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PART-69 Sirf Meri Ho


Sudhir asked Ram..
Shall I take Priya to my home for few days ...
Ram gazed at Priya shockingly , but nodded his
head in affirmation. But his sixth sense is missing
something here. But he had to sent her to their
home, he can't deny the fact , she needed their
Priya was fighting with her innerself,she know she
cannot avoid Ram ,she loves him like eternity ,her
eyes are glistering with tears every now and than
she is wiping it off without any one noticing.
Ram who was observing her every nip ,he was
clouded with many thoughts, what she was
thinking , why she hesitated to come with him to
KM.The Doctor assured everyone that she can go
to home, if anything is troubling her they can call
her at anytime .
Biding bye to the doctors and sisters , they all
started to Sharma's home . Priya was still weak
so she took a small nap with in the short span of
time. She sat with her parents and Ram didn't
object . He sat in the front seat observing her
beauty and was lost in his thoughts what should
be Priya's move by coming to Sharma's home .
[He very well knows her thoughts]
When they reached home she was asleep still ,
Shipra was about to wake her up. Ram slided his
hand under her waist inorder to lift her up ,by his
touch she slowly opened her eyes found Ram who
was leaning on her .She looked her sideways to
see anyone was there thankfully everybody got
down by that time.
Priya: I will ..I will get down ...she blushed when
his beard trickled her in the process of removing
his hand. He smiled seeing her blush...They both
came by lift and the rest reached by steps.
Ram : Remember I Love You ,when she was
about to move out from the lift she heard these
three magical words from her man again , her
heart shuddered seeing his love .
When she was about to tell something ,she heard
a roar of "welcome" from her home and everybody
means almost everybody was at home ...
Krishnaji , Apeksha, Sonal, Karthik, Rishab ,
Sowmya , Natasha and her son, Vikneha with their
kids ...everybody cheered up for her recovery and
welcomed warmly .
Priya had a grin seeing everyone and they were
fighting to give flowers to her or some of their
gifts . She thanked god for letting her in this
group of family and friends.
She felt sudden phobia where her thoughts were
consuming one another in her lil brain she closed
her eyes to get a glimpse of present
surroundings ,she was about to hold the wall for
support. By instant Ram held her in his grip
giving a side hug . She was startled but came
back to her normal mode again , she gazed at her
man when they were doing Harathi ..Rishab and
Nuts chided her.
Oye hoyee Bhabhi ...Bhai is not going anywhere ,
you can step inside and have a long eyelock.
Neha too added .."Yes if you don't mind"' taking
Priya from his grip Neha took her to the
room ,she quickly lied down on the bed. She
wanted to run from all these things, she wanted
to be alone and cry her heartout. Everybody came
to her room , talking randomly ,fighting who is
going to stay with Priya there.
She listened ,listened she got tired up ,her head
was paining like hell , her hands made way to
press on her temples ..Ram who was observing
signaled everyone to leave from there .
Within few secs the room was empty , Ram
leaning on the wall gazing at her , her hands
slowly dropping from her temples by sudden
silence, she looked her side ways but found none.
The room was empty , but one pair of deary eyes
gazing at her . With in no time
she understood what might have happened, she
turned other side and pretended to be asleep .
He came near her , caressing her hair , "well you
are at the safest place , so I will finish my
meetings and will be back again soon."
Priya: No need ,I am fine here ,You take care of
the business already you might have missed
many projects.
Ram:Hmm sitting beside her ,If YOU are not there
with me ,what I should do with all these ,Just
think about it and Take care , keeping his hand on
her heart , "listen to your heart not your mind" ,
kissing her palm he left from there.
Everybody was genuinely happy for Priya. Shipra ,
Nuts and Neha were drowned in cooking .
Apeksha, Sowmya and Rishab were sitting beside
Priya telling her enomorous things .Sowmya told
how Rishab fought with the guy who was
insisting her to love him.
Priya warned Rishab not to get into these fights,
"you can assure from your staff or police you
don't involve."
