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PART-70 Sirf Meri Ho

Ram : haaa aapki ladli bahu thodi pagal hogayi so I brought her to my kingdom,smirkingly he stepped into their bedroom, made her lie down on the bed. He smilingly went to change his attire.The smile on his lips never left that night,nestling her in his grip he slipped into deep sleep.

Krishna ji who called to Sudhir came to know everything from him. She came to their room but hearing his snores smilingly she left from there ..

Next day morning ,The sun peeped in to the green room,where our lovely couple were sleeping peacefully in eachothers arms. Priya stirred in her
sleep while the sunrays focused on her face. She turned to otherside, feeling hot breath from
her man , she felt goosebumps on her body , when her lips were about to curve into a smile , her neurons jolted her about the yesterday night incidents one by one. Her eyelids were confusedly moving with thoughts, if Ram left yesterday whose breath is fanning on her, startled she opened her eyes .Ram was sleeping on her side while his lips were adorning the most adorable smile on earth.She pulled the duvet near to her chest, resting on headrest "ufff this golu bhi na kabhi nahi sudharenge, I sent him to KM
but see still he came and slept beside me it seems. She looked at him once again her eyes
caught the sidetable view where their photo frame was kept.

Ye photo frame then she looked at her surroundings ,she got
a shell shock to see their room.she thought she might be dreaming , so she scrunched her eyes and looked around but there was no sign of Sharma house any
inch ...She jolted "How this is possible??" By that time Ram woke up observing her movements. She unbelievingly went and opened her cup board .."No doubt this is KM but how on earth I landed here ?" Then
her eyes searched for the man

who makes the impossible things also possible , She
stomped her feet walked near to him ...

"what is this " she asked furily ...

Ram: Good morning hitler ..

Priya: What point of my sentence you don't understand ,I
questioned "what is this?"

Ram: Ohhh I thought you became mad only, but it seems you might have lost your
memory too ..

Priya: huhh

Ram: Ok I will tell you , this is our room bedroom , see there
is your clothes section, that side is washroom, and turning his face to bed , this is our bed , where I have occupied you inch by inch making you mine ,he winked at her .

Priya : She gazed at him furily but her cheeks turned to tomato colour ..

Ram came close to her , hugging her tightly , this is
where you belong to

Priya: I applied for divorce , you cant do this ...

Ram sucking her skin on crook of her neck ,she yelped a
slight moan, "achha you applied for divorce , he went and brought the divorce papers , tearing them apart , filling those pieces in her hands , ye lo I gave the divorce ,now you go and bath ,its been days you are avoiding it .

Priya:opened her mouth seeing the divorce papers pieces in
her hands , she threw them on him. I know how can make my work possible and mind you,

how you brought me from my house the same way you are going to send me back to my house otherwise... "

Ram: Otherwise what you will do? lifting her up in his
hands ...

Priya: What you doing ..she yelled at him

Ram: Like this only I brought from your house Mrs.Kapoor, he
walked towards the washroom.

Priya: Ram put me down ...

Ram: Hmm ok he made her stand on her feet in the bathroom , he pulled a chair and made her sit on it ,she tried to go out by that time.
Ram switched on three showers ...

The water drops jelled on both of them, in no seconds both
of them were fully drenched , while wiping the water from her face she sat on the chair ... Ram asked her to remove the clothes ..but she said she will take bath by herself.

Ram: in that case I wil wait here.

Priya: No way , you wait outside.

Ram pulled her from chair , she stood infront of him , their bodies were touching each other , you still not feeling well , what you
want to hide , when I licked every of your inch long back haa .

Priya closed her eyes, mumbled something unaudible ..

Ram : removed her clothes one by one , he applied the shampoo on her hair , massaging it slowly ,making circular motions in her hair he finished her head bath.Then he was about to apply body wash but he remembered
doctor's words and he went out side to bring the soap [which was advised for her by docs]from her medicines bag.

Priya was drenched in the warm water actually she was feeling good after the warm water ran on her body,its been a week she was taking sponge bath.

Ram came back with the soap , he applied on her back slowly
and sensuously asking her whether there is any pain or not .. giving soap to her he asked her try to take bath . While his fingers were stroking her back with out any pain , she applied on her body slowly ,they finished her bath , he wrapped her in a towel took her outside dried her up. She was too tired by that time,
her legs were trembling , she leaned on him .

