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PART-50 Sirf Meri Ho *

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And jinnejigs you guessed correct Ram also wants his child now..
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Mani I rofled seeing your idea,Deffo will use it in one of my parts .

Neha noticed Ram at the door .
She said " Hi fatty , come in, see how the dress was ..
He was very angry on priya that she hasn't responded for his call . when they understand his anger everybody went quiet .
Meet me in Our room with in 2 mins . He walked out while telling Ape your looking so gorgeous in that .his voice changed when he is talking with Apeksha.Again his voice raged "2mins "
"In Our room "His foot steps faded away to their ears.
All were sighed relievingly .Neha questioned "Priya how you are managing  Your Angry man" ,
Priya glared and laughed at the question ..
Ape touched her shoulder lightly "Bhabhi have you done anything wrong "She smiled faintly
I don't know Ape ,have to go and check .What causes my  polar bear to get anger animatedly.
Nuts laughed at this comment ,Waww bhabhi super nick name for bhai .does he know this
Priya blushed ,smiled sheepishly "Yes he knows "
Hayeee Neha sidehugged her imitated her fatty once again ...
"Two mins ,in our room "and walked like him ..everybody laughed ...
Priya told you girls carry on ,I will check with him and come ,she gave a kiss on Ape's forehead and asked her to please have patience ,Nuts wont leave you until she satisfy .Nuts clapped well bhabhi thank you .For me too showing her cheek ..Priya kissed her too .and told neha
Don't ask me to kiss you ,vikram feels bad ..
Neha pouted ,rest all giggled seeing her .. Neha chipred  in fake anger one minute over ,if you wont leave now ,Fatty will take care of you very well,winking at her ...
Priya brisked away thinking what has caused Ram's anger ...She met shankar kaka at the stairs ,He said mam where are you ? saab is looking for you from past 30 mins !!!
Kaka iam downstairs only I haven't heard his call ?priya replied ...
Its ok anyway iam going to meet him ,Thank you kaka .she left from there now seriously she is getting heartattack.
She can't contro his Anger as well as his Love ,remembering their everlasting Romance she stepped in their room .
Ram walking to and fro in their room , his face is burning with anger ,his ears reddened ,few beads of sweat forming on his forehead .She closed the door ,hearing the click of sound he looked at her , He quickly stepped near her " what you thinking about yourself "
Ha "What exactly you thinking "He gripped her forearm tightly ..
Ouchh .. you hurting me Ramm ..she whimpered under his gaze .
What I told you at the dining table in the afternoon .He came very near to her .His nose touching her nose .Her breath hitched in her throat seeing his raging mode .

W..What did you "priya words stopped in the middle..He flicked her medicines from his pocket .
"What was this "Have you taken your medicines ..
Priya mumbled "Shit """ ...
Ram retorted again "SHIT " now you are telling shit haa...

"flash back at the dining table "
Ram got a call while they are having their lunch .
"Hello ...
Ya , ok I will be there with in 20 mins , he disconnected the call "Turning to priya he said I have some imp work , so I will be back by evening , you please eat the medicines "
Priya: "Ya sure "
 Don't forget to chew" Torflash60k "Its  a weekle medicine .
Priya :Yes , I doo ...
He left for his work .Priya hasn't come to room after that ,she completely forgot as she was too busy in engagement preparations "

Coming back to Present :
Ram's voice is raging in her ears .Tell me what was it ??
Priya mumbled .. I ..i forgot ,she stammered He pressed her more
..How ..How can you forgot ha ??
How can ,
Do you think you are fit and perfect ,
You Anemic girl .Ram gritted his teeth .
Priya Flinched under him .Ram you are hurting me ..I just missed once and you are taunting me ha !!!
When did you had Your lunch 1 right ..Now its 6 have you taken anything ?Ram bursted out
Priya is furious by now ... But tears started to  rain from her eyes ,she is no control on tears
What is this ..Yes I forgot to take tabs aswellas  juice ..Now are you happy .Her tears flowed like fountain .
She knows his anger but right now she is in full of stress and as a elder daughter in law she has to make everything perfect for the engagement. You wont understand this priya retorted..
