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PART-68 Sirf Meri Ho

She flipped through some channels for some time ..
Ram observed her ... Hmm whatever you are thinking I won't leave you ..
Priya startled .. how well this man knows me ..
Priya replied ..i am not thinking about anything ...
Ram: I very well know what you are thinking ?
Priya :Oh Really !!!
Ram:Yes ,Im your husband yaar .. I know ..
At the same time the door was flunged open ,Both Raya looked at the side .
Apeksha ran inside followed by Sonal , she directly came toPriya's bed .
Bhabhiii ..she cried clutching Priya's hand gazed at her top to bottom,
Priya also intermingled her hand with Ape, trying to pacify her.
"Are Apee Ia m fine now dekho". But Ape was still crying..
Sonal spoke , We are very angry Ram sir ,You didn't even care to tell us ..
Ram : Sonal ,After your honeymoon anyway you will come here na so ..
Sonal: Honeymoon we can go later too , Yesterday we got to know about the incident and from that time onwards Ape is crying ,we didn't get the flight tickets ,and I don't know how you people are and
Ape started calling home and nobody was able to answer her questions ,
Ape : And i am calling you and bhabhi since yesterday ,You people are not picking the calls ,she bursted out her anger and frustration .
Priya:shhh Ape please ...I don't have mobile and Ram was busy so we didn't attend ..dekh
Her tears were glistering in her eyes ... She hugged her ..Please ab rona math
See how your face turned into reddish colour .. Ape bangles were hurting priya ...
She looked at them , see your bangles are so beautiful and you are looking gorgeous , please no crykittys .
Ape:I love you bhabhi ..
Priya ":Love you too , ab ye batthao , how was your honeymoon .
Ram and Sonal smiled at their bonding , both walked outside of the room giving space to girly talk.
Ram :Thankk you so much Sonal ..
Sonal : Why ?? I am lucky to have Apeksha, she is valuing for her bhabhi this much , how much would  she value ME & my parents ,He looked Ape through window .
Ram held his shoulder , "Thank you" ...They discussed how it happened .
Ape : Bhabhi ,you lost so much weight , eat healthy food and you should be always glowing ,making her lips in a grin state and aways smile ..
Priya smiled at her ,felt bad they came middle of their honeymoon but she can't say anything to them as she knows how much Ape adores her .Priya asked how is Sonal
Ape: He is good bhabhi ,I love him more after knowing him ..
Priya:achhha,she smiled at her boldness
Ape: Bhabhiii aap bhi na...
Priya: I am happy for you ..
Ram and Sonal enetered the room .
Ram : Ape ..enough of your girly talks now ,will you go to your home  or any irada hai kya to stay here .You directly came from airport ,you must be tired ..
Priiya: Pressing Ape's hand lightly ,Go to home, relax and come back tomorrow .I wanna listen about your Grey ..she winked at her . Apeksha blushed hearing it ..Telling so many things to take care both left from there .
Nurse came to give medicines , Ram went out side he talked with Rishab something and came back to room again . By that time Priya was crying ...
He moved towards her asked her why are you crying now ??
Priya :silent ..
Ram sat beside her , made her look in to his eyes .
Do you believe me Priya ..he asked again ..
Priya nodded her head as Yes ..
Ram so listen to me clearly ,Ashwin assaulted you but NOTHING happened as what you are thinking ,I don't have any proofs right now to make you believe and about the procedure is something related with your past problem of anemia [he just blurted out ]
Will you believe me or not its your decision now . He kept her head on his chest he too wept with her ...
After sometime he made her lie down on the bed on her lateral side ..
Rishab jumpingly came ...calling out "Bhabhiii.."
Priya startled and closed her ears.. opening an eye she looked out for him ..By then Ram made him shout by holding his ears ..
Awww bhaiii ..sorry sorry ...Bhabhi its paining bathao na bhai kooo ..
Priya :Ram chodo na ...
Ram left him ..He gave the gift pack to Ram , Ram controlled his anger signaled with his eyes  to Priya ...
Rishab bit his tongue ..Bhabhi aapke liye ..
He handed over her the gift ...
Priya: Kyun ???Kiske liye
Rishab :Its just like that ,aapke liye ...He looked at Ram gulped a lump ..
Priya :started to open it Ram got a call ,so he left from there to talk ..
Rishab :Slowly whispered in her ears , Ye bhai ka gift hai , please you don't tell him , He will kill me please bhabhi accept it ...
Priya: smiled at her lil devar ,she found a new  mobile in the gift pack .
Ye kya hai ??
