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PART-71 Sirf Meri Ho
Ram: chale ...
By that time one by one every family member came out from their home including Shipra and Sudhir .
Her legs were stuck to the ground, In her dream also she didn't except that her plan will back fire this way and this soon ..She was dumb, her each cell was shaking like a dry leaf when her man was stepping towards her. She very well knew every one was gazing her ...
He took her shivering hand in his and made her walk with him towards the entrance .
Sudhir: Kya hai beta , you want to leave us and go ?? his eyes glistered with tears.
Shipraji: Meri beti bhool gayi maa ko , holding Priya's chin she started crying.
Krishnaji  and the rest of the members were silent as they don't want to give further stress to her .
Rishab : Jumped to her side , OMG bhai could have broken my bones if he wouldn't found you , kya hai bhabhi ?anyway come lets go to the room first.
All the while Priya had silent tears seeing their love , Ram's constant gaze on her . He told to Shipra , ma take her for bath , she must be tired . With this priya glared at him and walked with Shipra to their room. Shipra helped her in bath . Priya reminisced her husband's giving her bath yesterday, it was purely like motherly love .. she wiped her tears. She loves him , she cannot deny the fact but what to do when her inner turmoil was not accepting her as his wife.
She dressed up in loose white top. While relaxing In swing chair  somewhere  her brain worked fast she grasped her mobile, rang to her friend ..
With in two rings Neel picked up the call ..
Priya : Can you meet me now , its urgent ..
Neel: How can I meet you , you are miles away from me and I have college na?
Priya: She thought neel could have told to Ram , but hearing her sweet concerned voice ,she controlled herself from confronting her. She asked her to meet her in KM ...
Neel:  WHAT ?? where
Priya : You meet me in KM after your college , I will be waiting for you , she hung up the call .
Rishab called Priya to join on the breakfast table , the breakfast was happening vey silently , everyone knows what Ram's reaction would be ,but as of now he was calm . Priya looked at him , when he gazed at her and her plate , she changed her looks and concentrated on her food . When she finished her breakfast , Ram was waiting for her standing beside her chair . He gave his hand she held it , he took her to their room , while walking  she found some new servants around the house .
He bolted the door , she gripped her kurtha in her fist inorder to remove her tension .Her heart beats raising with each passing second .
He made her sit on the bed , removed her top , her mounds clearly visible to him as he was sitting exactly infront of him, she crossed her arms , downcasted her eyes ,turned otherside now her back was facing him .
He held the ointment tube , applying slowly on the wounds , he completed the work , he kept the tube beside the table , she felt the mattress movement , she gazed at his standing figure , he went to wash his hands, she looked at his retreating figure , why he wasn't talking with her , what happened to him , he should yell or he should be angry but why he wasn't doing anything? her thoughts were disturbed when he came from the washroom .
Still she was half nude to him, he handed the top to her .she sat  stubbornly without taking that .
Heaving a sigh , he sat, tried to wear it ...
Priya: Wont you talk with me ?
Ram : Why ? do you think it will work ?
Priya: I am sorry , she mumbled only audible to him .
Ram : For what priya ? you are doing as per your wish ,i am doing as my per wish . You want to leave me but I don't want to leave you . You are trying your level best to do it , and im trying my best to stop you .
His eyes became red, his anger built up while he was talking with her , do you know whenever you say " I Want divorce from you , or whenever you try to leave me and go far away from me or whenever you are avoiding me ha" , taking her hand from her chest keeping it on his heart , "bahuth dard hotha hai Priya ,here I feel someone is crushing my heart , I felt the squeeze with every move of yours. I feel your love is decreasing day by day with your depression state" ... he was going on .. at one point Priya said
Priya : "Enough ...Enough ... who told you I am not in love with you .haaa you are thinking only your way but have you thought about my side , im struggling to cope up with the situation , I love you enormously  and I don't want to trouble you, whatever I did was a mistake , first in the case I had fallen for Ashwin at the age , eventhough he married my besti , I didn't tell anyone , when he had harassed with msgs I didn't tell you and when i was feeling uneasy before the kidnap I didn't tell , by now her tears started , when  I got call from Sruthi without informing you I just went there to land up in this mess. Why I should blame you when I did all these mistakes?" by now she kept her face in her palms sobbing . "I love you , I love you so much Ram before I lost my consciousness he hovered up on me , [sobs] I ...[sobs] I have seen Sruthi's rape , [sobbing ] wiping her tears I don't remember what had happened with me and when I woke up I found you but he is haunting me all the way .. I don't [sobs] want you to suffer along with me ,so I [sobs] decided to leave you thaki you can move on your life."