Sonal , Karthik and Sudhir were playing with the
baby boy. Sudhir was now and than peeping into
Priya's room to check how she was doing . He
indeed gave the baby to her , Priya refused that
he might get infection as she didn't take bath as
well as she came from hospital . So she saw the
boy from distance, when the lil boy smiled her lips
also curved into smiled seeing him .
While these were talking Priya fell asleep, Apeksha
adjusted her properly and they were back to the
living area . Sonal winked at Ape, she blushed ...
Nuts : oye hoyeee some one is getting romantic..
Neha who didn't observe this asked "whom you
are talking about .."
Nuts : "Who else the newly wed couple,"they
teased her for some time ..
Everybody had their food. Shipra took soup for
Priya , she woke her up and fed her by the time
Natasha got a call from Ram ,he asked her "Its
her ointment time so can you ..."
Nuts smiled at her bhai ,she said "sure will
apply ,you don't take tension ,she even had her
you too have your lunch .."
Ram smiled ,he hesitated to ask choti to give the
phone to Priya.
In the mean while priya asked choti "Koun??"
Nuts: Bhaiii ...aap baat karlenge , she gave the
phone to Priya .
Priya : Hello...
Ram while hearing her hello ,he had a good smile
on his face and he could hear her breath
sounds ..."You ate?"
Priya: Haa, our aap?
Ram:Going to have ...Any problem is there
anywhere , pain or something?
Priya : Nahi toh ..
Ram : Achha theek hai ...
Priya :Lo...she about to spell love you but she
controlled herself
Ram :kuch kaha aapne ,Ram knows what she
was gonna tell.
Priya : wo..mai..haa Lunch karlijiye ..
Ram :Ok ..Take care ..Both hung up the call .
Nuts helped Priya to remove her top , she applied
the ointment on her back , while doing it Nuts
had tears seeing the thorn prick marks all over
her back . Her tears slipped and landed on her
back as well as Priya's tears were wetting the
pillow .
She has a good family , good husband ,everything
is good but why why god let happen this to
me,she crunched the pillows tightly and
sobbed .Nuts didn't stop her as she knows at
least the cry can give relief . Priya cried cried and
slept .
By evening Ram reached Sharma's home , he
entered quickly into Priya's room, there Priya and
Sudhir were seeing an album, Priya with her big
eyes was listening to what Sudhir was telling .
She gazed at the door found Ram on the
entrance ,she adjusted her top while sudhir
wished him good evening ...
He too wished back looking at her ,she didn't
spoke any ,he too didn't ,he was trying to analyze
her thoughts but couldn't able to do that .when
the clock is struck 7 in the evening
Priya :called nuts ..
Nuts :she came into Priya's room ,asked do you
need anything bhabhi ?
Priya:umm ...No ..Your bhai wont be comfortable
to sleep here so tell him to go to KM.
Nuts:smiled ..hmm Do you think he will listen to
me ??
Priya : kuch toh karo ...
Nuts :ok will do the favour bhabhijii ,,smilingly
she went away ,she didn't know why Priya told
that. she thought bhabhi is thinking after bhai's
comfort ,if nuts could get any doubt that Priya
was avoiding Ram ,she could have not sent her
bhai home ...
What Nuts talked she doesn't know but Ram
ready to go home , he came near her bed ,she
suppressed her feelings ,she prentended to be
asleep .He caressed her hair ,kissing on her
foehead ,telling which medicine to give when she
wakes up in the night ,he slowly moved with
heavy heart .He reached Km ,wore
her favorite white kurtha ,had his dinner and
drove from Km.
There the night calmed the day ,everybody
slept ,shipra and sudhir were sleeping with priya
in her room ..
The night was dealing with its stars ..suddenly
Priya woke up from her sleep , She yelled
something started going back and throwing
whatever objects she gets in her hand .
Sudhir switched on the light ,Tried to stop
her ,But as she is throwing the objects he is
unable to go near to her ...With in mins Ram
reached there ...asking sudhir to stop there ,He
tried to get priya in his grip and succeded after
sometime , He asked for the
medicine ,meanwhile ,he shook her badly ,pinched
her hand to get her sences back ..