Ram: Priya what happened ?

Priya : I...I want to sit .. she closed her eyes tightly ,her
fingers gripped his arm .

Ram : lifted her delicate figure in his arms ,he made her lie down on the bed , he quickly dried her up and changed her in to her nighty.

Priya : pa..paani ..

Ram made her drinkwater and asked her ,how she was feeling?

Priya signaled him that she was ok and rested her head on
the pillow .

Ram ordered break fast and juice for them , she closed her
eyes with tiredness. He went to take bath , he freshened up quickly and came back to see his angel . She was lying down with a pale face . He slowly walked
towards her and woke her up, made her drink the juice.

Priya drank it quickly as she felt her legs trembled. She leaned on his shoulder, she said that she was not feeling good.

Ram : You took bath na for some time , isiliye you are
feeling tired. Combing her hair with his fingers relax baby if you have your break fast you will be good, kissing her forehead. After some time he fed her, after taking meds she slept in no time .

Ram brought his laptop and some files to their room ,
sitting beside his sleeping angel .He got drowned in his work , at the afternoon time she stirred in her sleep , stretching her arms she got up from her sugary
sleep. Now she was feeling better and fresh .She gazed at him , his eyes were glued to the screen.

Her stomach grumbled ,she called him Rammm .. His lips
curved into big grin , keeping lappy aside ,he settled beside her ...sliding his finger from her cheek to chin "how you feeling "

She closed her eyes "good " She arched her neck while his finger was travelling to her neck down the line ,he kissed on her neck , his fingers fisted her mound he nuzzled her neck losing herself in him ,her fingers tugged in his hair ,hugging him more near to her ,he bit her tender skin, slowly nibbled her ear ,she snuggled more closer to him ,they stayed some time
like that..

Priya mumbled "I am hungry "

Ram broke the hug. He asked bansikaka to bring the food to
their room, they had their lunch .He landed with his laptop and work giving her a novel .she
tried to read but her mind was hovering with thoughts how to run off from this KM, "If he
is stubborn mai bhi bahuth stubborn hu" ..Thinking this

She asked him "Its boring "

He handed her a remote ,she flipped through channels got bored, she again said "Its boring "

Ram : kuch toh watch na , Sony tv pe aapki fav crime patrol
aa rahi hai na .. wo dekho with out turning his gaze he answered her .

Priya watched for some time , she threw the remote at him,luckily it hit him on his shoulder .

Ram: Ye kya kar rahi ho , that hurts yaar .. pagal hogayi kya

Priya: You deserve it , i am feeling bored and you are working ..

Ram rubbing his shoulder where he got hit , taking the remote he switched on the fashion channel , rolling his tongue to cheek , ye lo dekho .

Priya fumed with anger, "what I should do seeing this?"

Ram: I will buy a model dress than you try to walk like
those models ..

Priya : haw Mr.Kapoor , she hit him with the pillow , he covered his face with his palms ,she threw another one ,he escaped from that
too .. she threw another one he successfully caught that.she sulkingly turned the other side.

Ram :coming to her , kya hogaya aapko ..

Priya:I said I am getting bored and you are giving all sort of
nonsense ..

Ram : leaning on her , really shall I fill your boreness.

Priya : kya ??

Rams hands encircled her from her waist , pulled her closer, you didn't get what I said ? shall I fill your boreness with my romance? saying this he feverishly kissed her all the way from neck to jawline. She felt ticklish when his beard touched her. He kissed her cleavage , nibbling the nighty button with his teeth , he sucked the tender flesh over there. She
pushed him telling ufff I don't want this type of entertainment ... she struggled so hard to tell this line ..

Ram laughed out loud .. then what type of entertainment you
want... she hit him with pillows again.

Ram embraced her now she was lying on his chest ..He held the phone asked Rishab to come upstairs with ma. Hearing it she sat up and made the pillows in right place mumbling something under her breath. Ram was smirkingat her moves .

Rishab came and jumped on the bed yelling at her bhabhiii ...Thanks for coming to KM , you are
so sweet , I have so many assignments to complete you know he started his nonstop blabbering .

