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Part -49 Sirf Meri Ho

Part -49

She woke up with a startle yelling “Noooo “

Ram too startled hearing this … Soon he recovered ,he took her in his embrace , wiping her sweat .. its ok , you are here with me , see..open your eyes ,she looked at him ..
See you are in our bedroom … just relax sweety ,relax ,making her to drink some water .
He asked her what happened ???
She clutched him  as tight as possible ..I ..I don’t know …I can’t remember it .I was running out of fear from something .I don’t know ..
R: Ok cool cool ,see here right now you are with me in our bedroom ..It’s just a nightmare , tomorrow you have college na let’s sleep .making the bedsheet proper on her, dropped a kiss on her forehead and was about to turn to keep laptop on the other side.

P: She pulled him closer .Don’t leave me ..Please
after few secs
Give me one baby na I won’t disturb you ..’
Ram smiled heartily .Embracing her in his hug ,”I Love You Sweety “
Soon I will give you ..Just we have to wait for the auspicious time ..
P:She Opened her big doe sparkling eyes asked him “When “ Playing with his kurtha button.
R:Soon …. Before that you have to be healthy ..
P:okkk ..pouting ..she snuggled closer to him,hiding her face in his chest she went to her dream land .
R: combing her hair ,mentally he made a note he had to meet the doctor tomorrow at any cost .
In the wee hours of morning Ram got a call hearing the ringing tone Priya turned to otherside pouting her face …
Ram sonedijiye na..please phone band kijiye …..
Hearing her banter no where a huge smile danced on his lips ..He went outside talked with the other person about 15 mins .Came back to their bed ..She curled herself like a ball and sleeping .
Ram bentdown snuggled to her kissing her earlobe ..Good morning sweety ..
She flinched with his touch ..Hmmm Good morning  Dear Hubby ….
Love you he breathed in her ear.
Love you tooo She said ….She can feel his desire on her back …Turning his side she murmured Not now …Just sleep with me ..She nestled near to his chest .
Ram bewildered listing her …How she know his thoughts ….
He kissed her forhead ,now she is almost hugging him he too reciprocated then there wont be any gap ..
He immediately topped her ,Still her eyes were closed …And she is enjoying his moves .
Hmm Don’t you want kids… he breathed on her skin …
She unlocked her eyelashes ..The serine gap of her eyes filled with his smiling image .
Kya irada hai she whispered …
Ram:To make you love …. And we can produce kids….
She hit him on his chest .. Just sleep now , I want kids but for that I can spend nights with you and she closed her eyes ,,
Because she was in deep sleep her eyes are closing automatically.
Ohhh really … He hovered on her .removing her each piece feeling that she will feel him..
But as stubborn priya didnt move by his antics …
He made her nude to his eyes .. His lips devilishly winning her curves .She moaned in no time , he took the opprtunity ,he filled his desireful manhood in her skillen folds..Her lazy eyes slightly opening with his each ministration .Her innerwalls filling with him ..Its getting bigger fuller with his each thrush .
She is enjoying this morning romance ,she doesn’t know how many orgasms she had this morning .
She heard only his husky voice telling her “Love you :” and praises on her body , touch of him on her each curve ..He hasn’t left any inch .Finally he reached his climax dropped his head on her bossom slept off ….
Both woke up with a startle when they heard Dadi calling from out side the room..
Priya combed her messy hair with her hands when she was about to get up …she found her nude ..
She gazed at him , He looked sheepishly down cast .
Again the door knock made them aware of their state ..
Ram , what are you looking at , go and open the door Priya whispered ..
Haan …..Ram wore his kurtha hurriedly went to open the door .
Dadi handed him phone ,Golu what are you doing ,why you are not lifting your phone ..ye lo bath karlo ,
He talked in the phone [its dadi’s sister ] she talked for sometime with him  ..
All the while Dadi is laughing seeing at Ram…soon dadi took phone from him send him to the room …
Ram walked dreamily by that time Priya wore her nighty and  was waiting for him
He asked her what ?
Why are you looking like that ?
Priya enquired what was that ?
What?? while observing her gaze he too followed her gaze ,looking at their bed .whats there in the bed ?
By now Priya’s temper raised .Why im  in such a state..
Now Ram understood what she was referring too ..
Ohhh Don’t you know ,he came very closer to her …..
She blushed hearing that ,her anger replaced with her blush .She pushed him with one hand but Ram started moving towards her she stepped backwards until she hit the wall ..His  body cupped hers there was no gap .
She looked down ..
Ram lifted her chin with his index finger ..Don’t you know what was that ?
She remained silent for a while.
Hmm that is called morning romance, she bit her lowerlip …
And you are too good in the morning , you know how much I enjoyed .. Even though you are in halfsleep you responded great .. God mind blowing ,leaving a bitemark on her neck.
Her breath hitched in her throat with his assault .. she hugged him  tightly ..He laughed seeing her shyness .