Just than Bansikaka knocked the door , Ram took the tray from him ,By now Priya is silently crying ,when she heard his footsteps nearing her ,she quickly wiped it off away .
Ram who was calm by now .scraching his temple ...Had I over reacted kya?? He is gazing at sky , God hmm show me the path to manaofy her ...
He can show his anger but he can't handle her tears ,He mimed" Sorry " taking her face in his both palms ,he kissed her forehead making her to sit on their bed .
She wasn't satisfied , she turned her face away ,Peeling the meds sheet without looking at him .
He paused her action taking the sheet from her .She sat straightly avoiding his gaze . Wiping her uncontrollable tears .  .

He made her chin upright position thaki she can look at him ,But she raised her face ,her eyes are downcasted ,tried to pull the meds sheet from him .He murmured sorry in her ears .His lips touched her earlobe ,she felt butterflies in her stomach .Stubbornly she hasn't moved .
Ram by now lost his patience ,he remembered only one way .
He took her quivering lips in his ,With this sudden attempt she lost her balance ,Rams hands were on her hair slowly made her lie down ,His lips working so delishiously on her soft lips,She isn't responding hardly controlling her beats to not to fall for his antics.She gazes at him ,His halfeyes are filled with desire , he twirling her hair in to more curly ,
Oh God He Is looking soo hottt ,she thrudded herself ,She moaned in his mouth ,His tongue going every corner of her ,making her nerves swirl in motion.Their tongues are wet ,dancing in a commotion ,Possesing her mouth completely charging on her pinkish lips ,Angling her head to his good access ,he is swallowing the sweet nector from her .He controlled in her a phace ,his bulging anteriorly touched on her stomach . He hit her soft nerve with his they haven't get time since 3 days for their romance .
By his kiss only he made her wet between her thighs .. She shrinked under him,while he is kissing enumerously on her exposed parts .
He kissed on her navel making her shiver like a dryleaf .She invited him,In no minute ,he made a way in her skillenfolds ,She gasped for his sudden thrush ,Their half naked bodies are moving in a rhythm that makes both hearts lightly  .. He pressed her mounds from the outlined clothes ...Oh Damn it you are so Sexy Priya , I can't get enough of you .She blushed hearing that , I Love You Sweety ,Iam so sorry ...thrushing more harder,She moaned in high pitch feeling him ,her nails tored his shirt ,her hips rhythm syncrized with his ,Both had their climax .He made her lie down on his chest.
Caressing her hair ,He bent down a little kissed her forehead sorry sweet heart .
She gazed at him ,,Im so sorry ..
But you can tell me calmly na.Why you will always go into angry polar bear character hitting  on his chest .
He laughed hearing it .What to do priya , when I saw the untouched medicines,I got so angry .
By the way how do you know I haven't had medicines she asked him .
Im counting the tablets ,now drink the juice and take the medicines ..
While she drinking he asked her , did you had any pain .
She gave a blushy smile [sakshi's special ] Nodded her head as negative .. He motioned himself near her , why don't you protested ..
She popped the tablets , because I needed you badly she hide her face in her both palms ..
His joy is boundless .He said Thank you in her ears .She told him I had to go downstairs they must be waiting ..
Sure baby ...She cleaned herself washed her face ,went to downstairs.
She can hear Neha's banter ,Nuts giggles , Ape's poutings . She glanced at them ,nuts done her last min fitting too .. neha is making her hair properly .
Apeksha squeled Bhabhiii ...Thanks for coming ...See from past one hour they are eating my brain .Priya had tearyline seeing apeksha in full attire .. She kept a kala tikka on apeksha's back of the ear . You are looking beautiful my dear . And side hugging nuts supeb outfit honey .
Neha clapped see I told na , this will look marvelous .. Yes neha she looks gorgeous ..
Priya called Krishna ji and Ram . Apeksha is feeling uncomfortable as everyone is gazing at her.
Nuts whispered in her ear "If Sonal looks ,his jaws will drop,deffo he tries to ...ahem ahem like Grey "
Apeksha playfully hitted her on nuts back .. Neha brings fatty down ...
Ram and Krishna ji had a glow seeing her , Krishnaji teared her heart out , Neha nudges ape.she bent down to take blessing from ma. She hugged blessed her with happiness.She bentdown to take RAYA blessings .He paused her hugging close to his heart .