Ram : Who was shocked with her outburst , he lifted her chin up asked her Priya , do you feel I can move on in my life with out you?Do you think? ,look at me and answer me ,she looked at him with tears nodded in a negative .she hugged him saying Nooo ..
Ram : Then why you are doing , if you repeat it again , I wont come to bring you back .
Priya gazed at him .
Ram: I cant come because by that time I will be dead .
Priya Shut his mouth with her fingers , hit him on his chest frantically , "are you mad? why you talking these type of stuff?"
Ram held her hands in his grip , "aur main kya karu , Im fed up with it , I cant live with out you , I can understand your situation , we both can deal together please don't take such stupid decisions .
Priya struggling to free from his grip , to hit him again .
Ram was watching her futile attempts as well as her chest was heaving up and down while she was taking rapid breaths .
Priya followed his gaze by that time his grip loosened on her , she immediately covered her upper torso, asked him to give the top which was lying under his leg .
Ram : Smirking nahi toh ..
Priya : Please give me na , her tone suddenly became hushed .
Ram: Taking out her top , what I will get , if I will give this to you ..
Priya : Blushed to the core as well as surprised to see his anger ,anguish ,concern, love , care all at a time and now his teasing started , he waved his hand infront of her , she suddenly came back to this world . Nothing give na ..
Ram : Are atleast ek kiss tho mil saktha hai na ...
Priya : She was craving for the kiss from him for his touch ,,its not exactly love making or romance ,It was something beyond these , just she wanted to stay close to his soul . kiss me Ram , make me forget everything .
Ram: Took her quivering lips into his , nibbling her lower lip ,he teased her . She held his upperlip ,tasted him after days , she loved the taste and she craved for it more these days , his tongue was mating with her ,her fingers thredded in his hairs , her curves touching  his chest , his hands angled her head in his best access , tasting the sweet nectar from her , they broke the kiss when they felt they need some breath, he held her forehead with him , he kissed her eyes , whispering in her ears ," I love you sweety , unable to live without you even for a sec ."
She gazed at him with all her love , he kissed her cheeks  slided to jawline then neck line , her chest heaving up and down , he cupped her mounds hiding his face in center . She felt butterflies in her stomach , she possessed him more tightly towards her ,feeling him skin to skin . She dropped a kiss on his forehead, he twirled her ni***e with his index and thumb finger , she arched her head back with the sensation building up , he cupped another breast ,licked the erected ni **le ... her hand pressed in his head more tightly towards her , her heart throbbing behind her ribs , he licked it and sucked one by one, he was pampering her mounds with his expertness , she was losing in his moves , he rolled her ni**les with his tongue making her inners shiver , she was enjoying between suddenly he felt her moves were differ ,he saw her face found her sweating badly closing her eyes ,he immediately asked her to open her eyes ...
After few attempts she opened her eyes and saw her man , she hugged him , take this pain away Ram please she cried but he didn't dare to move further with her , he mentally noted that he has to talk with the doctor about family life,, He caressed her head , patted her back made her sleep with his lovely talk , he dressed her up , left to meet the family members .
He walked  to the hall,where every one was waiting for him ,Rishab almost hid behind Krishna ji. He flunged in sofa , everybody looked at each other then Sudhir spoke .. what happened Ram ??
Ram : Nothing papa , I talked with her , she is in depressed state so doing all these , hope she wont do this again .. and if she doe,  these are there to take care showing the special persons .. Umm i am going to meet the doctor now so you just stay with her , don't leave her alone ..
Ram thoughts were crumpling with one another , he told the driver to take him to the KG hospital, seeing him at the right time ,Sruthi's parents had a broad grin , he handed over the fruits to them asked about Sruthi's health .
Sruthi's father : she is speaking a little better than yesterday ,infact she is waiting for you .
Ram: Gave his cute wala smile , will meet doctor once then will meet Sruthi, saying this he left to doctors cabin
Doctor: Seeing Ram at exact time ,he wished him and offered the seat ..
Ram : wished him back ,so how is Sruthi doctor ?? any improvement ..
Doctor : slight improvement is there , and as you said she is very eager to meet her friend I think you can bring your wife .
Ram: Are you sure doctor? because both are in a vulnerable state .
Doctor : Don't worry Mr.Kapoor , they  faced it let them face the reality now , its been few days and your daily positive talks made Sruthi come out of her trauma a bit . I wonder your  visit towards her everyday same time , infact Sruthi also waits for you to hear about her friend or whatever you share with her .
Ram: Giving a smile , this I can do least for her ..
Ram : Entered Sruthi's room , Hellooo good morning beautiful lady ..
