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PART-67 Sirf Meri Ho


Dr.Aruna was staring at both of them in shock .
Priya: If Ashwin didn't molest  me,why the doctors cleaned my inner parts ..Tell me Ram why?
 Can you give any other reason? 
No.. then why did they do such thing if he didn't do anything with me?
 Tell me Ram..Tell me.
Dr. Aruna gasped and her hand automatically covered her mouth knowing that Priya has known that they have done the procedure but she was thinking in wrong way.
Ram: His grip on her shoulders eased ,his looks down casted being unable to answer her .
Priya : Who has gained some energy [after 48 hours of treatment ]
she clutched his lapel tightly and asked him "answer to me Ram ,Please  answer to me.."
She shook him and pleaded for an answer while her tears were continuously flowing from her eyes .
"Why Did They do ???She collapsed on him,crying bitterly ..
I know [sobbing]I know ..I know the answer[sob] from your silence ..
I know the answer from your silence .."
Dr. Aruna: Priya you are taking it in wrong way, she rushed to them.
Priya : Lifted her head from his chest , what wrong way doctor
By now Ram held her in his grip like a baby doll.
What wrong way doctor ,which one is wrong way?
You ppl are doing very wrong with me without telling the truth
Ram :Please doctor ..He signaled her not to tell anything.
Priya gazed at him with her empty eyes,why the hell are you hiding from me?She clutched her hair with her both hands
"I am going mad by thinking all this. Please kill me before I go insane."
She flunged on the bed crying copiously.
Ram tried to get grip on her.
But Priya was adamant, she said to him
 "Don't touch me, Please don't [sobs] touch me .."
Ram tried again but Priya started throwing whatever she got hold on her bedside. In few secs the room was messed up with Priya's madness
Atlast Ram could hold on her ,Dr. Aruna gave an injection to her.
She cringed in his grip ,he was continuosly telling her "cool down Cool down baby ,everything is gonna be okay . Please cool down."
She passedout after few minutes mumbling
 "don't touch me " I wanna kill that ba***rd", Don'ttt ...
Ram adjusted her properly .
Dr.Aruna questioned him why he was hiding the truth from her by the time Sudhir and Vikram who were witnessing all this from the mirror came to assure Ram.
Ram gazed at Priya asked them to come out of the room
Dr.Aruna took them to her cabin ..Mean while called to Dr. Ray to join them in her cabin. Giving a glass of water to Ram she assured him, Please after all that happened you should tell her the truth Ram. In this agony she may bear this truth too.
By the time Dr.Ray reached the room .
Sudhir : Bolde na beta ,If she thinks that she had been assaulted by Ashwin ,her heart will whimper you have seen her na,she is behaving so madly ,trying to control his emotions but it came from his eyes. 
Vikram consoled him, told Ram "You should tell the truth. You have to tell the truth at any cost . In all this mess she may try to overcome it. Please Ram ,listen to me ..."
Dr. Ray was analyzing Ram's reactions but he neither said anything nor he pressured to tell her the truth.
Dr. Aruna: She is anticipating the whole procedure in wrong way ,It may hurt her in future. Why the hell you don't want to tell the truth.
Now Ram opened his larynx with high pitch ... Hearing that everyone stared at him shockingly.
"Yes ,You heard it correct ,I am  not going to tell her about losing our babies because I know My Priya very well. She is delicate in this kids issue, 
I know, I only know how many times she fought with me in this issue. 
I know how she would feel after hearing it. You are thinking about her just her and present, but Iam thinking about her future with me . You all are saying  tell the truth tell the truth ..
What I should tell the truth .
 If I will tell this truth the next moment her heart skips its beat and she will go more mad than this. 
Do you even think about her future? And she wont belive that they got abortion because of loss of blood."
"Than what she will think?" Dr.Aruna shooted a question
Ram furily stood , keeping hands on her table leaning forward
 "She will think because she was raped so she lost the babies but not because of the blood loss or something."
Dr.Aruna: why she would think like that? she too stood facing him
Ram: Because she is not in a state to think which is correct which is not. Which is theortical which is logical. She is educated but she is a woman. After all she is a woman who craved for motherhood from certain time . When we confessed our love and when we united from that time onwards she wants kids ASAP because of so many reasons ..