Im sorry for everything , I will make you sure you will be happy in lifetime.Ape had tears .
Priya and neha looked at each other , to make the environment chill .. both said in unison ..
Stop this rona dhona... can we see other arrangements too ..
Everbody freed , Ram priya came to see the lighting arrangement .
Ape is asking to remove all the jewellery .. while nuts and neha teasing her , krishnaji is laughing .
A serine smile sealed Ram's lips that was increasing broadly with each passing second.
He suddenly turned to priya who was walking past him ,With the sudden turn she about to fall , he hold her safely , mimed sorry ..
She frowned whats the need to twist your body ?
Leaving the sircasism in her words ,He clasped her hands asked like a kid , You know priya iam going to do kanyadhan for Ape hai na .. His eyes were glistering with unknown sparkle.
Priya nodded her head ,pressing her palms more in his , Yes Ram ,You have to do this .,who else will do ,You have to lead her way in good path .He hugged her tightly 
Yes ,Im going to do it .I will ...He jumped with joy .
Priya had a tearful laugh seeing his joy ..Both came back after an hour . By now every body is waiting for at the dining table .Raya joined and had their dinner while talking about the arrangements .
Ram went to his study room to look after some presentation ,Neha left after dinner , Nuts stayed back by insisting Priya .Krishna ji asked priya to stay back in her room she wants to show some jewelery .
Priya stayed back in krishnaji s room , nuts ,ape accompanied her , all chit chatting while Krishna ji showing .. both nuts and ape started trial on priya whatever Krishna ji showing and clicking away her pictures in funny ,glorious ,hilarious ways ..
Ram heard them giggling ,hisheart flutters with joy .He smiled heartily again concentrated on her work ..
Soon  Ape left to her room to sleep ,Krishna ji went to nuts room until she gets sleep she stayed there , priya kept everything inside the draws ,she sat on the bed  waiting for her mother in law to give her keys . slowly her eyes drifted off to sleep .
It's 11 0 clock when Ram returned to his room , He was surprised to see their empty bed .he flunged on that ,feeling her side with his hand , he smiled reminding his evening romance .
Holy Shit ... what iam doing , everytime if I will go near to her , I feel like I want to have her all myself , she must be tired , but today she responded equally .. he thought himself . waited for some more time but there is no trace of her .
He went to krishnaji's room , just now she is also entering the room .
She asked him :? What happen Ram ?
Ma , Iam looking for Priya ,where is she ? Both looked at the bed , smiled seeing her asleep .
There your sleeping beauty is , she must be tired Ram , from morning onwards she is doing some or other work, its ok let her sleep here ..
Ram said no ma , these days she is getting night mares after the ashwins incident , I will take her to room .
He called her softly , She opened her droopy eyes , a smile crept on her lips . She handed the keys to Krishnaji .She walked to their room. Ram was following her , she is hardly making a step , her legs are feeble ,he smiled seeing her cute sleepy avatar , he helped her to assemble the steps ,He made her liedown , she asked him water . She drank it abut to sleep .
When Ram asked her to change ,
She asked him to do himself .. He chukled her , she obeyed like a kid while he dressing ,cuddled to him like a puppy and sleep off.
He kissed her in her hairs , he too slept .
The next day full on with preparations . Media is gushing out Ram Kapoors sister engagement launching on the beautifully he decorated his mansion , everyone was busy ,seems to be tomorrow Mumbai is going to rock on with the VIPs especially in Kapoor mansion .
Karthik  came to Ram and priya's room , catching for his breath .. At that ttime Ram is holding priya on her waist , Priya is knotting his tie .. Seeing karthik Ape too ran after him to know the matter .
Both stared at the site , Raya who heard karthiks heavy breathing ,turned out to see ,by that time Ape clicked their pic in her mobile ..
Priya startled freed from Ram, Ram furiously , what you both are doing here at this odd hour , ape I will thrw your mmobile out , she ran from there . Priya refraing from her blush , she asked him . what happened karthik , whats the matter ,?
Di , wo iam sorry to disturb you .
Nuts ne ..