I.. I  will fresh up she pushed him …looking at him shockingly
You went like this ….
Haaa.what ..what happened now….Ram asked inncoently ..
She hit her hand on head ….
Ram ….You wore the kurtha ulta..Dadi had seen you na
Ram bit his tongue ,ohhh that’s why dadi is smiling .. He looked down cast..
She pinched his nose lightly ..
Golu tho golu hi rahega murmuring herself ..she ran to wash room to freshen up telling him ..Wear the kurtha properly .
His cheeks turned to beatroot colour thinking what could have dadi thought about his state .. He simply followed his lady love instructions changed his kurtha ,adjusted their bed .
Priya came wearing a white salwar suit ,she kept sindhoor on her forehead ,asking him what happened ..
Ram who was in deep thoughts streched her hands for a hug .. Priya joined in his bear wali hug .asking why suddenly ???
Ram replied her ,thank you for coming in my life . he kissed her in her hairs went to washroom.
Priya stood there seeing his retreating figure lovingly .She touched with her hands where he kissed before, her lips broke into shy smile. She went to prepare breakfast for her love .

As usual morning breakfast table filled with routine talks about any plans or so.But today waa special as Deekshith family was coming to see Apeksha .
Krishna ji said to them please don’t be late today evening ,they are coming at 6 you both should be here by 5 itself ..
Priya assured her we wont miss .. Its my duty I will look after everything .You don’t tense ma .
Krishna blessed her .
RaYa started in car ..
Priya asked him so how is he … and their family , is he suitable for Apeksha ..
Ram smilingly ,yes he is very well suits her , you don’t worry ..
Priya fired her question again who is he , where is he staying ?what are his parents ?How are they?
Ram :Okk enough .. enough
His name is Sonal Deekshith ,
Age 28 ,
height 5’11 ,
weight 68 kgs,
 fair , dark hair ,
done his MBA and is working for his fathe'sr company , settled in London.After an year he will join their Indian business.
His parents are none other than , Rajesh and  Smitha Deekshith ..
You met them already in our business party .
And he had 2 girl friends but no affairs ..
Occational drinker
Non smoker .
Individual thoughts ,Broad minded .
Loves Apeksha as he has seen her in some party ..
Ram said in one breath ..Priya gaped at him in wonder …
Why didn’t you tell this before ??
Aree yaar priya I wanted to tell you but you are tho super busy na ,you slept before I join you in the bed haa ???
She smiled ..so will Apeksha agree
Ram confidentaly said ,Yes she woll definitely because you are there na .he winked at her .
They reached her college .. He bid bye to her ..
Today Ram directly went to meet doctor as he has so many doubts in mind ..
Doc:Hello Mr .Kapoor Good morning .Please sit.
Ram:Good morning doctor .Thank you
Doc: So how is priya doing ?
Ram blinked at her ,Doctor as you know she is desperate to have kids.Is it ok?I mean if she will miss a month ..
Scraching his temple …
Is she alright to have kids .
Doctor smiled seeing Ram persperation on his forehead .
Doc :Mr .Kapoor please relax .
Actually what Priya facing is irregular mensus problem ,in this generation so many ladies are facing same problem because of stress ,malnutrition, tensions ,anemia etc .
These will settle with few medications and proper diet .So when it will settle automatically she will get pregnant. Here her problem is anemia, it will rectify soon than you can try it on .
Don’t forget you should continue mating. Soon her irregular cycles will come to normal .
You please don’t worry ,She won’t have any problem .
Ram smiled heartily and left from there with boundless happiness.
The sun descending down to his original place .Raya came back to their kingdom to arrange everything for their lil sister .
Priya is so engorsed in making Apeksha to get ready .Ram called her so many times but she just answered him from inside.Ram desperately wanted to see her but no way madam is giving chance to him…
Deekshith family came .
Priya came down to invite them .She wore a white saree with a maroon colour small border ,and the gajra in her hair .She looked just stunning .Her eyes were neatly lined with kajal .
She blinked at him with those mesmerizing eyes.She flipped her hand infront of staring Ram.He came to his senses and blushed .
Ram & Priya invited the Deekshith family wholeheartedly .Krishna ji too joined .
Everybody was uchit chatting ..
Priya went to bring Apeksha down .. While coming Priya whispered in Apeksha’s ear .