Rishab :You don't have mobile na so he told me to get one ASAP I brought it and he told me don't tell priya that this mobile I have given ki .she might not accept
Please Take otherwise I will get nicely from bhai ..
Priya: smiled ..achha baba theek hai ...She asked about his studies and Sowmya.
Rishab : Hmm Sowmya has so many fans ,so they are all angry that my marriage is fixed with her ..he giggled
Priya : warned him to take care of those type of guys ..
Rishab :said cool ..Nothing will happen to me ,until you are there by my side ,he side hugged her.
Ram : attended the call ...It was from Neel ..
Neel : Hi Ram,how many times I should call you ...
Ram: why don't you come here Neel
Neel :I may not control myself , I told you na .please tell na How is Priyu  ..
Ram: Ok ,she is coming to normal back slowly .. except me she is talking with everyone ever lovingly ,so why don't you drop here to day ...
Neel: Do you think I can deal with her ..
Ram:Ofcourse Neel , by the way who is patakha ..
Neel: Rammm ..
Ram :kya ,who is it??
Neel : Nothing ,why you want to know ?
Ram: Actually morning she wanted to talk with that patakha but she doesn't have her mobile and she didn't remember the number so I am asking you ..By the way why you are getting serious ..
Kahi wo aap tho nahi naa...
Neel: unfortunately ME only ..
Ram smiled broadly ...
Neel:Ufff stop it ,I will come after some time , you take care of her ..
Ram:Hmm okkk ..He grinned ear to ear knowing who is patakha . Walked inside the room
Rishab was telling 101 issues to Priya, what all happened in college and how he missed her
Priya was listening to him quietly and giving answers in between .
Ram : Rishab , if you don't mind, you can leave now ..
Rishab and Priya gazed at him with wonder ..
Ram: Now its her ointment time , nurse will come now ,so will you and she needs some rest too , you are tho nonstop radio mirchi hai na isiliye ... Ram whimpered ..
Rishab saying bye to Priya he walked out, suddenly he remembered something and came back to room again .
Ram  and Priya both looked at him and asked in unison "what happened.??"
He whispered in Priya's ears ,"Nothing , I forgot to give chocolates to you "don't tell bhai ...
He dropped silently the chacos in her hands and left from there without listening Ram's call .
Ram walked to her bed ,"What did he tell you ?"
Priya: Nothing ??
Ram: Achha , he searched on her bed ,but he didn't find anything ,something is fishy ,he sat near to her bed ,meanwhile nurse came to apply ointment ..
After sometime ... there was knock on the door ...He opened the door ...
Welcomed her ..
Neel :Running to Priya's bed , she hugged her controlling her tears ..How are you Priyuuu
Priya was stunned and surprised by her arrival , hugged her back ...I am fine Neel ,you surprised me ...
Neel:; Missed you so much Priyu wiping her tears away ..
Ram :Priya also missed you so much patakha ..
Neel :poutingly , Priyu why did you tell  that name to himmm grrr
Priya: smiling for her poutyface , I didn't tell him
Neel : Then how he knows it ..
Priya : He must have heard .
Ram : Priya , I don't know how you are bearing this patakha , but she did called me 100 times and 100 messages to know about your health , when I asked her to come she didn't.
 Priya gazed at Neel ..
Neel :Woo ...Kithna kaam tha mein, I had to take your classes and mine , your paper preparation etc , But her tears welled up while telling .. Priya hugged her both cried for sometime.
Ram was looking  at Priya , in every relationship she is moulding it so beautifully . Its her charming nature every body adores her. He smiled at them ..
Neel  asked her driver to come to this room , he came with a gift pack .
Neel gave it to priya ..
Priya : ufff neel tubhi na .. ye kya hai ?? zaroorath thi kya?
Neel : ha zaroorath hai .. kholo na ..
Priya :I know what is this by this packing ..
Neel :Tho bathao and khol ke dekho ...
Priya :Opened and she found a white teddy bear in it .. She kissed Neel and told thank you ..
Neel : you are welcome , I extended your leave this year completely ..
Priya : why ?? did I tell you to do that ??
Neel : Do you think there are few more months to complete this year ,Its just one month ..Huhhh thu bhi na priya ...
Priya : Huhh sorry ,I thought this complete year ..
Neel : sorry mathaaa ji , I mean this academic year ,ab kush ..
Priya : haaa...
She wasn't mentioning what happened ,how happened , and Priya was thinking what I should tell if she asks me something ..
But Neel hasn't mentioned anything about the issue what happened with her and she said so many news about her college .. who became new lovers , who broke up ,how the other colleagues...Priya had a hearty laugh seeing animated gossips from Neel about her college .