Kya nuts ko kya hua Ram's voice broke in concern ?
Nothing happened to her jeju , woo.. she is asking weird wishes , Right now she wants to eat Parantha , aloo ka paranttha that too with di's made  .
Ram & priya broke into a smile seeing Karthik's state .
Priya assured she will just prepare and the way why don't you bring nuts here she can eat freshly .Ram too nodded ..
Karthik scratching his temple seeing her ziddi I huffed out so I forgot .by the time you make I will bring her . they went out ,priya started preparing parantha , smiling herself ,Ram who came to see wether she prepared or not ,caught her naughty smile ,asked her
Don't think about me sweety ,to her surprise he brushed his lips on her cheek.
She gazed at him , How you know ...that iam thinking about you ??
Its just your face will tell ,by the way tell me na sweety what you are thinking Please He made a puppy face ...
Rolling her tongue to right cheek , You shouldn't feel if I tell ,,,
Hmm Ram enthusiastically told ,No I wont feel tell , Tell please
he nudged to tell ..
I was just thinking if nuts will eat aloo paranthas like you , her son will also look like Golu .than she downcasted her eyes told like my Golu .
His eyes gazed at her with wonder , how far she thought and in that thoughts also she is just thinking about me only ... He raised her chin with his finger .he asked her to look at him .She slowly upward her gaze at him,
Ohh what a beautiful sight it was , she is so so gorgeous .. He dropped a kiss on her forehead ,
I love you baby , I want an angel soon like you ,her eyes should showcast her emotions and her love should spread smiles all over our home like you does .Both reminded like that until they smelled a roasted parantha , priya quickly removed that , kept another parantha on thava, Ram tored a parantha piece ,chewed it .. ahhh this is so amazingly delicious priya ..
Rammm she quickly taken  the parantha from him , this is not for you , this is for nuts ..
Why you are making more na .. let me eat this he wanted to take ..
But priya turned in to hitler avatar ... Ram please I poured more butter in this .. Ram's face lighten up , than tho sure I have to eat ,...He demanded ,seeing his puppy face , priya gave him telling only this no more after this . He said ok and ravishing it . Priya is all smiles seeing him in this .He is looking damn cute . while relishing the parantha his eyes glistering ,she is conteneded seeing him and her happiness is no bound he too wants a child .Both are startled to hear the noice from the hall . wiping his  mouth ,turning off the gas Both walked ..Nuts sitting infront of the dining table ,making noice with a spoon ...
Bhabhiii ...Iam hungry ...Ram walked towards nuts ..Priya went to kitchen ..
Ram hugged his choti .But she hasn't reciprocated ,asked her bhai "Im hungry "
See baby also hungry showing her stomach ...Ram laughed at that ..
Priya came with paranthas ,aachar ,curry , and butter too ...
Nuts told a big thanks attacked on her delicious paranthas ,Chewing A piece ..Wow bhabhi its amazing ...Delicious ,flavourful paranthas bhabhi .. every one had smile on their face seeing nuts craving ..
Popping another piece in her mouth .. teach your brother na bhabhi ... his parantha made me puke .. Everyone rolled their eyes on karthik . he mumbled woo.. I did ... but I failed ..
Nuts popped another one in her mouthful , her words are crocky because of mouthful of food , Not failed ,it was roasted till black ..Hehe ..She giggled ...She relished 3 paranthas ,Priya took a small piece  from nuts plate , Twirled around her thrice she went out to thrw it away .
When priya came inside ,Everyone asked what was that ,
Priya replied  it's a type of removing bad eye from others .All gave suspicious look.
I know your doubt ,right now all are our family members only ..
All agreedly looked at Priya ,
Priya replied Even though we don't have any bad intentions as she is pregnant so elders have to do that.
Example  a mother will feed to her kid ,she will be alone at that time still at the last she will remove like this .That doesn't mean she is having bad eye on her kid. Its just a protective ness towards her kid ..
Nuts hugged her ,Thank you bhabhi .you are the worlds best bhabhi ..Everyone seated for breakfast .discussed about tomorrows engagement. The day passed with laughters ,jokes ,teasers ,small Mehindi ceremony in the evening time .. Priya palm enlighten with her Man name .