Sruthi opened her eyes , blinked her eyes as his return wish ...
Ram: How are you feeling now ??
Sruthi : be..better [she answered with her feeble tone ]
Ram:Ohh good to hear that , sooo your office colleagues are waiting for you yaar ,come soon
Sruthi: smiled hearing him ...
Ram; he read the news for her ,this was the daily routine and he made her hear some jokes too seeing her smile ,he wished her speedy recovery , Sruthi's mom handed juice to him , he asked Sruthi to take it , her mom made her drink, he too drank it ,told your friend hate juices ..
Sruthi : Can you bring her once please ...she asked in a pleading tone ..she is calling to mom but I didn't get chance to talk with her . I want to see her .
Ram: heaving a sigh , he briefly narrated what exactly Priya was thinking and how she was avoiding him .
Sruthi : Had tears , she said bring her here ,hopefully she may believe me atleast .I know Priya from childhood , she can't bear this type of issues ...
Ram: Will try after talking with her doctor ,ok...But you please take care .He left from there.
Sruthi: Her thoughts were haunted by Ashwin then her thoughts diverted to Priya's ,from childhood onwards Priya has different opinion towards life, lover or husband .Eventhough she liked Ashwin she didn't even take lift from his bike too .. and right now whatever she was feeling its apt for her situation but no she should not be a sufferer like me .. thinking this she slept off waiting for her friend.
Ram then went to meet Dr.Aruna ,She welcomed him and asked about Priya's health.
Ram: Explained briefly what all she was doing and how she was suffering  with the guilt so I want to take her to Sruthi to meet her in the hospital .
Dr.Aruna: Observed his tension ,You can take her but remember that their convo should not go overboard than the topic. And at this time I feel you have took a good decision not to reveal about her miscarriage , don't know what all Priya could do in that madness or shock but still you have to remember we have to tell her about miscarriage one day .
Ram : I know doctor I do know , I haven't think how to tell her but let her recover from this first then will think about that and he hesistated to share the morning incident.
Dr.Aruna: Whats bothering you Ram, you can share with me .. you just feel relax .
Ram: Scratching his temple ,wo..I mean .I wanted to ask you one thing ..its kind of..umm uhh personal
Dr.Aruna:Go ahead ..
Ram: woo morning actually , Priya and me..Uff we had a small romantic moment , first she initiated the step but after few secs ,she behaved strangely ...Ofcourse she was asking me to take her pain away umm like move further [ahh hope you got it ] but I stopped as she needs time ...soo
Dr.Aruna : Ram you can very well go for  your normal family life , yah as you said she may need sometime but she is trying to over come it and do one thing , just make her busy.
Ram: How doctor ? I told her friend to give her leave in college and I cant let her go outside .
Dr.Aruna : Make her busy in household work or something should keep her busy , that will surely help because how busy she should be means  she should not think about this incident not even her thoughts should go for it ..Its not a big deal Ram try to think and make her busy ,and you be with her  whenever you are free and let her be comfo with the family members too .
Ram thanked her and said her nightmares also a bit reduced than before.
Dr.Aruna: Thats well and good Ram , she will surely come out of it and I know you will make  her to do it.
Both bid bye to eachother . He went to office from there.
Priya stirred in her sleep ,she felt thristy ,she opened her eyes ,she blinked  shut her eyes quickly closing her eyes with her hand  she adjusted her eyes for the daylight in her room . She saw some one sat with her , she thought its Ram,she turned happily but she found Shipra, she was hell bound shocked ,all the incidents jammed her brain , she jolted & pulled her bedsheet upto her chest thinking she is half nude .
Shipra moved towards her , asked what happened Priya ?? why you are tensed :?
Priya : wo .. ohh ma , nothi..nothing ,just ..wooo ..she clutched her bedsheet tightly, im thristy , wa..water ..
Shipra  turned to pour water
Priya tried to figure out her top ,but to her surprise it was on her , she was wearing it , she relieved by that time Shipra gave the water , she drank it with in one gulp ...asked where is Ram ?
Shipra : He went to office , kuch chahiye kya?
Priiya : Now settling herself on headrest ,nahi ma ..kuch nahi chahiye.
Shipra : Massaged Priya's scalp relieving her tensed brain from her thoughts.
Sudhir and Krishna ji entered with broad grins on their face ..
Did she wake up Shipra? Sudhir asked.
Shipra : Haa
Priya : Opened her eyes , ha papa ...she saw Krishna ji  and smiled at her
Krishna ji: See now priya also got up , shall we go and have our lunch then?