Ram was succeeded today that he made her busy with all these hmm he has to make her normal again ... soon very soon ..
Priya asked Neel, "I want a favour from you"
Neel : Anything for you Priyu ..
Priya : Ok you should not tell anyone what i am going to ask you .. Promise me
Neel without thinking anything Neel kept her hand and promised her ..
Now you believed haa..tell me ..
Priya:  Not now ..I will call you and tell...By the way ask my new number from Ram and call me tomorrow .
Neel:Ufff suspence kya ..Okkk I gotta go now .. will come tomorrow ..Both bid bye to each other .
By that time dinner came , Ram fed her , there was no use of arguing with him so Priya ate from his hands. She decided to stay away from him but her heart wasn't listening to her . But she had to do it anycost . Her tears ran down through the cheeks, she wiped them away. After taking medicines she slept off . Ram adjusted the duvet on her kissing her forehead and he too slept off
The clock struck 2 o clock ... Priya suddenly got up from her sleep ,she blinked her eyes , she saw the dusty room and she was lying on the bed Ashwin was havouring on her ...She yelled NOoo, Don't touch me ,,,she threw the medicine bottles aside. she jumped from the bed ..
Ram startled by her yells he woke up pressed the bell ,held Priya calling her name ..
She was weird ,she was wiping off from her shoulders she almost tore the top of her ...Nooo
Don't come to me..I hate you ...please .. she cried ..begged ..hididng in Rams embrace..
Priya ... ankhein kholo ...
Dekhoo ...Look here ..I am here ..Rammm He yelled at his top of pich ..
By that time nurse came, informed the night duty doctor , The doctor too rushed there .
Ram managed to put her down on the bed .. But priya's yells didn't stop ..
Pleaseee [sobs] leave me ...Sruthiii ..dont slap her ... Please ...don'ttt
Doctor : She asked the sister to bring restrains ...
Both sister and doctor tied the restrains to her .. Doctor slowly yet high picth called Priya by pinching her nose tightly ..
Priya froze for a minute by sudden pain on her nose ... at that time she could hear something happening around her .
Doctor : Priyaaa ... See here ..You are safe ...Open your eyes,see  you are at hospital .. she patted her chest while telling these lines ..
Priya who was sobbing and crying she listened ... see your husband also here ,doctor looked at him .. he called her.
Priya open your eyes, You are with me , his teas dropped from his eyes ..
Priya opened her eyes which were filled with tears , she found a blur image of a lady in white dress ,she wanted to wipe her tears but her hands were caged to something .
Wo..mere ..hands ...
Doctor untied one of her hands , Priya wiped the tears then she had clear look on her surroundings ...She saw a lady doctor standing next to her seeing intently at her ,the otherside Ram also intently seeing at her .. she tried to get up ...
Doctor .. Its ok okk .. see can I ask you so me questions ??
Priya nodded her head ?
Tell me where are you ???
Priya looking at Ram as well as surroundings woo .. In hospital ..
Untieing the other hand doctor made her to sit properly .. Nurse water ..
Doctor asked her to drink some water ... She gulped it in one go but her shivers were not leaving her ..
Doctor sitting next to her in a chair .. 
Doctor : tell me what happened , what you are dreaming of
Priya : I am not dreaming ..It happened ..
Doctor :Ok ..Iam sorry ,what happened ..
Priya looked at who were present in the room ,her hubby ,two sisters and some other doctor .
Doctor : Ok I will send them off ,will you tell me what happened ..
Priya :Like a good girl she nodded her head .. the doctor sent them off
Ram and the duty doctor were left in the room..
Priya .. tell me what happened ... If you can't tell, we cant help you na ..
Ram was looking at the doctor , she was younger than Priya but she was trying to ease priya .
Doctor .. asked Ram to sit and hold her hand the opposite side.
Doctor : Priya , answer my question ,what you are thinking ,whats haunting you asking this she gave another pill , Priya gulped it ..
Priya :That ...wo...he is coming to me..
Doctor :who ???he matlab ..
Priya :That bas***d ,who assaulted me ..
Doctor :achha ,But he is not there ,he got killed on the very day itself .
Priya :still sobbing ...
Doctor :Ok you wont believe me kya , see she opened the paper on the day , she showed it to Priya ..See .
Priya re read it again and again ...for some time ... Ram gazed at the doctor .she assured him ok with her eyes ..
Priya: Thank god , he deserves it , but what he did to me was still in my mind ,so i am unable to forget it, she cried again ..
Doctor .as a female I can understand your pain , Iam not telling forget it now itself .