Her hair dissolved ,her body drenched in
sweat ,her eyes teared up ...
Its me Ram ,see you are at your home ...Ram
yelled at his top of lungs
Priya : cried ,hugging him ... Please take me away
from this pain ,please I can't bear his touch
please while hitting him she passed out in his
hands ..he made her lie down on the bed .
He asked to bring some warm water ,and asked
them to leave the room ,he will handle her .
He wiped her sweat with the towel ,he changed
into another top ,he slept beside her embracing
her in his hug ,he cried silently ..He too slept off
after sometime..
Sudhir"How Ram came?? He was confused ...
Nuts:locking the door coming back to their room ,
I sent Bhai to km on bhabhi request but bhai said
whenever he will call I should open the door ..
He was in car waiting outside of our apartment
,seeing the light in bhabhi's room he rushed in .
Nuts : Worriedly .. Don't know what they both are
thinking .. Everyone gazed at their room door and
retired to their rooms.
The sun rays were lightening up Priya's room
slowly ,she stirred in her sleep scrunching her
eyebrows,she turned to Ram's side ,Her lips
curled into a smile and she cuddled him more ,
Ram who was awake by now smiled at her .He
caressed her hair Good morning jaanu .
Good Morning Ram,cuddled him more .. He so
wanted to crush her in his arms and nibble her
lips but he controlled ...Kissed on her ear ,its
morning ...you not getting up kya??
Priya:Sone do na Ram please ..our 5 mins ...
Ram:nibbled her ear again ...Ok I will get ready ...
Priya:.smiled she paused suddenly ...
what ..whats going on here ... She woke up with
a jolt .Ram comforted her ,she is in home ,safe
side ... When..whee..how you are here ,she shoot
her first question ...
It made Ram surprised as well as shocked by this
question ..
Priya:I sent you home na [priya blurted out ]
Ram:so YOU sent me home but why?to know
that I came in the night ,he gave a smirk to her .
Priya:You should be in KM,not here please leave.
Ram :sensed something wrong , he took his own
time to get ready pecking on her forehead he was
back to KM and went to office .
Shipra asked her to take bath , but Priya denied it
saying she was not interested .
Priya called to Neel and asked her to meet her
urgently .
Neel came to Sharma's home , Priya bolted the
door asked her to sit "already
you promised me,you wont tell anyone .."
Neel:uff will you reveal that secret please ...
Priya : I want divorce arrange your uncle for
that ..
Neel:unbelievingly , WHATtt ..sorry come again ...
Priya : a bit smiled ..ha my patakha you heard it
correct , I want divorce while telling this her tears
glistered in her eyes ..
Neel:Do you even know how much Ram loves
you ... Do you even know what he is going
through seeing you like this , do you even know
how much he is trying to get back to you normal
How can you think of having this weird thought ...
Tell me Priya ..
When Neel turned to her ,Priya was sobbing
badly ... Neel couldn't help, she took her in
embrace ,she too had tears in her eyes..In
between sobs Priya said ...
I ..Love,,,,him[sobs] Neel ...I love him so
much.But he deserves best in his life.Not like me
sinner .Im trying to avoid him but he is sticking
to me .. Please please I beg of you arrange the
divorce ASAP and keep a condition Ram should
not enter my home until the first court
appearance or hearing .
Neel:Who was patting her ,Priya your thoughts
were wrong ,this is not the solution for it .If you
think its correct decision ,in the world there wont
be the word of "LOVE" Priyu
Try to understand it , I don't want to know what
happened to you ,how it happened to you .I just
want to know how much you love him or how
much he loves you .That is the matter ..
Do you think Ram will stay calm if you apply for
divorce ..
Priya :That's why put that condition too ,so he
can't come to my home ,by now she was sobbing
as her tears dried up .Her eyes were empty .she
asked will you do that for me?
Neel : sorry Priya , I cant ,she was about to get
Priya: You promised me , so you have to
do ...otherwise I have some other routes too.
Neel : So are you threatening me ,
Piya : No im begging you ..