Priya : Nodded her head , she freshened up and came to her room , Shipra and Krishnaji went to prepare dining table. Sudhir was waiting for Priya, she came out while drying her face , asked him papa chale.
Soon both walked  out of the room , Sudhir held her hand and while descending the stairs at her level[slowly] Priya felt some one following her she turned back to see , two men were standing 5 feet away ,with athlet body , sharp eyes , staright figure  ,she confusedly looked at them and her papa and she descended few more she turned again found they were same 5 feet away from her
Now she was sure but why she didn't understand ? she walked to the dining table.
She glimpsed these type of men and few women were present in their home .
Krishnaji : Priya , kha lo beta , what are you looking at ?
Priya : Showed her index finger indicating the new persons.
Krishnaji : Ohh they are newly appointed workers .
Priya : For what work ???? she looked confusedly
Krishnaji : umm for security purpose .
Priya : Oh ok but it struck her , is it for me? she asked in very angry tone
Rishab chuckled seeing at his bhabhis face ...
Rishab: Yes ,im not taking good care of you so bhai arranged ,he chuckled again
Priya rolled her eyes ...
Rishab not only in home outside also there few security people for the safety of Priya Ram Kapoor ..
Priya:mumbled under her breath " ye Mr.Kapoor bhi na ,kya zaroorath thi.."
Dadi : what are you thinking Priya , eat first ..
Piya : ji dadi ...they had their lunch ...
Dadi got a call from her sister ,her name is devi ji, dadi was very happy  after the call .
Dadi: Krishna good news hai ..
Krishna ji: What is that ma ?
Dadi : devi ji grand children , Harneet and Harleen  hai na ..their marriage got fixed
[I don't know much about Punjabi names , I searched in net and liked these names so wrote here]
Krishnaji : that's a very good news ma , in Apekshas marriage they were worried we have to get married both of them at a time.
Turning to Priya, Do you remember priya ?
Priya : ha ma, wo twins hai na ..the girls are so beautiful ,I was confused so much she smiled remembering them,.
Everyone's face fell by hearing twins name from Priya .. dadi changed the topic immediately.
Dadi : ha priya , both girls are getting married .. soon we have to go there to attend the function , I will start tomorrow you people come a day before marriage .
Priya : is it must dadi , twins has to get married same day .
Dadi : There is no must for every one  Priya  puttar , but for our family it is must , in each generation  of our family having twins , so for them we usually do every party [like bday parties ,pooja, and marriage functions ] on same time mostly  just hours difference ... dadi said, relieved that she diverted her mind.
Priya : aww twins are so cute na always , But in our family there are no twins na .
Krishna ji  downcasted her eyes ,she felt a tinge of pain hearing it.
Dadi: hmmm  used to be there Priya ..
Priya , Sudhir and Shpira : confusedly gazed at dadi ..
Dadi : Apeksha had a twin sister ... a lone tear drop escaped from Krishnaji's eye. Everyone disbelievingly looked at Krishna ji ..
Priya : then???
Dadi : Apeksha ,Aneesha ...Aneesha  got very ill at her second year of age how much ever we tried also we couldn't saved her ..dadi squeezed Krishnaji's hand .
Priya : Was dumbstuck hearing it .. she went and consoled Krishna ji  by hugging , she didn't know what to say ...
Rishab : Who went to talk with his friend on the phone , he jumped between them ..kya what happened ,all are looking senti , have you people watched any soap or discussed anything related about soap ..
Everyone mood changed , they have to change  and accept the reality and had to move on with the life ,and the rest of the topic was entertained by Rishab ..
Soon everyone departed to their rooms. Sudhir and Shipra went to their home , Rishab was telling something and walking with Priya to their room . Priya felt bad unnesisarily she brought the twins topic . Soon she found her bodyguards turned to her in all directions observing her, two were behind her 5 feet away .
She quickly stepped inside ,after Rishab entered she banged the door tightly ..
She walked swiftly sat on the bed murmuring herself , Tumhare bhai bhi na..
Rishab : kya hai mera bhai ... he is so handsome you know  bahuth caring bhi ..isiliye  
Priya : Don't defend your bhai .. what is this ...closing her mouth hawww body gaurds in home ,...
Uff  Ram is too much .. while fiddling with pillow she was sweetly scolding him ..
Rishab was laughing hearing her bhabhi's talk ..
Her mobile ringed with a shrill voice .. both startled and laughed . She answered the call
From writer : Who is that caller ??
Whether priya will go to meet Sruthi or not ?
Whether Priya is going to finnd out Neel revealed her secret or not ?
What Ram's going to do to keep busy his wify ??
To know more stay tuned for further updates ...