I am telling you , when you have lovely husband , an understanding family, best friends surrounding you .. Try to come out of that trauma, I heard you are a strong lady from my senior doctor Aruna, she praises you  , why because you have that will power , I know its weird in this situation I should not speak about all this .Try to be active with the members of your family ,read something change your mind to some other activities...still Its hard but try to avoid that assault which was making you insane minute by minute and seeing you in this  state your family members are also leading a miserable life , because they love you dearly .Getting a family like this itself is a bless. So try to think about them automatically you will get out of this pain .
I wish you all the best ...And I know they will make you smile and forget  .
Priya said Thank you doctor with a smile ..
Ram went after the doctor .Is there any problem doctor .
Doctor : The sister came towards her informing about another serious case .. Turning to him the doctor replied ,No problem Mr.Ram , Its very common in these type of cases ,they will get over with in few days .. For us it will be simple to say as we see so many, but for you its hard to deal, don't worry she will be alright , no need of any sedative injections for her ,I have given another sleeping pill so hopefully she will sleep if not I will take care further ,I gotta go ,you be with her telling this she left ...
When he entered the room Priya was searching for something on the bed ..
Ram asked her what are you searching as usual she didn't reply ..
Ram bent down colleceted the chaco bars given to priya ..
Priya smiled sheepishly .. Took the chacos from him ..
So this was the fishy thing na..Rishab gave na..
Priya slightly nodded her head as yes ...when she gazed at him ,he was just inches away from her pouring his love through his eyes .. The bedlight glittered on her pale face ,he was drawn towards her ,she closed her eyes when she felt his hot breath on her . he kissed her forehead ,than eyes , than cheeks ,nose ,his lips are on her , he mimed "I Love You "" I so so love you baby"
She anticipated his kiss ,she was craving for it , but his lips were miming those words with her lips ...her fingers fisted his hair ,he slowly made her lie down on the bed , she kissed quickly on his lips .He touched her forehead with his ,asked her to sleep ,I love you so much ..Come back to me like my old hitler ..Both smiled ,She slowly bit the chocolate, slowly drifted off to sleep while having it .. Ram taken half chocolate from her kept it aside. He made sure she slept ,,,he too slept in the wee hours of morning..
The morning light dawn in Priya's room but both were in deep sleep .So the nurse gave sponge bath to her and left . At 8 o clk ... Dr.Aruna came and she smiled seeing them sleeping .
She called up Ram ...Ram ...
He woke up with a jolt, he cheked on Priya ,she was sleeping then he looked at doctor and given his cute smile wishing her good morning .. she too wished him back.
Asked about the night .. Ram said she got a nightmare but your junior doctor helped a lot making Priya ease with her talk .. I forgot to tell her thank you please convey behalf of me .
Dr.Aruna smiled...Its ok ,she is good and from her point of view she can discharge today as she slept with another sleeping pill and Priya is recovering well ..
 Oh That's fantastic news Doctor ,, Ok she can take bath from now on with warm water and using this soap ,she has written in a prescripton and given to him ..
He said Thank you by that time Priya stirred in her sleep ...She was mesmerized to see Ram's smile automatically her lips also curved into small smile..
"Good morning Priya" docto'sr words realized she was staring at her man ...
Yah ..Good morning doctor ..
How are you feeling now ..
Priya : fine ...
Doctor :Ok how about the bleeding ,
Priya: she closed her eyes ,Its ok doctor not like yesterday ..
Doctor: Okay ,you can leave today ,but strict medication and healthy food ,If you happen to feel anything just give me a call will see what happens .. You just take care ...
By that time sudhir came ,he was coming from temple it seems , he gave prashad to doctor .
Doctor biding bye she left from there ..
Ram asked her will you go and take bath ,she said No ..
Ram asked sudhir to be with Priya , he will get ready in mean time ..Ram went to washroom
Sudhir sat with Priya asked her how are you feeling ...
Priya : Iam fine papa ..can I ask you something?
Sudhir :Ye kya sawaal haii ... pucho na beta ..
Priya : I want to come to our home, will you take me there? I am so missing it she said with tears .
Sudhir quickly said , surebeta , I will take you to our home after fewdays you can go to KM.ok aise rote nahi priya .. smile karo ..
Priya : smiled ...
When Ram came from washroom Sudhir helped her in brushimg and washing her face ..
The three of them had breakfast .. Sudhir asked Ram..
Shall I take Priya to my home for few days ...
Ram gazed at priya shockingly ,but nodded his head in affirmation .. But his sixth sense was missing something here ...But he had to send her to their home, he can't deny the fact ,she needed their support .. 

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