Sunday, 19 January 2014

PART -51 Sirf Meri Ho


Everyone seated for breakfast .discussed about tomorrows engagement. The day passed with laughters ,jokes ,
teasers ,small Mehindi ceremony in the evening time .. Priya palm enlighten with her Man’s name .
She is super happy seeing  her palm .. Her face is glowing like 1000 watts light.Everyone retired to their room .Ram  who is talking in the phone ,His eyes fell on Priya when she is entering  their room ..She is tired but her face enlightening with a glow.That was so noticed by him.
She went to the washroom ,He finished his talk ..waiting for her .
Hmm but madam tho didn’t come out ..
Priya R u ok ..he concernely asked while knocking the door ..
She is washing her mehindi ,its taking time ,
when she heard his call,she gave a blushy smile replied aa rahi hu “coming”
Her heart jumps with joy seeing his concern ..
She came out after some time ,drying up her hands with towel .
Why are you calling ?Can’t you wait for few mins
R:No ,Im just worried making a puppy face he answered
P:She came her side ,slipped in covers …All the way she is smiling …
R:May I know why you are smiling ,what you did ….He curiously leaned on her …
P:Nothing ….
R:You are looking so cute….caressing her cheeks ..
R:Hmm sachhi , its one of my favourite nighty of yours ..
P:clutching her nighty with her hands ,this one..
R:Heyy … you applied mehindi ,common show me,like a enthusiastic kid , he sat taking her hands in his , Seeing his name , his lips broaden to 360degree. He inhaled the fragrance ,Kissed her palm where his name plastered .
She gazed at him with all her love…The mehindi fragrance made him crazy .He kissed her mehindi filled palms continuosly .. …..
Priya feelingg butterflies on her stomach  , Ram feeling her soft palms on his cheeks ,
Priya: koi our karne ke irada hai or nai .. biting her lower lip she spelled .
Ram hugged her giving a million dolloar smile .. She quickly nestled in his chest . He sealed her lips with his …

They heard a knock on their door .
Ram turned and saw the time ,its almost 11.30 pm ,who will be at this time .He is going to open the door .but The other person keep on knocking the door .Priya to huffed from her place ,walked past to see who it was .
Ram opened the door ,He got to see only a big pink teddy bear covering the man’s face .
Ram was confused ,He is about to pull the teddy bear..
 Already his temper raising that this guy disturbed their romance .
Now this bakwas,…
Priya who came in time squeled happily …
Rishaaaaab …..He popped out his face behind teddybear …Hugged her bhabhi happily throwing the teddybear at Ram’s face …
What the ……..Ram paused his sentence in between , the soft toy is so sweet ,his hands automatically felt the softness and savouring …Bhabhi –devar moment …..

What happen Rishab, are you not eating properly, you became so thin.Cheking him
Rishab laughed bhabhi I thought I became so fat ….
She remembered something  Priya broke the hug , pouting her face ,twisting her hands on her chest turning to Ram’s side “Why you didn’t inform me , how many times I pleaded you to come a bit early ,
But you said “Bhabhiiii ,internship ,project work …this that , not possible ,”
She told him animatedly ,Ram laughed seeing her hitler pouting ..
Rishab came inside  keeping his bag on the floor ..
Priya too came inside following him , stamping her feet ..
P:What iam angry on you and you are simply sitting here …
Rishab holding the teddy …..
I thought my bhabhi likes you but she isn’t even looking at you. Priya pulled the teddy in her hands …I liked you but who brought you here , I am angry on that person …Priya chided
Rishab opened his bag  ,brought out a gift pack handed over to her
She opened and her eyes sparkled seeing the delicious luxary chacos.
OMG ….OMG  Thank you so much rishab sidehugging him .. Rishab offered her a piece she eats that .
holding his ears ,sorry bhabhi ..He superbly managed his bhabhi …
To give you surprice I didn’t informed you nor anyone .
P:It’s ok , but next time onwards do tell to someone that you are coming on this day ,in this flight at this time etc …

Rishab quipped “But Why bhabhi “Iam grown up you know :: Raising his colloar …
Priya ruffling his hair with so much love she said to him
See Rishab  I know your enthusiasm to give surprice but now a days we don’t know what’s happening while travelling in buses ,trains, or even flights, if your information is with someone than  it will be better further.
 Now don’t argue with me,I too have a surprice for you .

Rishab excited “you have surprice for me “
Haaaa she went to their changing room came with a pack ..
Ram who was witnessing all this ,he was enjoying whole drama going on bhabhi and devar .
She gave the pack to him , He opened the pack , That was a designer kurtha
The bead work embedded on the sides of neck , maroon colour chims giving dazzling look , The creamy colour kurtha looked elegant with the shining cloth ….
And his hands running across the back and seeing the tag ….He jumped up with joy
OMG ….bhabhi are the best …
Oh my god Oh my god  I can’t believe this ..i cant …hugging her tightly ….how did you do this , how it is possible even ??
Ram who was now by furious , by the way can anyone tell me what is so surprice in that kurtha ..Both looked at each other ……Ram again  asked what’s the surprice in that
Rishab sniffed …
Bhai it’s  A  designer piece …The great Manish malhotra fashion designer ,who will design only for celebrities like Hruthik roshan .
And priya bhabhi got it from him , isn’t it surprice kya??
Rishab was happy ,Its showing on his face only how happy he was ..
Priya packed all the things , Rishab you go and change by the time I will cook something for you .
Noooo bhabhi tired and I ate in the flight .So no worries ..
Ram:Who was irritated seeing all this,Now If you will go I will spend some time with my wife .Priya blushed ,Nudgng Ram’s hand…
Rishab …..thredding his hair ,winking at Ram,
Sorry for the disturbance Bhai , again side hugged Priya to hit Ram’s Nerve .
Ram growled with anger .Priya reciprocated the hug as she don’t know what the two brothers talking ..
Rishab tintled Ram’s jelous nerve once again telling I love you bhabhi ..
Love you too ,Good night Rishab . Sleep well .. .Rishab winked at Ram while leaving their room.