Neel:Why don't you rethink your decision ,its just
you are thinking you are sinner because of
something and you want to break your marriage
with Ram ... I can't believe this Priya , I
can't .where is mature Priya? why you are ...
Priya : paused her words in between,
Neel if you are not going to do , I have to take
another person's help for it ,I thought you are my
good friend so I gave first preference to you .
Neel : ohhh so you are putting our friendship
forward in this , good Priya ,even im thinking you
are my best friend so adviced you but upchhh ..
will surely do this favour for you but praying the
god this wont happen.
Priya : smiled thrw her tears ,kissing Neel on her
cheek ,she asked to do today itself and those
papers has to reach to Ram before 5 in his
office .you promiced me don't tell to anyone
Neel left from there with heavy heart ..What
Priya is thinking .. ??She imagined Ram shooting
with her AK47 .Ufff chal Neel .. kuch sochooo ...
She talked with her uncle and got ready the
divorce papers ,legally she has to send to Ram
Kapoor ,so she called priya .. The papers are
ready ,will you change your decision now atleast.
Priya:controlling her tears ,Iam not going to
change my decision .It should reach Ram before
this evening.
Neel could sense her heartwrenching tears ..Her
mind flashed an Idea ..she kept the call and drove
to Kapoor industries ..
She reached by 6pm ,Luckily Ram was still in
meeting ..So she waited for him ...
Ram:Hey Neel,what a surprise ...How are
you ...come come he lead her to office room.
Neel:Its just ,I wanted to give you something
which Priya has sent .
Ram:His eyebrows knotted with confusion and he
stopped in his tracks ...Neel stood there like a
deer infront of a lion [ neel serves you best ]
Whats that Neel?
Neel:It's not a good thing but its Priya's
wish ,unfortunately I should not tell anything to
you as I promiced her ,but
Ram:But what
Neel forwarded the divorce papers to him ..
Ram:took it , his nostrils raged ,his eyes became
red ,You and your stupid friend thought like
this ,Do you think its gonna
happen,what rubbish ,if she doesn't
have sense ,what about your sense..And what it
this bull shit ,
Ahhh I should not go to their home ,until the first
court hearing , she needed to answer this
And you are supporting her Neel ... he motioned
towards her ,do you know how much I love
her ,who on earth takes this case I will see ...
Neel :handed him a note with her shivering
hands ,She has written clearly the conversation
what happened between her and Priya ,how she
confessed her love etc .By reading it Ram had a
slight grin but still his blood boiled with anger ...
[as she said don't tell anyone im writing it ]
Neel :I hope you know what you should do
now ?? All the best , she heaved a relief and
sweetly scolded Priya for this stupid thinking .
Ram who was in a rage reached sharmas home
around 8 , by that time Nuts was about to apply
ointment for Priya .
He reached their home , Sudhir welcomed him. He
straightly went to Priya's room ,and banged the
door continuosly until it got opened by Nuts.
Nuts:Bhai what is it ???Im ...
Ram:Shhh no more talks chotii...What is this
Priya ??
Sudhir ,Shipra and Karthik ran to the site and
asked "what happened ?? "bhaii what happened
Nuts too was shocked for her bhai's behavior .
Priya :calmly replied ?I think you know English ?
Ram"This is heights Priya ,what the hell do you
think of relation ship and marriage .
Sudhir :are kya hai Ram ?bathao na
Ram:Oh why don't you ask your ladli beti ...
Sudhir : Priya ye kya hai ?
Priya: Papa I already sent him the message ,
Nuts tell your bhai to go and lock the door .Iam
having headache ,
Ram : suppressing his anger and grief , so you
want to divorce haa ..
Sudhir: what you are talking Ram .
Ram : oh you don't know na ,Your daughter
wants divorce from me and I should not enter into
your house at all until the court
judgement ,whatever also Madam will deal in
court only ..he said in sarcastic tone.
Sudhir and Shipra ..kya hai ye Priya ..
Priya :Raising her hand making them sshhh .
please send him home ,Natasha close the door
and apply the ointment .I want to have my meds
too .