Now you all are motioning me to tell her truth. What I should tell and how I should tell ...Priya ,,baby the procedure is for abortion of our unborn babies, Its because of your blood loss...And than what she will ask.."Was I pregnant that time. When ,where why you didn't tell and she will go mad and before that thinking all this I will go mad. So please for godsake Don't tell her anything now.
 Dr.Aruna : So will you let live Priya in that phase as her mind occupied she has been plundered by Ashwin , will you leave her like that in those brutual thoughts?
Ram flunged in the chair again, "She is not ready to take this miscarriage news ,as she thinking that Ashwins issue. Let her be ,I will sort that out in few days."
Vikram :How ???
Everybody looked at Vikram
Ram :Given a small smile through his tears, She may not believe me but she will believe Sruthi na. After few days when she will be able to talk I will take Priya to Sruthi. There they will clarify the things without my presence.
Everybody felt relief.
Sudhir: But until that time Priya will behave like this na?
Dr.Ray : He spoke for the first time after listening the convo
Mr.Sudhir and Ram I can understand what you might be feeling about Priya's condition. But After coming from such typical and brutal situation, as a victim she might have some own fears from her loved ones and society.
Ram : What ?
Dr.Ray :Yes , She might be thinking
 why I haven't informed while going to save Sruthi? 
Why I rushed without informing my husband ? 
Why Ashwin stooped so low ? 
Why he tried to kill you?
How come he sent that guy to Sruthi ?
 I was unable to save her when she is asking for help.
Why Ashwin assaulted me ?
 Why ..why ..why ..why??? 
Why it had happened to me?
 Like these so many WHY's would be pondering on her head ??? 
What my husband feels about me?
 What my parents are thinking ? 
What my friends are thinking? 
What all happened with my life ? 
Like these so many WHAT'S eating her brain !!!!
And how that assault has she remembered we don't know and she is n't ready to tell us or anyone. So she might be stressing herself in her inner side. she might go into acute psychosis or She might go into depression or She might go into shock ..
Present you are seeing Priya in acute psychosis. She may go into a temporary shock with all these thoughts and her thoughts will be so harsh also some times.But we should not allow her to go into depression at any cost .
And I very well know Ram you will take care of her in the way she will be back as normal again with in no time. I appreciate you as a doctor thinking about your wife future and your future. Her thoughts and her allegations, I must appreciate you. But when you would take her to meet Sruthi we want to  check her up once again . She will be fine to discharge after 2 days .
Try to be very patient with her and for few more days she should be on antibiotics , multivitamins, anti anxiety dugs aswell as sleeping pills.

You should look after her well ..When she gets nightmares you can give another dose of sleeping pill which im going to write in prescription. She may behave weird sometimes try to deal with her in the way she accepts.
All the best Ram ,I have to leave for Australia for a conference . Will meet you and Priya after coming from there . Take care ,he left from there wishing all the best to Ram.
Dr.Aruna knows how Ray will deal with the patients. She too went with Ray to send him off telling them to be Priya's side .
Dr.Aruna: I am again impressed by your talk Ray
Dr.Ray : Ahhh , who is talking.
Dr.Aruna : Really they badly needed councelling but after your talk they seemed to be convinced a bit.
Dr.Ray : Keeping his hand on her head ,Be with them until she recovers okay ,I will be back after couple of days.
Dr.Aruna sweetly smiled and both parted their ways.
Ram walked back to Priya's room.she was laying on her back after the injection. Ram quickly turned her to right lateral position .
He warned the nurse , you should be careful na , the wounds get hurt na if she sleeps on her back
He pecked her on her forehead ,gazing at her with all his love. He promised in his heart he will take care of her and will pull her out from this mess. He soon asked Sudhir to be Priya mean while Shipra  and Krishnaji too came.
Ram went back to Kapoor mansion ,He took shower. The water droplets were soothening his muscular body. In that he was unable to realize that he was crying badly.The water droplets covered his tears. He cried his heartout while cupping his face. His hand hit the wall many times when he couldn't bear the pain what all happened with Him  and Priya. He couldn't even think what Sruthi was going through.
After an hour his tears dried up ,he finished bath and got ready . For the first time in his life He went to temple and did the pooja on the names of Priya and Sruthi for their well being .He prayed to god "Please bring them back to normal."
He then went to meet Sruthi ,she was lying on the iron cot with so many tubes attached to her body . He took permission from doctor ,giving the prashad and kumkum[vermillion ] to Sruthi's mother,he walked to Sruthi's bed.