 Priya slipped under the covers telling Ram to close the door .
Ram too came back to bed seeing Priyas smile ,he turned to other side and sleeping .
Ram..She called him softly ..
Hmmm He replied ….
Haven’ t you liked The Kurtha … She hide her face in his back hugging from the back .
Ram:Turned himself breaking her hug ,leaning on to her …Have you brought anytime designer piece ..Mahish designer ….
Lol..Priya smiled ,she understud his jelous rage ..
He is not mahish ..He Is Manish Malhotra ..…
R:Who ever also did you buy for me or not ..
P:You don’t even know ,his name it self , than why I should buy haa…trickling his hair
R:Than why you brought for him ..Nipping her earlobe with his lips..
P:Shivering for his touch…
Because You don’t need to wear designer piece ..
R:Why shouldn’t I ? Haaa…nibbling her neck …
P:You are a “Desinger piece “ so why do you need another designer piece.
R:Still you didn’t buy ,by the way why you love Rishab so much ..Sometimes I feel you love him more than me..
P:blushingly , turned on his back ,opening his kurtha buttons …I love you ..
I love you only first ..laters Rishab … She grinned seeing his reaction..
Ram poutingly said “I knew ..i very wel knew this …
Priya smiled loudly …. Golu tho Golu he rahega ..
He turned her on her back ..
Shee flinched under him … She held him in hes grip .. Biting his skin tenderly …
Stop moving sexy devil …Rishab asked me so manytimes he wants to buy a dress designed by Manish malhotra ..Not only once may be 100 times..
So I thought of buying for him on this occasion , so I asked nuts she took me to manish and we talked he agreed to design for rishab .Its all happened during these days …
Now after our first night , Im only buying all things ,including your private cloths …Ram blushed but priya continued …
Including your private clothes iam manging to buy …And as far as I know my husband doesn’t bother to wear designer piece this that .. He values what his wife chosens ..
He felt happy by hearingher and she continued to tell ..Rishab is like my brother more soever a kid and very younger than all ,so I have a special affection on him and he do helps me a lot of things ..So obviously I like him .
You don’t worry ,nobody can reach your place in my heart ..
He hugged her tightly .. Iam not jelous …
Priya thredding his hair with her lanky fingers ..I know its just you two are always fight chosing me over .. She smiled naughtily .. asked him by the way can I sleep or should we continue what we started before rishab entry or should I sleep ..
Ram took the opportunity anglng her head in his access he kissed her ..
I so badly wanted to f*** you baby … I love you so much .. you are so sizzling .. inhling once again the mehindi fragrance ..he entered in her cave , her pupils are dilating with his each ministration ,a satisfactory smile appeared on her face ,His groan reached to escasity.
They swimmed in their romantic world for long time .They don’t know when they slept off .

The day has come ,Ram was busy in receiving calls attending guests , Priya is looking after ape and nuts and the other works too ..
Everyone is busy in some or other work .The time has arrived ..
Its 7 o clock in the evening ..The breeze flowing slowly ,The lights shining away to glory entire the Km ,Guests are already came .
Sonal’s family came ,Both Raya received them …
Ram has worn a light brown colur kurtha,Priya wore a yellow colour saree both are looking great and made for each other . They are like this …

The auspicious time came .Nuts and priya brought ape to the hall ..Sonal jaws dropped seeing his future wife .She is looking so gorgeous ,Her face is glowing very radiant and her blush giving more transparent teathery heart fly..
Smith dekshith gave the ring to sonal ,He slipped in Apeksha’s slimy finger ,Priya gave the ring to Ape ,she slided Sonals finger ..every body clapped ,cheered …
Sonal slid his hand on Ape s waist ,asked her permission to dance .
They danced together with them everybody joined The dance floor..
Their marriage date fixed after 3 months .
Sonal whispered in Ape’s ear , Gosh should I wait for 3 months.Ape amused to hear .
Her fishy eyes blinked ,Sonal smiled sweetly ..
Sruthi came to the party but very late .. Seeing her Priya  went there ,sweetly scolded her for coming late. Sruthi holding her ears mimed sorry ..Both chitchatted for some time..
Sruthi  said to priya ,That he applied for divorce anytime it can be in her hands.Priya hugged her ,sruthi  wants to be strong but the emotional turmoil  inside her brought out in tears form.Priya’s shoulder got wet with sruthi’s tears .. with in 5 mins she composed herself …
Sorry priya , in this happy moments iam  she stopped herself …come cheers …Dragged Priya to the party mode again .. Ram witnessed whole scene ..Priya was disturbed  .Ram came to rescue her .Priya iam hungry ..
She asked ,I have seen you ate 1 plate gelebi , 1 pastry ,chips …He placed hs hand on her mouth ..
Bas  bas yaar ..
Removing his hand from her mouth and still you are hungry ..
Ha yaar very hungry ..let’s dine with me na ..Please ….He made her eat and lessen her pain .
The party was ended with a good note .

Pre cap is :apes wedding ,Ram will do kanyadan .