Ram by then got ready in suit as he has to attend some important meeting. Telling rishab to take care of her he pulled him from their bed and made his hands into his pockets , pulled out all the chocolates he was
carrying .

Rishab: bhaii .. this is cheating ..not done .. please give them na ..

Ram: giving two dairymilks to him , enjoy with these , you are
spoiling her health , sulkingly Rishab gave those to Priya , Ram earned a stern look from her.

He laughed at their looks , he walked out side of their room, seeing this priya quickly typed a message to Neel .

Neel got a hell shock by reading the msg from Priya ,she immediately typed a msg to Ram "why cant you take control your wife ""

When Ram saw the msg from Neel he was furious after reading it.

Rishab took Priya out as she said him that her friend is ill
,he dropped her in Neel's flat ,he said that he wil be back with in an hour.When he went ,Priya asked Neel "did you book the ticket?"

Neel:I must say that you have completely gone mad

Priya : there is no time for that ,I can talk with you so much right now about my decision , Ram is a good human being and he deserves best , I don't want to make him suffer with me ,please understand. She took some money from her and already she said Neel to buy three dresses for her. She packed in a tiny lauggage bag , both headed to bus station .

Priya got the ticket from Neel and boarded the bus , with
tears she looked from the window .. whispering I love you Ram ... I really really do.

Neel waving bye to her and searching for Ram in all the ways.When the bus started Neel heartbeat raised to high pitch . she was about to turn ,Ram car stopped infront of her .

Neel : areee Ram, the bus just started , gooo

Ram gave a wicked smile ,don't worry , I wont leave your Priyu , after all a lecturer has this
knowledge then iam a business man ,how much faster my brain should work.

Neel: sorry ,but I didn't get you..

Ram : called someone you can come now .

Neel confusedly stood there ,when a bus came infront of
her and all the members getting in it.Ram showed her bus number, it was having same number that Priya boarded just before .How its possible? Then in which bus did Priya get in? who are others in the bus with Priya?

Ram: My employees .He smirked at her ..Thank you so very
much for your each and every update ,I owe you Neel ,now I have to leave ...

Neel: Than to where did the bus leave .

Ram : wait and see ..he bid bye to her ,called to Rishab and
told Priya was with him , you can go to KM.

In bus Priya cried her heart out , [it's a sleeper couch,double seat but she was alone as the seat wasnt occupied by anyone] she was remembering how one day ruined all her life ,and from next day onwards she has to live alone that thought itself was scary for her ,she took out her meds popping them in her mouth , she
slept of with heavy heart while sobbing.

The bus stopped when a man signaled , Ram got into the bus ,he
reached her seat ,Ram smilingly gazed at priya . he popped beside her , took her in his embrace,he too slept off .

The wavy nerves of her , drawn to him , in the deep sleep
she felt him near to her , she snuggled close to him unknowingly .

The morning sun wished her good morning through the window
sleeks ,She rubbed her eyes , asked the driver that they did reach the destination.

He said yes madam ..

She got down from the bus with her bag , stretching her arms lightly ..

Seeing the view She was dumbstuck , her bag dropped from her hands. Her legs trembled thought the earth may shatter under her feet knowing that she was actually infont of KM.

On the swing chair her man was reading the news paper ,
hearing the bag's sound , he looked at her .

Oh Priya, tum aagayi, welcome.

Bansi kakaaa he called for him , he came bent down for his
master's order .

Bansi kaka , Priya madam raat bhar journey karke bahuth thak
gayi hogi , jara uske saaman leke aao , our jaldi nashta bhi tayyar karo ..

Priya gazed at the bus , and her home than Ram she was totally confused ,what exactly happened in the bus.

Ram : Chale ...

By that time one by one every family member came out including Shipra and Sudhir .

Her legs were stuck to the ground. Even in her dream she didn't except that her plan will back fire this way and this soon.She was dumb, her each cell shaking like a dry leaf when her man was stepping towards her . she very well knew every one's gaze was on her ...

From writer : Hiii my dear readers , thank you so much for
liking this story , from now on there will be more knok jhoks from Raya as well as sad parts will be less.Thanks for liking it .

And he is a business man so I think hope you got it what Ram
did it otherwise wil clarify in next update ..Until than take care , stay happy
& blessed .