He called her Sruthi...as she is on ventilator she could only make eye contact . She was genuinely happy to see him but her eyelids were drooping again. He clutched her hand ...You are a brave girl Sruthi. Come back to normal soon, Priya is good by now. she is waiting to see you. You two people should play again ,chitchat again .spread smiles around you .
Sruthi blinked her eyes ,tears dropped from her eyes .
Ram unable to control he came outside and assured Sruthi's parents that everything gonna be okay . Your daughter is very brave girl ,she will pull through this .
He talked with doctor , The doctor said to Ram "We are trying our level best ,that fellow did harassed her so much , and its really miracle that she is in this stage after so much torture ,still she is unable to breath on her own, We have to wait for few more days ."
Ram thanked him came back to Priya's hospital ,When he was entering he listened her feeble voice telling to someone , "I am okay baba ,You just come to India ,I wanna see you once."
He entered with a grin on his face ,Yes he should smile ,how much ever he is feeling sad also he should smile for his love of life .He is the one to take her out of this trauma.
He walked near to her bed ,she was talking in phone sleeping the other side. He walked to the other side of bed ,She gazed at him , her eyes smiled seeing him , a ray of gentle breeze touched her with his presence .
Sudhir asked her to give the phone ,she gave the phone to her papa. She was not ready to accept the truth that she has to go away from him ,she very well knows he wont leave her but she had to made him accept the truth that he should move on without me , a lone tear escaped from her eyes.
At the same time he opened a small piece of paper ,he gently filled her forehead and maang with the kumkum [vermillion]
He tore a piece of prashad asked her to open her mouth. She was quiet .
It's prashad , She quietly opened , first keeping it on her eyes ,he made her eat it .
Whoever was present in the room they had a huge grin on their faces seeing them . He sat beside her, she turned to other side ,He came that side again sat ,and held her hand that she can't move again.
Priya gazed at him,he was looking so cute to her, she wanted to kiss him , had an urge to pull his cheeks .
What you did ?
Priya :silent
Ohh ok ,you don't want to speak with me kya ?
Priya glared at him !!
Ram:Hmm Ithna gussa ...What I did ??
Priya :Still silent ...
Ram: Whatever Iam doing ,Its for your good and our future purpose ,so don't think anything, take rest .
Priya :silence ...
Ram made everyone retired to their home ,Priya was left alone in the room with her hubby .
She slept for sometime,she acted as she is asleep for sometime , she opened her eyes suddenly to look at her surroundings . The day has ended with her silence, Ram's caring and possessiveness towards her .
The next day at 6' o clock ,the nurse came to give sponge bath . Ram was well awake but Priya was still asleep because of her medications.
Nurse tried to wake her up , Ram stopped her , let her sleep sister , she needs it .
Nurse : ok , I will call another person to hold her .
Ram : It's okay , I will hold her , you give the sponge bath .
Priya woke up slightly for this convo ,she tried to open her eyes but they were drooping ,she saw him staring at her with a grin, her lips curved into a small smile seeing him . Ram held her and the nurse finished her bath. He combed her hair properly made a ponytail, He kept a bindi on her forehead,he too went to freshen up .
After few minutes ,she woke up with a start , she blinked her eyes the room was empty , she called him Ram ..But there was no response ...She tried to get up but her muscles gave up her futile attempt ,she landed back straightly ,yelped with pain , Ram who went to washroom was back to her when he heard her cry .
She had tears feeling the pain ,Ram rushed towards her bed ,She closed her eyes tightly thinking it's a nightmare ...
Priya ..priyaaa ...He called her out ..
She opened her eyes to see him, She tried to get up ,he helped her to get up ..
She was hitting him madly ..where you went ..leaving me. Where you went , still her hits continued on his chest ,shoulders ..
He was trying to stop her but she was in no mood to listen him ...Why you left me again ?she cried. He embraced her in his hug ..areeyyy Im just here only ...In washroom ...You have freshened up shouldn't I fresh up kya ?? lifting her chin up to face him ...
Kya hua ??He asked her slowly ..
Her slender arms more  tightly embraced him .please don't leave me, her feeble voice said on his chest .
Okay okay ..patting her head ever gently ,Kissing in her hairs ..
I won't leave you ... You too wont leave me ... Okay ..