He is so handsome , Manly like your Grey …
Apeksha blushed Priya smiled heartily ..Apeksha was looking so gorgeous in the parrot green colour saree ,and her earrings were matching her beauty .Ohh she Is just looking beautiful .
Krishna ji eyes moistened ,Ram's eyes glistered with the forming tears .
Apeksha greeted them ..Everybody liked the match .
Priya asked can these two can go and talk privately .
Ram amused for a minute .But praised his wife in his heart allowing them to talk.
All agreed ..they went to talk in the lawn .
Meanwhile Ram talked how they can do their marriage , where they will be comfortable .
Priya was trying to get Ram's attention but he was so excited and so cheerfully he was talking .
Priya scratched her temple ,
“Kya Ram ,let Apeksha tell “yes “
Then you can go for all these talks ,she is praying please God.. Apeksha should like this boy “
Priya said herself ,when she looked at the site , her lips turned automatically in to a big grin .
Apeksha and Sonal coming from the lawn , Sonal is telling something Apeksha is smiling and the same time she is blushing , her cheeks are turning to crimson red .
Priya heart fluttered with joy seeing the girl infront of her .
Once she fought with her brother because of her mother and today she was looking like a young girl who is just getting into a married life …
Priya had tears remebering all those moments .They came inside Sonal sat beside Ram .
Sonal self-confessed that they want to go ahead for this proposal .
Apeksha stood behind Krishna .Priya clutched Apeksha’s hand ,Priya asked through her eyes “Whether she likes him or not “
Apeksha smiled, nodded her head in positive note.Priya heaved a sigh of relief ,her eyes gazed at her man, his eyes were sparkling with unknown emotion.Ram gazed at his sister then Priya then his mother .
Everyone was superbly excited as well as happy , They fixed the engagement after 10days .Already Ram has planned all this . Because he very well knows Apeksha’s choice and he waa confident on his choice for his lil sister ..Everyone felt happy exchanged sweets ,
Deekshith family bid them bye .While getting in to the car Sonal quickly said please one minute to his parents rushed to see Apeksha by the time Krishna ji and Apeksha went in to their room .
He baffled when he didn’t find Apeksha there ,Ram &Priya  smilingly looking at him .
Wo ..that ..I mean Priya di can you give your mobile number .I will ..i want to talk with you .
Priya smiled very heartily and gave the number to him .He gave a sheepish smile and got into their car .The car drove off while hearing their happy wala laughs.
Raya reached Krishanji's room.Ram encircled his hand on her shoulders ,paused their track hearing the convo of mom and daughter .
Krishna ji was talking with apeksha while helping her from taking off neklace from her slender neck.
“So you liked him “Krishna ji questioned her .
Apeksha blushed & whispered “Mmmm “
Krishna ji retorted “Haaa I know ,its seen by your brother and but how many matches I have seen for you ,did you say yes for atleast one “
Apeksha Rofled hearing her , Raya also had a smile on their face .
Mom when you told me to get married at that time you are completely alone .
Now I don’t have that problem .Krishsna ji and Ram both had tears while listening that.
And moreover you have seen abroad matches only ,
And  She hasn’t completed her sentence Krishna ji kept her hand on Apeksha's mouth .”I know what you are going to tell”Apeksha asked raising her eyebrows “what was that “
Krishna ji said “This boy is so handsome that every girl can drool over him “
Raya too laughed hearing that .
Apeksha turned and blushed . Ram kept his hand on her head asked “are you happy “
She leaned on his chest he caressed her hair , your choice is best for me Bhai .
He dropped a kiss on her hair .Priya & Krishnaji were adoring the site .In the meantime Apeksha cell rang with an unknown number  .
She could have answered but she exclaimed “Who's this number “
Ram who was suspicious hearing his sister exclaim asked her to keep it on loud speaker .
She attended the call as her brother said she kept it on loudspeaker tooo .
The other person heaved a sigh of relief hearing hello from her ..
“Hiiii Priya di … wo ..I am Sonal , im sorry to disturb you but  actually I need Ape number ,Can you give me please .I forgot to take from her . As Ram sir there with you I couldn’t dare to ask at that time sooo can you