Ram : pulled the ointment tube from nuts hands,
He pushed Nuts outside of the room,he bolted the
door , Walked towards her , remove your top ,
Priya: Just get lost from here .
Ram:achha ,Get lost haaa .I will ,He untied her
strings .
Priya gripped her top ,First you should go from
here.Than I will take care of myself .Ok While she
was speaking she wasnt gazing at him.
Ram: sliding from her shoulders , he easily taken
it off from her body ,she crossed her hands
against her chest as this move she didn't
expect.Blood rushed to her cheeks.
Ram: Kya hua ,He smirked at her blushy
cheeks,His lanky fingers trailed down on her
shoulders ,making her toes curl in opposite
direction. He pushed her on the bed , he applied
the ointment on her wounds .Taking his own time
he applied very slowly ,delicately making her
inners quiver for him.
Priya:Is it over or not ,she asked in frustration in
fact she is losing herself in his moves.
Ram: Kya ,aren't you liking it ?
Priya:controlling her feelings ,will you stop
bothering me .
Ram :Kissed her nape of the neck , You want
divorce .
Priya:feeling his hot breath on her neck ,she
fisted the pillow tightly.
Ram:nuzzled her ear ,licked the earlobe leaving
her in midst of wantingness.You still want divorce
kya ??
Priya :Startled from her jiffy thoughts ... She
turned sideway ,pulling the bedsheet over her .she
yelled at him ,will you leave me now ...You
enjoyed na till now ...now I want divorce..
Ram:Ok if I wont give ,what you will do
Priya : Umm.oh.. Haa I wont take meds or I wont
eat ...
Ram:Ufff he very well know she is very ziddi ...Ok
if I will leave now you will take meds kya?
Priya:Ha...the reply came very shotly .
Ram: so final...
Priya:Ha final...
Ram went outside ,Take care of Priya ,while
telling he signaled Nuts to check her mobile .
Nuts cheked it :Automatically her lips smiled at
the msg .
Nuts taken the milk and meds to priya .Priya
asked whether your bhai went or not ,she said ha
he went already .
After taking milk priya slept tearing apart .
10...20..30 mins passed Nuts woke up Priya but
there was no response from her side .
She called to her bhai who was waiting
downstairs. He was back in Sharma's
home,lifting Priya up in her hands he straightly
walked towards the door .
Turning to sudhir ...
Ram:Sorrry papa ji I can't live with out Priya ,
she has gone mad by the happenings,I can't let
her stay here any more , please understand the
situation,I promise I will look after well .
Sudhir and Shipra ; didn't oppose as they know
how much Ram loves her and they haven't
revived from the shock that Priya applied
fordivorce ...
Sudhir came to him ,he caressed Priya's hair .if
she gets up ..
Ram:smiling sheepishly wo ..I asked Nuts to keep
one sleeping pill in milk thaki she wont get up .
Sudhir :smiled at him,daily she is taking na .
Ram:yah daily she is taking knowingly and this
one is unknowingly so she should not getup until
morning ..sooo he gazed at her sleeping figure ..
Shipra:kush raho beta ...Take care of her ..
Ram : gave winning smile he took her from
Sharmas home .
Both reached KM at night ,Krishnaji was
wondered watching Ram carrying Priya in his
Krishna ji : ye kya hai Ram? sab theek tho hai
Ram : haaa aapki ladli bahu thodi pagal hogayi
so I brought her to my kingdom,smirkingly he
stepped into their bedroom, made her lie down on
the bed .He smilingly went to change his
attire .The smile on his lips never left that
night,nestling her in his grip he slipped into deep
Krishna ji who called to Sudhir and came to know
everything from him ,she came to their room but
hearing his snores smilingly she left from there ..

From writer : thank you so much for liking the
story ,as I said the story has taken a 360* turn
how their life will change now .Priya loves Ram
more than herself ,Right now she is in total
depressed state so she may take some hasty
decisions ,but their love will bring them more
closer than before .So wait for their random fights
and cute knokjhoks and and everlasting
romance ...Thank you so much. enjoy reading