You only leave me always ,she gazed at him ,He was looking so fresh ,she thought he might have come just after his bath ,she lost in his fragrance ...She kissed him on his chest ...
I love you Ram..Please don't leave me ...
He gave a million dollar smile to her ,Haaa I wont leave you ,And I too love you endlessly .
The nurse came knocking the door ,both adjusted properly ,she told them have these meds after breakfast .
He slowly made her brush her teeth ,wash her face with a warm towel ,made her to eat the breakfast and than meds ...
Dr.Aruna came to check up ...She was pleasantly surprised to see Priya looking so better than yesterday. "Priya how are you feeling Now ?"
Priya: Fine doctor Thank you ...
Dr.Aruna : woo .. how is the bleeding ?
Piya : It's heavy , with this her thoughts rushed back to her mind again ..What she was doing with Ram , ohh noo .. ufff control Priya... she doesn't understand what all happening . Her thoughts were burring her brain like hell. She closed her eyes to concentrate on doc words .
Dr. Aruna was asking something ...
Priya: Nooo ... She yelled at with high pitch ..
Dr.Aruna, Ram and the sisters gazed at her with horror.
Doc..Priya relaxxx ...When Ram went to touch her she moved backwads ...
He felt weird but as D.Ray said he didn't mind ,he read about these type of conditions and  how the behaviour in google and some articles ,so he was trying to be calm and compose with her ..
Priya: Sorry ...wo...Mai ..Just ..
Dr. Aruna: It's ok ..you relax ...She talked with her for some more time , giving some instructions to the nurses she called Ram to her cabin ..
Priya: Doctor if you don't mined can you explain him here only ..
Dr.Aruna : smiled inside , Okay Priya ,Ram we have to go for another scan in the evening time when Priya feels better. We have bring blood packs from another blood bank so someone hasto go and replace it there fom your side .Will see the scan and we will think about discharge on the next day .Dont make her lie down on her back until the wounds get cleared off ,she can take bath from tomorrow .. If anything is there just call me will clarify
Priya : Okay...Thank you doctor ...
Dr.Aruna signaled Ram to talk later in the phone she left from there ..
Ram: Again what happened to you ??
Ram : Ufff kya yaar :??? Is everything okay with you ?he was about to touch her but she moved back .
Then all the family members came along with Vikram and Neha ..all were trying to cheer her up but priya was answering them monosyllables .
Neha was chipry but she was unable to talk at this situation ... When everyone left automatically her eyes landed on him ,He was sitting on sofa doing his work .she stared at him for sometime
He looked at her ,she turned her eyes from him ,this goes on for sometime .
She searched for her phone but it was not there beside her ..
Ram asked her :what you are searching for ?
She didn't answer ...
Soon one nurse came ...
Priya asked her : Where is my phone sister ?
Nurse : Madam we wont allow mobiles here for patients so it will be with your family members ,If you want you can call from this landline,they will charge you in your bill .
Priya:Oh..Thank you ...
Ram : Remembered ACP gave her belongings to him but he gave it to Sudhir ..Hmm he went to give his phone to her before that she dialed the number which was written on that ,hello I want to call a number
The receptionist :sure mam, tell the phone number I will connect to it.
Priya : Trying hard to remember the number but its unvain ...
Madamm...tell the phone number please
Priya :Ufff sorry .. I didn't remember the pathaka number ..will call you later ..she kept the call..
Ram :Now who is this pathaka yaar ...Uff this priya bhi na ... He landed his phone near to Priya he went to do his work ..
Priya's thoughts were running with the incident that had taken place with her and Sruthi but seeing Ram infront of her ,the thoughts were clouding each time .. He was making her thoughts break with his love , care , presence ..
She cried.. cried now there were no tears left as well as no energy too ...
She flipped through some channels for some time ..
Ram observed her ... Hmm whatever your thinking I won't leave you ..
Priya startled .. how well this man knows me ..
Priya replied ..iam not thinking anything ...
Ram:I very well know what you are thinking ?
Priya :Oh Really !!!
Ram:Yes ,Im your husband yaar .. I know ...

So guys ... Now from the next part you can see their knokjhoks ,Priya's plight ,how Ram will make her comeover with that trauma...So some emotional and some Raya scenes will be there from next on wards so stay tuned ..so who is that pathaka by the way ..any guesses ...
Thank you fom the  bottom of my heart for loving this story ..I think I had justified the reason why Ram don't want to tell her ..