he said in one breath ,all can hear clearly because she kept it on loud speaker .Her cheeks turned to brilliant pinkshade ,They all chuckled Sonal too heard it But he couldn't understand what’s happening over there .
Priya said “Common Sonal couldn’t you guess it was Ape number only …Priya pushed Apeksha to balcony ..giving privacy to them all went to hall to discuss about marrige preparations..
Apeksha whispered a “Hi “ to sonal.. Its me ,its my number that Priya bhabhi gave to you .
Sonal smiled sheepishly “I am sorry actually I wanted to ask you only but I forgot “
Their continued for 5 more mins ..
Apeksha changed her clothes came to the hall where everybody were discussing about her marrige .
Ram was talking in the phone with some one he was telling about which sweets to be arranged at engagement party .What all he was mentioning to the other person all were her favourites only,She remebered all her childhood memories engulfed with her brother .She had a teary line in her eyes seeing her brother's enthusiasm .Her mother’s happiness is no bound .
She is just overhelming seeing their happiness .
Priya &Krishna ji making a list to whom they have to call for the engagement party .
Ram saw Apeksha was staring at them .He showed his beside seat patted there to sit at the place.She sat there with so many thoughts in her mind .whether she can mingle with Sonal’s family or not  or will she live without her mother will sonal look after her .She was so disturbed with all these thoughts .
Ram sidehugging her ..So you talked with your Rajkumar he winked at her .
Apeksha smiled “Yes Bhai , he wants to take me to shopping day after tomorrow ,so he called.
Priya coughed “Oh really , he is so romantic ,with in 30 mins he wants to talk with you and asking for a date too ..wahhh Priya teased her …
Apeksha “It’s not date bhabhi ,it’s just he asked to come out with him .
All laughed ,she bit her tongue as she indirectly supported him . Priya came and patted her back telling “Hotha hai hotha hai kabhi kabhi .. Ram smiled hearing Priya teasing his sister .
The talk went on till Bansikaka called for the dinner . That was a wonderful evening .
Priya came to their room after finishing all chores , she was very much tired that could be easily read on her face .Ram forwarded her Iron capsules with a glass of milk.She pouted seeing that .This you won’t forgot hai na.He giggled seeing her sulking .He kissed her cheek engulfed in his embrace,went to their dreamland.
The next day onwards Priya was full busy with the prepartions as well as Ram .. It’s just 2 days more to go for the engagement .Karthik was seeing all the arrangements along with Ram .Natasha designed a beautiful dress for Apeksha and still she wants to make her sister more beautiful on the special day as she was in USA for a fashion show ,she came back yesterday itself , already prepared a dress for her sitting all the night .Now she was finalising Apes fitting .
Ape was standing on a 1 inch wooden chair ,nuts was makinng rounds around Apeksha.
Ape is pissed off ,nuts please yaar ,its already 30 mins i am standing here pouting her face.Nuts laughed hearing her.soon Neha joined with nuts ..So Ape how is your Grey ,I heard he is handsome etc etc she started her blabbering .with the sudden question Apeksha stilled for a second but didn’t say anything .She could only utter “He is not Grey “
At the moment Priya entered with snacks tray along with cappusino coffee.
Haaa correct Ape ,he is not Grey ,He is more romantic than Grey ,
Nuts, Neha and Priya Hified each other and splits of laughters engulfed the room.
Apeksha blushing aswell as pouting at the same time .
Bhabhi you too joined with them .Haaa otherwise how you teased us haa.winked at nuts she was too tired afterall she is pregnant .
Omg cappucino coffee neha chipred , yah Bansikaka prepared .
Priya was making Nuts to drink and eat at the correct intervals .She was not leaving any chance to pamper Nuts at this time . Everybody was having their coffee .
Ram was calling Priya . but as she didn’t hear she didn’t noticed his figure leaning on their door .
Neha noticed Ram at the door .
She said “ Hi fatty , come in, see how the dress was ..
He was very angry on Priya that she hasn’t responded for his call . when they understand his anger everybody went quiet .
Meet me in our room with in 2 mins . He walked out while telling Ape your looking so gorgeous in that .his voice changed when he is talking with Apeksha.Again his voice raged “2mins “
“In my room “

Ok what will happen now .Why Ram called her any guesses girls ..
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