at Priya ,who was all surprised listening his decision with in a short span of time.
Apeksha elbowd Nuts ...reminding their plan .
Nuts: But Bhai we planned ...biting her tongue ..
Ram: Whatever also plan there that's why I disclosed the matter before .Giving his million dollar smile  he walked off to office .
Nuts , Ape and Neha surrounded Priya , You just said that you haven't planned anything.!!
Priya meekily said haaa..
Neha: but what about this plan Priya , you cheated us .
Nuts :Ha bhabhi this is not done , we trusted you.
Apeksha : Tell na ,why you haven't told us before..
Priya : Stopped them who were twirling  around her,Wait wait first of all I didn't know his plan ,I haven't even heard of the name too .
And one more thing I just asked him It's our anniversary so I want to celebrate with all my family members and rest of the decision is your Bhai's .She said in one breath and she flew from there saying "you all hurt me without knowing this" .
Everyone stood there dumb ,Nuts and Ape said without knowing anything we said so many to bhabhi see now she is upset ,what to do ..
Neha who all chirpy ,Haaa yaar bahuth kuch suna diya uss bechari ko .
Idea!!!  Neha told a plan to manafoy Priya .
First Apeksha slowly entered Raya's bedroom there Priya was reading a book .She came with her favourite adrak wali chai gave the cup to her telling sorry bhabhi .
Priya took it from her hands kept it aside saying Thank you .
Soon Natasha entered with one boquet which was just prepared by their own hands and from their own graden .
She gave it to Priya.Sorry bhabhi ..
Priya received them saying thank you but didn't utter anything nor her facial expressions changed .
Neha butted in
What is this Priya bechari , they are trying to impress you and you are not even looking at them .Priya trying hardly to control her smile seeing their antics .
When Neha patted them for next ..Both Nuts And Ape showered on Priya with her favourite chocolates .By now Priya was surprised and smiled seeing their cute puppy faces .
Three of them holding their ears ,Iss baar maaf kardo .Priya hugged every one , Iam not angry I just acted to see you people's reaction she smiled broadly .They started tickling her , Priya couldn't control her laughter so pleaded them to stop .But those three shaithan haven't left her .All had a gala time .
Priya explained her plan to them , with in 3 days Ram's birthday is coming up everyone forgot But Priya already planned everything .
They clapped hearing her out .
Nuts: Sorry bhabhi ,Aapki first anniversary planning me main bhai ka birthday hi bhool gayi .
Neha: "When this cute angel is there" pulling Priya's cheeks "we no need to wrry about The Ram Kapoor" .
Everyone giggled and promised Priya that they will do the needful .
Ram back to his room ..He was so happy that he cracked one of the biggest deal and he wants to show those to priya and love her like there  is no tomorrow .
When he entered their bedroom ,darkness welcomed him ,he called her out slowly taking few steps from entrance .A feeble voice answered him from couch ..
Ram..I am here ..
He switched on the lights,Priya closed her eyes with her hands .Her face was pale ,liveliness drowned  out of her face.He touched her forehead checking the temperature ,He asked what happened Sweety .
She gave a fake smile to him ,"Headache" leaned on his chest . His happiness vanished from his face seeing Priya's pain .
He took her in his embrace ,have you taken medicine ..
Ha Ram I have but its like throbbing inside .I feel like puking ,dizziness .
He kissed her in her hairs , Lifted her made her lie down on the bed , His fingers threadened in her hairs ,slowly steadily .. After few mins he started pressing slowly by the time she slept. When she got up Its showing 11 o clock .She quickly glanced around to find her man.
He was working on his laptop just beside her,
Ram smiled at her ,asked how are you feeling now .
Priya  combing her hairs with her fingers "Better " she answered .
Ram:Shall we eat  now .
Priya:Ohhh you haven't had your dinner yet .
Ram :No..Waiting for you .he smiled ,she returned it .They both had dinner together .
Ram hugged her and slept .
The next morning Ram was getting ready to his office .Priya too was getting ready for college .She was searching something in her closet for past few mins ,she was not finding it mumbling under her breath "Ufff where the hell I have kept it"
Ram smilingly twirled herside hugging from her behind ,What are you searching for ..Hmm you look so cute when you are angry ..
Priya smiled , I am searching for dupatta showing her dress, If I can't find it , I have to change another one making a puppy face.Ram pulled her cheek .No worries darling .You will get and he opened the closet doors full inorder to search .Before priya warned Ram ,All chocolates showered on him .
He looked so cute with his  glare wala expression .
What on earth you are keeping in your closet .
By now Priya started collecting the chocolates as well as their covers too .
Ram was still in daze ,How to react and what to react ..She poured all in one basket .Ram held her shoulder , Itne saare chocolates khaogi kyathum ,He motioned her, she straddled to the wall.
Woh..woo.aise he ..
Ram :Matlab .. Why you are so fond of chocolates, she bit her lowerlip .Those all are gifts ..
Ohh he  breathed in her .. All are gifts ..Now I know these all from your kids na .You will pamper them to the high and they will shower with you chocolates ha.
Priya: aisa nahi hai..
Ram :Tho kaisa hai?
Priya: Please Ram..
Ram : Itne sare chocolates khaogi tho thum mere jaise banogi..He laughed ...Kissing her lips ...Please eat less Ok ..
Priya nodded her head 
Ram asked her what you will do with covers ..
Priya: Pulling the covers from him ...Hadd hai yaar . I wanted to keep ,That's it. She kept the basket safely in closet and she locked it .
Ram : Smiled seeing her childish behaviour towards her chacos .Dropping a kiss on her lips feverishly ,Both left for breakfast ..